Halo Infinite – Discover Hope (E3 2019) – Trailer Reaction

hello welcome to after-hours today we're going to a special review big news I can't believe I have a rat since you know for how many years and you don't know hello above adapter hours today we're going to do a reaction to the new Xbox big news the new Xbox okay first of all we're sorry I use the Xbox we're reacting the new Halo trailer that just came out I saw that's gonna I saw it's gonna be on the new Xbox Scarlett but yeah so what are we gonna be looking at how are we gonna be looking at the council Oh then trailer for the game so this is strictly halo yeah um a couple of back story points that we have here when did I get my ie I've always been an Xbox fan since I was little when did you buy me my first Xbox what age the original Xbox I still have I still play all the time you had to be like sick you're in grammar school but I loved it I still plan on it all the time I could back front to the original BAL front – I am they said they're Old Republic on there I have we have like blinks – we have a good eye but anyway the Xbox has a specialist place my heart but recently I've kind of been neglecting you we have the ps4 now you try the Playstations I love it like I love the ps4 but like I need my old Xbox back so one of my favorite games we would play together on the Xbox was halo it's like it's one of the best case yes it's member of that that first one oh so but I was so scared of the mutants anyway there's blood blood but anyway it's such a good game so we're really excited and we thought that we would react to it because it's a big deal but other games that are coming out they're about the one thing I've been waiting for is I know they've done piano cartoons and other animations welcome move major nation motion picture and she's always seen them a major motion picture yeah of halo oh wow you do that ah does he like the aliens and like high-def and everything the whole we can talk about this rap it's really okay get a different haircut earlier so exactly that time was passed the animations really good this is Uranus in Pelican echo 260 oh my god she why is he always floating into space like that's all he does oh my god this is giving me such a nice smile looks like the main power cells are fried shut down you know I hope Yuri welcome back see now Mirotic what you power ahead to your suit looks like there's a problem with service in your hands stay calm you get out there live Oh no we need to fight Oh all right what your things what's the time line you I can't even think about that like there's no way to figure that out I'm trying thinking like Halo 2 3 and how many were there did that ring blow up it remember it's been so long every stuff in the campus but like I don't know play this since I was looking at all but it looks really good that the movement I noticed like the movement like the body movement and everything inside is improved yeah I know it looks really good the animation looks good and I know that's like game footage like I wonder what the actual length you know when you're probably gonna be pretty close it will totally good I'm excited it looks like they're also going back to like the basics like I think I don't know all the other ones the newer ones kind of just like one off and I don't know I wasn't really interested in them but this looks like back to the like regular Halo one I love that ring I love that ring I love the design that ring when you're on the ring and you just see yeah oh I always loved that girl that was so cool yeah it's really good I wonder if that pilot guy is going to be like the main character was gonna break up with him I don't know yeah exciting stuff this is exciting maybe when it comes out we could play on the channel there's a lot of fun all right thanks for watching we'll see you next time bye

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