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as a covenant with so many different alien species such as the sing Kili or the let go low or the young boy there's bound to be a couple language barriers so today we're going to talk about the sing Kili language and how it was mainly used for the covenant and how the translation went so guys today is about the covenant and their languages so before you begin the video I want to say we are doing another giveaway or I should say giveaways on follower da GG / giveaway every month we give away a copy of Mass Effect Andromeda but also Halo Wars – and in this month we're giving away two copies of Halo Wars to effectively creating the chance to win twice as large for use be sure to participate link down in the description so let's talk about the sing Kili language text or writing and sing Kili appears to be mostly triangle shapes and composed almost completely of equilateral triangles the triangular characters have seemed to be both oriented from the horizontal left to right direction and in vertical right to left direction though originating with us and Kili an advanced dialect of their language has come to the Covenant common language used to connect the different races and species in fact the name of the other species come from the sin Keeley language the sin Keely appear to use English translations to the original foreigner terms as for the foreigner Requiem reclaimer Didact and Liberian the essence a sect of sand Gilly that claimed that the writ of union with the San cm unholy developed an isolation from others in kilee and their language evolved into a different form of this ink Gilly dialect it possessed similarities to Olson Kelly but the language developed into a new language that could not be understood by the average San Keeley so let's speak of the uncoiling which their native language is composed of doglike barks squeaks and grunts the largely unintelligible to most humans translation software is able to decipher the meaning beats barks and grunts now the word young boy itself is not actually a word from their vocabulary rather it is from this in killing name for their species on boy are also fully capable of speaking a variety of human languages a fact that they take much pride in cake yard language let's talk about the cake yard so their language seems to consist of a range of hisses growls screeches snarls and squawks though it is intelligible to other members of the Covenant the cake yard can speak this in Kili language don't like any foreigner to a language there is a distortion caused by their bird-like bodies and of course mouths as well the kid yarr are capable of speaking the English language and a sort of rasp in hushed light tone however due to the same physical limitations from before a majority of kid yar are unable to pronounce the letter F properly in post-war era some keiki are spoke to each other in a strange mix of English sing Keely in the keg yard dialect so let's speak of the yemenis language the yum nee uses a system of chirps clicks and buzzes to convey information between other members of the hive rubbing their wings together to produce such sounds similar to Earth's crickets now translator units are required for other species to understand them because their language is so different from their own combat units will usually elect Netaji to serve as a translator learning how the other races communicate and relaying the information to the other unique so let's speak of the let go low in their language now first off we've done an entire lore video over the let go low like every covenant species we're talking about here today however low go low are a little bit different you see they're actually like giant worms hunter scarabs other creatures are actually just formations of Loula go low so little go low in their communication with other species is a huge problem at best between different Megillah forms that use resonance that their own species can hear and understand for interspecies communication the Melek Golo are capable of speaking at least the sin Kili language though so let's talk about the Brutes language the native Brut language is an animalistic incorporating a wide range of sounds from growls and barks to full-out howls and roars though the brutes also express emotions through scents in months you see young groups have difficulty controlling the release of these scents but learn how to moderate them as they grow older a common hell is often made by a pack chieftain as a sign of celebration and failure to participate in the hell is a serious affront to the Chieftains Authority lastly let's speak of the sancheong language based on religious ceremonies by the prophet of regret on Delta halo the native prophet language is similar to medieval grey korean-style chanting whether this is spoken by all San shyam or if it's just a special dialect for religious purposes that is unknown the San Shyam are known however to use elaborate and/or simple hand movements most of the covenant races including the Singh Keeley were unaware of this form of communication almost like pain language one such hand gesture is the rippling of three fingers on one's right hand and is the gesture of the regret meaning all things flow away alright guys I hope you learned one or two new things about halo something that you haven't really thought about the covenant languages and how that all worked so if you did enjoy this video be sure to drop a like and also subscribe if you haven't already for plenty more halo videos just like this one and also just one last quick reminder you're giving away two copies of halo wars 2 in September be sure to participate linked down description alright guys later peace you

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