Halo Infinite Predictions ► Will Halo Infinite Be A Good Game?!

what's up everybody this is the act man here and today I'm going to be setting out some predictions and thoughts on Halo 6 about the story and whether or not I think it will succeed but I can't do this alone and I need someone with credibility to help me out so I've invited Wren from Rennes reviews to come talk predictions with me which if you guys haven't seen his videos he did a couple really good ones on Halo 4 and the Master Chief collection and surprisingly laid out pretty accurate predictions for Halo 5 so why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself friend okay what's going on everybody it's me Ren your favorite little boy in the whole wide world I'm a very simple yet complex guy I make some of the best damn videos on this website that's I think that's all anyone needs to know yeah so your predictions were pretty spot-on so why don't you just start story like what do you think the direction is going to take from Halo 5 to 6 I got a lot of really good predictions for the halo 6 story here what I did was I basically came at this from the perspective that I am a head writer at 343 studios and I have to find some way to fix this mess that halo 5 made but we've also got to make a cool story that will make for a cool simple trailer but most importantly we just want the halo kids to like us again we just want to be liked right I could agree with that they've certainly brought their reputation around I think in a lot of ways with Halo Wars too like as I said my halo 5 review it sucks to have the middle story kind of be bad because it effects the previous one in the next one so they're going to have to recover from their mistakes that they made in Halo 5 which starting with like the squad based mechanics and and fireteam Osiris and blue team what do you think of that do you think those are going to return no I don't because I think they're going to simplify everything so I think first one of the first things are going to do is actually there's too many characters in the game so all those B characters have got to go I think they'll still be in the game to an extent but you know what characters like Fred and Linda or whatever their names are they'll all be relegated to the sidelines buck will be a main character but I think it'll go it'll be a little something like Lasky's going to be like chief in order to even think about winning this battle we got get down those generators and Chiefs like I'm too busy to handle the generators in Linda or somebody will say don't worry commander me and the other worthless characters got this and they'll just be off on the side doing semi important things but it doesn't they'll still be there because they can't just like outright kill everyone off or just like have them disappear I mean they could but I don't think they'll take that route they most likely they'll probably do something like that like they'll ditch the squad base mechanics I think before we heard that they were going to have more focus on chief so lock fireteam Osiris the rest of blue team will probably be doing their own thing kind of still involved but outside of the main picture or maybe as chief we'll fight alongside some of them which that would actually be pretty cool to you know play as chief and fight alongside Locke and all those guys even though Locke is pretty underutilized like that would be an interesting idea I think they might do that yeah and that could also be a really good strategy to put Spartan Ops back in the game and have it actually kind of matter yeah yeah and that way they could characterize Locke and chief some more which I think they'll definitely try to do as a lot of that was missing at Halo 5 now judging from the cliffhanger ending we're probably going to see Palmer and Halsey but as far as their roles what do you think I think Halsey is going to play a big role in the story I've got an outline for the entire Halo 6 story and she definitely plays a big part and what I think is going to happen and you're going to keep us in the dark until later in the video eh yeah I want to roll it all out no spoilers right hypothetical spoilers yeah as far as arbiter and sang Helios I feel like it'll probably be a similar role of what we saw in Halo 3 where or the UNSC and Master Chief teaming up with the Covenant or in this case sort of saying Helios going after this time Cortana who's you know gonna be the main villain most likely as far as what her plan is what do you think I I'm not sure what her plan is really she's basically robot Hitler right she just wants to have a perfect world mm-hmm she wants I don't know communism everything to be peaceful and justify the means yeah I actually think that Cortana isn't going to be the villain throughout the entire game I think she's going to make a switch halfway through interesting theory that's again like I said we I work at 3:43 nobody likes that Cortana was the villain and the fifth one we want everybody to like us we gotta make Cortana good again nobody liked that we killed Cortana so we brought her back in the fifth one now they don't like we made her a villain let's make her good that's it seems pretty solid like she'll be a villain for a bit and then she'll be convinced by chief to come back and then perhaps warden eternal or some other Promethean will you know take over the main villain could really just be something new entirely you know I think the main villain will wind up actually becoming the warden eternal or the Didact when I bring it back it's true they probably won't have the same warden eternal boss battles maybe they'll have one know what I think they learned their lesson on that you know I think so – yes they'll definitely bring Prometheans back and I imagine they'll be like one new unit two new units hopefully new vehicles but I wouldn't hold my breath on that yeah they're kind of committed to the Promethean thing aren't they they have to do that yeah so what do you think for Prometheans I would assume they'll get wiped out by the end of the game or become good or maybe Halsey will find a way to turn them off maybe you know what some just came to me what if the halo rings have some sort of you know switch or something or or we get to see how the Prometheans are made because we don't really know anything about them because they're basically just robots right the aliens in the Covenant are you know they can just be what they are we don't need to see them birth but the Prometheans aside from what halo 4 showed us you know we don't really know a whole lot about them so I predict we'll see some sort of like factory or something that creates the Prometheus and in order to defeat them that thing will be shut down somehow what's interesting I never thought how the Prometheans were made I just kind of assumed they were made out of thin air because the forerunners transcendant is it so like the technology is just so advanced that they can form wherever they please or maybe somewhat like the vex from destiny but that's getting up getting off-topic yeah yeah so we've got the Prometheans covered the sort of main villain overall plot I think is probably going to be I'd say streamlined or simplified in that it's it's about Chiefs journey to I guess finish the fight again or you know fight his best friend and team up with his former rival being walk and I think that's kind of what they're going for it would be best to keep it nice and simple this is humanity's final stand humans against robots it's time to refinish the fight again another time once more for the last time we think we think for the last time perhaps but it could also be playing into Halo 7 or whatever that one might be I hope you know they brought in Halo Wars 2 and they're kind of connecting Halo Wars 2 to halo 6 so another possibility another prediction I have is I think they're definitely going to bring in the spirit of fire crew into halo 6 and maybe they'll play a more important role and eight reacts and his forces will kind of be fighting back maybe the swords of saying Helios will be fighting a tree ox and the banished which would be a really fucking cool matchup I mean seeing the arbiter go up against a tree ox I think as a writer for Halo 6 that's what I would be doing I would predict that that's what the sort of conflict and basis for the campaign gameplay will be that's an interesting thought it would be awesome to have boots on the ground and fight against a tree axis brutes alongside the swords of Sun Helios but this this has to be a six to eight hour long campaign and you only get one cutscene before and after each level and these cutscenes can't go very long unless you're Hideo Kojima there can always be something in the middle they did that in some of the other Halo games they could put a pappa cutscene the middle of a mission if they were to do that that's a lot to put in this game because you got to have two villains essentially a tree ox being a sub villain Cortana and potentially warden eternal and the Prometheus but I think you know a lot they really want to go guns blazing they want to pull out all the stops because they know like okay Halo 5 had probably the worst reaction story-wise out of all the games so I imagine you know with what they set up in Halo Wars – they'll be trying to put all the pieces together and get it back on track they could streamline it – like you said yeah it could be a just a super simple the Cortana knows about a tree ox goes to him and sets up a partnership oh that could that could be the twist dude that could be the twist you know Halo games always have like a little twist sometimes a big one you except for the fifth one huh well that one was revealed too early yeah so if they don't finish halo six in the reclaimer saga like if they don't sort of finish the story there I think maybe we'd see one more game with the chief but that's a double far off prediction it would it would benefit them to to not try to spider-man three this and just shove everything into the game and possibly do a seventh as much as I personally do not want a seventh game I think the universe is big enough we can move on we can have different characters that you know you could start building up and getting people excited about but if they have to do a seventh one that's fine and that's perfect because bungees favorite number was seven and that kind of has a thread throughout all the halos if they don't finish it in six they'll definitely finish it in seven if they call it halo 7 and I think we have two possibilities for chief either he's going to die doing something heroic or he's gonna finish out what he set out to do and he's going to retire right it could be something like that where she finishes the fight again and then one more time and then there's a flash forward to either like a memorial scene in at the end of Halo 3 or a scene you know with John as an old man or you know relaxing or something and you can do so many cool things in the Halo universe I don't think they'll kill the chief I don't think they got the guts mm I think they should I think it would be huge yeah but I don't think they got the guts yeah I think they'll go for a similar type of story like Halo 4 like trying to flesh it flesh out chief and the other characters some more I believe that's what they'll go for I don't know if they'll succeed all the way with that they'll probably be halfway you know where it's like okay I can get behind this but it's not super strong characterization and I think they'll be creating conflicts between chief Cortana and Halsey and like you said Halsey will probably have a bigger role as you know Cortana is going to be the main villain and then you know she'll have connection to Cortana in some way I think that for sure they're going to play up the conflict between Master Chief and Cortana the two ex-lovers duking it out over the lawyer divorce lawyer there was a cult yeah it'll almost be like she's testing him you know like they kind of tried for that in Halo 5 but didn't didn't work as well like she'll be kind of trying to out strategize him and outsmart him and not always go in full force but she'll probably have a few key weapons to use against chief the UNSC and all her enemies it would be interesting to see her actually get into his head and manipulate him and try to change his mind I think she'll do that would require some good writing ruin do we have that oh I guess we'll find out not come at me Bonnie now as far as setting like where the missions are going to be set out I predict that obviously there's going to be a few if not more missions located on that halo ring we saw in the legendary ending maybe there'll be another halo ring that we go to I think there's going to be missions on different planets for sure a mission that's in space or on a space ship or a space station something that something to do with space there's going to be a mission in space that's not really a huge prediction I think I think we can all see that one coming yeah you could rapid-fire earth hallo spaceship space asteroid you have a mission where you get shrunk down and it's like inner space and you go inside a tree access bloodstream you could do anything it's the future I don't think they'll go the whole Honey I Shrunk the kids are out there they're desperate over there you'll see you'll see I imagine they'll bring the brutes back they'll have a triage fighting arbiter right and they'll bring in playable elites that way because they I'm sure they've gotten that message by now so with that in mind they'll bring back some of the old covenant weapons maybe some new ones they'll probably bring some of the broof weapons as well I imagine we'll see at least one or two vehicles from halo wars to brought into halo 6 interesting like a Wolverine or something like that yeah I mean they could all of those vehicles are awesome they could bring one or two one from the Covenant one from the UNSC what I've been waiting for them to do and what I think they will do with this one – just close it all off and be epic is have you control a scarab Oh take them and just destroy like rip up a giant base with with the scarabs legs and just going in there and having it be you know everyone's screaming and dying and bodies flying and I think that could be really neat if they do it well I think yeah they'll probably have like one of those iconic moments in experia where you know you just have a big sort of vehicle flashy section you know that'll that'll really stick in the minds of people all right now as far as game mechanics what do you think Renne that they're going to keep and drop from Halo 5 and if they'll add anything from the previous games I think they're going to simplify everything because I think you even said it yourself in one of your videos halo 5 has too many abilities Yeah right I think they're going to simplify things are going to pull back a bit and I think they're gonna try to go classic Halo cool interesting a little more class a little more class I think they will too but I think they'll probably still have sprint and even though I don't want it to be there I think they'll still have aiming-down-sights though yeah it's kind of a must than this generation isn't it I unfortunately it is they'll probably get rid of Spartan charge completely and they'll keep ground pound and the thrusters that's a tough one I feel like bid they'll keep the thrusters as well and maybe add something new now as far as a mic well I mean do we want to go that deep microtransactions and all that they'll be there all we need to say is they'll be there we know we already know so as far as like a general outline of the story Ren what do you think they're basically going to do like if you were to outline the story of Halo six all right I'm glad you asked that this is what I came here I'm glad I asked it – you said earlier in the video that I did have some really spot-on predictions for the halo 5 story and at the time I made those predictions we knew about as much about Halo 5 as we do now about halo 6 I think halo 6 is going to go a little something like this Master Chief he's going to be a little upset at Cortana he's going to be trying to get over her he knows that he needs to be the one that stops her and in order to do that he's going to need every tactical advantage that he can get so what I think they're going to do and what they should do would be really interesting is Master Chief is going to get a new AI it's going to be really nice really well meaning very helpful to him but he's not going to like that AI and we as an audience aren't going to like the AI either because it's not Cortana it's not who we want but this could create a really interesting conflict within the story and it could also make Cortana jealous that's pretty cool and which could lead to you know anger on her side yeah and if they don't go that route of giving him a new AI then it is possible that the exuberant witness could wind up being the voice in the players head that they hear as they go through the missions but I think this would be a bit of a mistake although I do disclaimer I really do like the exuberant witness it's probably probably the only character from Halo 5 that I remember and that I actually liked but Cortana we all know still cares very deeply for Master Chief and like I said she might be jealous that he went and gotten a new AI so she's going to be talking to him throughout the game trying to change his mind trying to get him on her side and she's going to be smack talk in the new AI dependent probably at the beginning of the second act Cortana is going to stop being the villain and she's going to become a good guy again I think either dr. Halsey will create some kind of virus or program that'll mess with Cortana or what is most likely to happen is that chief will have an open heart heart to heart moment with her and convince Cortana that she's being a bad boy that she's on the wrong side of this and Cortana will realize that she what she's doing is actually evil and she will then convert to our side however she still put a plan into place that's going to destroy the universe and it's going to be back or reshape it right so she's yes she's gonna realize you know she's on the wrong side and then she'll still be different like she won't be the same Cortana that we knew but her plan will still yeah in effect yeah and now she'll be trying to help us stop it so it'll be just like old times again you know yeah she we're gonna have that emotional scene where Cortana says put me inside you Big Daddies and Master Chief's his nuit he's ripping the microchip of his new AI out of its helmet and it's saying no Jon would and he just rips it out and then drops it to the ground and he puts Cortana right back in right where she belongs and then this time he'll say something like I'll try to be more careful now that there's two of us in here Oh baby that'd be great fanservice right there I think so then the whole focus of the game is going to be about stopping the warden eternal or the died actor whoever who is now set to finish what Cortana started and then at some point at the end towards the climax Cortana will try and sacrifice herself in order to stop the warden but Master Chief is one step ahead of her he will not allow her to sacrifice herself he cannot imagine a life without her so he sacrifices himself saving the galaxy one last time besides after this fight is over and done with what does Master Chief's have left to do in this universe I think this thing should end with Master Chief dying and I also think somewhere along the way that Tom Lasky will die in the story because Tom Lasky is basically the reverse sergeant Johnson right let's go through the list he's white he has no idea what the lady's like oh I know what the ladies like he has he doesn't have very much charisma or charm he gives terrible speeches but we're just going to run only until we could find a way to fight but more or less Keith the Master Chief's friend throughout this thing I think Lasky even a charming in Halo 4 you know are sent down here with orders to prevent you from leaving case you'd already gone I took the precaution of ordering a Pelican outfitted for full combat pursuit he had at the moment yeah he'll kind of bite it like like Johnson did yes exactly and and as I said earlier in the video like if Master Chief story ends with Halo six that either ends with him dying and there's a monument scene or it ends with him being lost although I don't think they'll do a no halo leery ending so I see three options either he dies monument is lost somehow or he retires and you know settles down or something which would be kind of gay but hey that those are the options I see I kind of like the idea of him settling down because it's kind of sad like he's so he's hit his peak so long ago and now it's like watching Saul Goodman work at a Cinnabon it's like sad yeah yeah they might go that route it could that could be effective in Cortana could sacrifice herself for Master Chief to undo everything she did I just think it would be more poetic if Cortana had to live with the fact that her actions got the chief killed rather than the opposite of that I think that would be more impactful that would be very powerful because you know we can't see Cortana sacrifice herself again right I don't think as a writer you know at three for three you'd be like well we're just going to do the same thing that a low for did because it won't have that same emotional impact because we've already seen that before but I mean we got these ideas out here now three for three if you would like to use any of this I'm very easy to reach you can send me a check or fly me out to your studio like you like you got act man over your studio I don't know my invite got lost in the mail I guess yeah it must have or maybe I maybe I intercepted it so at this point we're going to kind of wrap up our thoughts and give our overall predictions of Halo Six's story and the game overall whether it'll succeed whether will not succeed I don't think halo 6 will be the end of Master Chief story I think it'll probably go to 7 or some sort of spin-off so overall I predict that halo 6 will have a pretty satisfying story it'll recover as well as it possibly can from Halo 5 and they'll use ideas that they set up in Halo Wars 2 and halo 5 to create something really cool hopefully and it'll get the story back on the right track as far as overall I think halo 6 will probably be a moderate success more successful than a low 5 as they'll be bringing back split-screen I imagine this is the time that they're just going to be like alright we know what they want we're going to we're going to provide it as best we can we're still going to stick with the sort of newer Halo gameplay but everything else I think they'll nail it or get close to nailing it if parts of the characterization and dialogue is a bit weaker I think overall the game will be pretty good I pass all right I passed the baton to you I don't think this game is going to do very well because they have a lot of damage control I am still upset over the Master Chief collection 343 I am not happy with them as a developer halo 5 was very upsetting in almost every way that multi players decent but there's a lot of upset people that don't like what they're doing with this and unless they come out with some really good vibes and some really good gameplay trailers showing that hey we fix some of these things that you didn't like I don't think it'll do very well I do think though it will be the best of the trilogy however that to me isn't saying much I know that they've learned from their mistakes I know they're listening and I know they're desperate for a hit I know if this doesn't do well they're going to be out we're probably going to see a big shift within that company if this game doesn't do as well as it needs to we've already seen a pretty big change in management and the leadership roles there so Ren you're more on the pessimistic side which you obviously have every right to feel that way and I'm more on the optimistic side yeah but let me be clear I'm only so critical and so pessimistic because at the end of the day I really really just want to play a good Halo game again I think we all want that yeah that's all like one I just want that little boy inside me wants to have that experience again so those were our predictions for Halo six the story gameplay part of the multiplayer and overall quality of the game you know what we think but what do you think post your thoughts comments opinions down below let us know which parts you agree with putting your own predictions you know get creative or just ship post in the comments because that's fine too big shout out to Ren you made some super dope predictions for Halo 5 based off of almost nothing I imagine we made a lot of predictions but we'll get a decent amount of them right that's a prediction in and of itself and when a teaser comes out or when we get the finished game most likely we'll come back to these points and we'll revisit them and see how many we got right or wrong I'll take some punishments – yeah yeah we'll take a shot for every one we get wrong oh okay alright everyone that's all we got for today thanks for watching make sure you check out Ren and his videos they are so under appreciated thank you and thanks for letting me come onto your channel and make a video with you you're welcome dude thanks for coming on all right everyone this is the act man signing out peace bye everybody

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  • You've heard my predictions (if you watched the video *wink wink) but what are YOUR predictions?! Share them in the comments! Also check out ya boi, Renns Reviews here: http://bit.ly/2sn4Rlb


  • I’d like to see a Halo ring go off. It’s been said that one ring only has a blast radius of 25,000 light years. So, one blast will not devoid the galaxy with life, 343 said it himself in CE. It’d be the “Thanos snap” of the Halo universe. I’d love to actually see it in action and its effects on life. I have a story line that could work depending on circumstances but it would be truly amazing to see the firing of a Halo.
    To think we’ve fought so hard to keep these things from going off and we fail, but come back and kick ass. 😂

  • The Act Man, loyal subscriber here, and I just wated to say as a prediction for the stroy

    because they are putting reach in the collection, maybe they could revert to Reaches setting… like it started on Reach, it Ends on reach… So through the game, everyone makes it to reach. Halsy dies and that kicks off the final battle.

    The last mission being a survival mission…. Cheif survivng atriox's forces, the promethians, with the remnents of both the infinity and Spirit of Fire, (all while humanity is arming up to join the fight that will end it all) and then Cortana works with that AI and Doc. from HW2 and the AI from the infinity to repurpose the rings to only destry infected tissue, all while cortana is realizing the only way is for her or chief to die. Then the flood in all its horrible power starts to decimate everything, (at this point is Atriox's forces, the prometheans, and humanity, anlong withthe arbiters forces all against the flood) But cheif gets overrun before anything can happen and cortana fires the rings to end it all…

    The ending shows humanity starting over and the AI being the new forerunners, just everythign starting over, and then end game.

    The legondary ending reveals that cortana secretly took Johns and everyones DNA, Coded it and is repopulating humaity with clones of everyone Post battle, which shows that they're immune by the graveminds flood infection… as well as the arbiter being the elits and Atriox being the brutes' leader, just hitting the restart button on everything, keeping the flood from being able to be an issue ever again. Then it ends with cortana being the new librarian, just recalling what was done in the past, to secure the futrure….

    I know I'm ahead of myself but that would be a fiting end I think…. Its kinda like the battle with the Scarabs on that mission in Halo 3 before truth was killed, but on a MASSIVE SCALE. Anyway, thats my hopes for the end of a once great franchise that has since been torn apart game by game with greed in the form of microtransactions with a pay to win mentality that all these games now seem to have…. i dont want to see this great franchise go down this rabbit hole any longer… and I hope that Halo infinate will be CRUCIAL in this ending on a great note… and above all else for the final game, NO MORE MICROTRANSACTIONS!!!! lets end on a better note then we couldve ever dreamed….

    (excuse any grammer inconsistancies)

  • I know it’s an old video but I just got around to watching it. Prometheans are composed humans. The beam thing from halo 4 basically turns living creatures into data. Trying to turn the originally composed people back into living creatures failed miserably and they went crazy as their bodies decayed. So the Didactic composed a shitload of ancient humans and gave them promethean bodies to be able to fight the flood without risk of creating further combat forms. The reason Osiris says something like “these are the new model prometheans” when they tell you to shoot the glowing bits in their first mission is because, canonically, these are new prometheans were created from the humans composed in the Didact’s attack on earth.

  • Chief retiring and wearing his PONCHO…now that would be *epic*
    Also that could be an amazing armour piece for Halo 5…the Poncho..
    And combining that with Seeker…

  • The promethiens arn't robots there living beings turned into robots there not mass produced from a factory

  • What if there’s an escort mission with at least one of the alternate characters? So, like Fred, Locke, Linda, Buck, etc.

    Also, the Composer turned peeps into Prometheans. It was actually a major plot point of Halo 4. It did vaporise some people, but it’s alternate use was a transformation.

    “And these cutscenes can’t go for very long unless you’re Hideo Kojima.” YES. THANK YOU. I’ve always hated how every Metal Gear Solid cutscene goes on for what feels like hours. Hell, MGS4, I’m pretty sure, got the award for “longest cutscenes in a video game.”

  • Here's my (admittedly pretty off-the-wall) predictions:

    1. Medicant Bias will help the Master Chief stop the final villain (assuming cortana does come back to our side). When/if Cortana changes sides, maybe a "three of us in here, now" line.

    2. Cortana won't be convinced to change sides, so much as suffer some event or data corruption or virus that will cause her to revert to an earlier version of herself, losing her memory up to a certain point, my money would be on the End of Halo 2; the last thing she remembers is sending Chief off to the Forerunner Ship. Such an extreme level of memory/data loss would cause Cortana to become stable, and sane, again. Maybe Halsey makes a program to do it.

    3. (This part is just building off the last two) Cortana recognises Bias as the AI from the High Charity. Theywill have a conflict of interest, but only over <end-game dilemma here>, similar to Halo 1 with Guilty Spark, but not as serious or with as high stakes.

  • if they do certain things right we will see a great game if the trailers and arent over hyped to oblivion then it will do well

  • Cortana in Halo 5 is just a fragment of her when she split herself in Halo 4 That's why she acts so odd because all of the programming that made her personality and such before, is gone, leaving only the desire for order and peace, but without morals. I think she will either be rejoined with her other fragments that we, the player have to locate and bring together which will turn her back into who she was before or she will be killed and then maybe the remaining fragments will be reassembled, leaving her with her old personality but without all of her abilities or she will just be gone. However, as I am writing this after the Halo Infinite trailer and with the little bit of news we have gotten, It seems to me that at least 80% of the game, probably all of it, will be on Installation 07 so to find all of her fragments on just the one ring might be a bit odd. I can confidently say that Atriox will be in the game, as long as they don't plan on a Halo wars 3, which they probably do. And that he, and the arbiter will be fighting a lot.

  • ADS/Smartscope is gone. Spartan charge and groundpound gone. Stabilizers gone. Sprint/slide/clamber idk.

  • The ending- John 117- he walk in a standard military dress uniform camera pans around him form his cap held in his hands firmly behind his back as he walk through a hallway. ( his face is not shown) he walks into a classroom the face of the students are chief are not visible. The class is filled with chatter that quickly quiets to murmurs and stops. A student raises his and and ask “sir, are the stories true?” The camera pans the the 117 on his uniforms chest and then the his face up to his eyes as he says “ yes, all of them”.

    This turns out to be the class of spartan 5s and he is an instructor at the academy

  • I like the halo 5 multiplayer 👊 I think it pulled through.. it can improve tho on something things…but everything else is horrible in halo 5 👊

  • What i think what will be cool is that chief, arby, and locke get on the guardian, retrive cortana, and research what is wrong and fix her for the second to last mission.

  • I feel like if they did another trilogy that they should do something very very early in the war or like 15 years after chief dies and have it centered around buck or a new character.

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