Halo Lore – Truth and Reconciliation (Covenant Cruiser)

the human covenant war was a very long and drawn-out conflict for the UNSC not only did her troops have the toughest time during drought skirmishes but her fleets and ships also struggled to stay adrift and the black abyss of space the major military advantage of the covenant revolved around it's interesting fleet with plenty of carriers cruisers fighters dreadknots and whatnot but one of these ships in particular has some very interesting lore in history surrounding it today we're going to be talking about the Truth and Reconciliation the CCS class battle cruiser of the Covenant Navy this video is supported by loop free to get its elusive halo gear collectibles and in-game content every other month halo legendary loot crate delivers a box of five to seven random halo items to your doorstep by monthly be sure to check it out and sign up link down in the description the Truth and Reconciliation was a battle cruiser used by the Covenant during both the fall of reach in the Battle of installation 0 for the ship itself statistically speaking was one point seven eight to two kilometers in other words five thousand eight hundred and forty seven feet in length and eight hundred sixty 1.7 meters in other words two thousand eight hundred and twenty seven feet in width and the battle cruiser was also two hundred and thirty point eight meters in other words seven hundred and fifty seven feet high the truth and reconciliation was sent hurtling through space using repulsor engines had its own slit space drive and was protected by the infamous energy shielding that the Covenant used to his advantage so so often the military compliment of the ship included sin Keeley on goy kar McDowell in addition to these infantry units the ship harbor DX class drop ships boarding crafts type 26 assault gun carriages and type 32 rapid assault vehicles it's known commander was lat braava me the ship began its notable history during the fall of reach as an element of the fleet of the particular justice the battle cruiser joined in with the rest of the fleet as the covenant forces reigned plasma down on the planet effectively glassing it in killing anything and everything that lay on the surface of the world it wouldn't be until the UNSC pillar of on and begin an exit vector from the dying planet that truth of pursue is pray through a random slipspace jump and finally set eyes upon their holy relic installation 0 for as the ship's danced above the ring a battle would ensue Cortana the AI aboard the pillar of autumn will ultimately disable the truth and reconciliation and her own attempts to defend the crew this upper-hand was also brought onto the fact by the Byner prophet and command aboard the truth and that he would not permit plasma torpedoes be launched as he feared that they would risk damaging the construct they had just stumbled upon instead the minor prophet commanded that his forces should have bored their enemy's ship and defeat them from the inside the truth and reconciliation dropped down to 300 metres above the surface of the halo ring and once landed it became a command post for the covenants ground forces soon after the recently captured captain Jacob keys would be brought onto the ship as he was tortured interrogated and left to die the Master Chief will lead a team of Marines to infiltrate the ship and rescue captain Keyes they faced heavy ground resistance as well as the actual hands of the ship before making their way into the prisoner quarters this Parchin would be able to find his captain reconcile the events of the crash and discuss what they believed that the halo ring could actually do after the daring rescue the flood parasite was Unleashed from its exile in the ring and quickly overtook the truth and reconciliation fearing the parasite would learn enough from the previous covenant forces still stationed there should they become infected the higher prophets decided to send a strike team which fell victim to the flood it was during the Covenant reinforcement period that john-117 the Master Chief would enter the ship in an attempt to retrieve captain Keyes should he be alive or bring back his neural implants once the chief made it to the control room he would confirm his worst suspicions Keyes was now one with the flood in attempts to fight the remaining covenant forces left trying to take back the ship the Master Chief would still one of the banshees and make his way to the pillar of autumn but not before damaging the reactor to the ship which should have went into critical mass all right that's a wrap on the Covenant ship the truth and reconciliation I hope you guys enjoyed and but be sure to check out loot crate get your halo gear collectibles and in-game content it's about time link down in the description you get products every other month be sure to check it out sign up link down in the description alright guys thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you in the next one peace out

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