Halo Lore – Why the Covenant Uses Plasma (instead of bullets)

plasma and the Halo universe is much different than what we know of it today in our real world much more destructive violent and well common plasma isn't just something that any of us can come across any given day but with halos covenant it is the blood of their military weapons like the plasma rifle and pistol are in canaan insanely more devastating than in the game a basic marine or any unshielded beam can take multiple plasma rounds to the face without dying in the game but this is only like this because of the plasma worked as well as it did an allure then there would be no point in playing basically plasma is extremely lethal people would be getting melted in half left and right and that want to work so well in making an enjoyable and balanced game but the really big question here is that I've always had and maybe a couple of you guys's why haven't the Covenant just used bullet projectile based weapons like the UNSC obviously they work so much better for so many reasons especially on a battlefield right well actually no so today we're gonna be cracking open in question why does the Covenant use plasma instead of projectile based weapons it's gonna be a fun one guys let's go ahead and get into it projectile weapons like guns the assault rifle battle rifle and so on have bullets right they project bullets and they will always be something that will be effective for inflicting damage on any target but at some point in the future this form of weaponry is basically going to become obsolete but that's a topic for another video we can however talk about how plasma is vastly superior to projectile weaponry in almost every way and then the Covenant are very aware of this most of the species within the Covenant use projectile base weaponry prior to being inducted we can see some of these weapons in the game still with the needler and the brute Spiker but obviously much less common than the plasma but these weapons are rare in our normally sidelined for their much more newer and more powerful plasma based weaponry to understand why this is have to look at the Covenant itself and we see that the weapons of the UNSC besides like the rail guns are no match for the technology of the Covenant so why would the Covenant use this plasma well bullets bounce off shilts plasma shreds right through it when missiles barely scratched the surface of insanely hard armored plasma melts the metal like butter entire UNSC ships have been turned into floating balls of molten metal after taking a hit or two from a covenant plasma torpedoes fired from their gigantic spaceships which brings up another good point plasma can be shot from weapons as small as a plasma pistol or as large as guns on a capital ship literally being able to be fired from sources of all shapes and sizes allowing for much variety and scale of power in the Covenant are modest much like missile or bullet based technology but much more effective on impact harvesting plasma at least in Halo lore is also something that is much more simpler than the process of making a bullet as long as you have the right technology for it right plasma is found in abundance and stars and certain gas planets so an advanced group like that of the Covenant have plenty of access to plasma supplies it's still a pain in the ass but involves much less steps to produce than the standard ballistic rounds that we would see with the UNSC now there's also the fact of reloading a gun even in the future setting of Halo and it involves multiple steps grab the Clipper magazine low the rounds in then jam the thing into your weapon cock it and shoot it all in a couple of seconds but very important second set are lost to reloading now there are no random full ammo clips in the world world like we get seen in video games the entire process is much more of a headache and takes a large bit of time unless you're super prepared or Master Chief plasma on the other hand is reloaded and refueled much more effectively the Covenant would use a simple charging stations where soldiers would load their gun power source into it wait a bit and then bang their weapon was ready to go now the amount of charge that we see in the games is also way less than what would have been reality right into real halo universe in the halo lore once again the quick use of the power supply of these weapons is strictly dare for gameplay reasons and not exactly up to par with the lore in the lore a single plasma weapon could last a whole day's worth of battles before it would need to be recharged something that gave the Covenant a massive advantage time after time again now the matter that makes up plasma is relative towards magnetic fields meaning that the substance can be shaped from individual rounds like that of the plasma rifle or it can be formed into a giant singular beam like those we've seen in the glassing stun on reach or in other places without the field the plasma dissipates too quickly to be of any real use the field controls and contains the plasma without interfering with firing if you look at the energy sword for example how do you think that the blade stays intact and maintains its particular shape well you guessed it it's a magnetic field that originates from the hilt of the blade and keeps a plasma in place now the Covenant also found another use of these beams occasionally they would terraform planets with this technology to suit their needs now why we never see it in the games plasma can also be controlled and guided to some extent and the Halo universe if you read some of the books then you probably come across a few space battles where the Covenant would fire plasma torpedoes that could guide towards a target over thousands of miles space combat can be crazy like that for the Covenant and it's something that we just haven't seen enough of or any of so basically in a nutshell plasma is much more lethal much more dangerous much more terrifying than let's say a bullet wound I mean when plasma hits something it melts it right in a lot of situations and of course we don't really see this happen in the games per se but you know what we see in the lore is much more well terrifying plasma is a very powerful weapon and what we've seen in the games don't take it too seriously because there is a whole another side to it that has been balanced by Bungie and through 4-3 but plasma is very very lethal right on this very day cool thing is scientists here in 2018 are studying ways to be able to control and use plasma and with small successes happening a little bit here and there now why we are probably centuries away from being able to control plasma like the Covenant has there is no denying that it may be possible in the future again this is just sci-fi but hey it's pretty cool to think that one day we might replace our own weaponry with wanna know plasma right pretty cool stuff so anyways guys what do you think do you want to hear more about the lore and the things that we've always seen but don't really know the truth of in videos like this did you enjoy this video do you want to see more of it and let me know down in the comment section below and guys what do you think about plasma have you learned anything new in this video now we'll see you guys in the next one subscribe if you haven't already like this video up and peace

44 thoughts on “Halo Lore – Why the Covenant Uses Plasma (instead of bullets)

  • The forerunners most common weapons during the war by living beings, their weapons could last waay longer than the ones used by the covenant and the ones used by the AI sentinels are meant just to contain and thus don't need to have a long lifespan since they are so many of them

  • You got the energy sword thing wrong. It's actually a gas emitted from the hilt and harnessed with a magnetic field, not plasma, plasma is not magnetic.

  • I think I'm happier with ballistic weaponry 😂 I mean we are so advanced at killing eachother thay we can destroy a heavily armed fortress with the push of a button. I think I'll pass on plasma

  • I think the big difference is the properties of plasma vs bullets. I am willing to bet that producing plasma cells is a longer and more costly process than making bullets. Idk about a plasma bolt but a bullet would be totally useless in zero gravity. Not to mention a plasma rifle malfunctioning and blowing up in your hand would be far more worse than a gun blowing up.

  • Direct energy weapons
    A.) transmit the majority of energy (heat) to the user
    B.) Require a massive battery
    C.) dissapate energy through atmospheric dust/moisture (thermal blooming)
    D.) Don't have impact damage and would only cauterize wounds they inflict
    So no, they are not vastly superior to kinetic weapons in any way.

  • You don’t need to “harvest” plasma. You can just make it from the air around you with some powerful electricity

  • Hope halo 6 will just make plasma weapons more dangerous, talking about balance? Pissh look at the battle rifle compared to a regular plasma rifle… balanced my ass, my 1 of my favorite weapons is the plazma rifle.. I'm scared for Halo 6…

  • the scientific inaccuracies in this video are beyond painful to hear, I don't think the author understands what plasma even is.

  • It's pretty much not possible to use plasma as useful alternative, the amount of energy use to project plasma a couple ft is amazing, never mind over a considerable distance or to even melt something, and if you did fire such a weapon (in the real world) you would die along with what ever is couple meters in front of you … but it's a game and it's still loads of fun

  • I'm very much sure we will control plasma some time before the next 200 years, we will also have fusion reactors.

  • It's fiction so this isn't too serious but in reality it makes no since to harvest plasma. You would want to harvest the raw gas and the energy required to excite the gas into a plasma. Plus you don't store plasma, that's just a wast of energy because you would have to keep pumping energy into it to keep it hot (unless it was hot enough and under enough pressure to keep its self hot due to fusion.) You instead store the gas and the energy you need separate, and then combin them when you're ready to shoot.

    Source: my own limited understanding of plasma as a chemist

    Edit: fixed a misspelling

  • There is faster explanation to it than that. For religious reasons covenant uses only things they can reverse engineer from forerunner tech in their military, and i bet there is not many mossbergs or kalashnikovs lying around in forerunner ruins. If i remember correctly, the energy sword is just forerunner tech-ified version of sanghelian ritual sword and present in battlefield because sanghelian nobility really REALLY wants to have swordfights mid-battle

  • Plasma is effective against shields and bullets/projectiles are better against no shields (this is for battling soldiers, not ships or vehicles)

  • We cant come across plasma as I light a candle in a microwave I'll show you lol. Seriously dont try it ha

  • Wow there buddy. You made some demonstrably wrong statements there. Plasma weapons is not actually superior to projectiles in every way, in most ways in fact.

    To explain; The energy used by plasma weapons need to go to the containment field, supercharging gasses and the launch coil/rails.

    In projectile weapons like coilguns or railguns that energy needs only to go to the coil/rails, a lot more than the coil of a plasma weapon since the weight of the projectile is greater, but it takes a lot of energy more to compress and overcharge a gas into a coherent plasma bolt.

    Projectile weapons will always overtake a plasma weapon in range and speed of the projectile.

    The only advantage plasma weapons would have is circumstantial damage and ammunition as you can fit a lot of gas into a canister, but you also need batteries.

    i say circumstantial damage because if you make a tank out of ceramic composite with good cooling system, it will be virtually immune to plasma for a long enough time to kill anything attacking it, because plasma doesn't have penetration power.

    With projectiles, you can basically destroy any shields by sheer impact force and ammunition can be made on the fly in battlefield conditions.

  • Curious. Why not create EMP grenades to discharge shields so the bullets can skip that part of the fight and go straight for the flesh? They may have Plasma, but anything electronic should be vulnerable to being disabled another way besides plasma.

    Another thing is, just like you can in the games, Marines could just take a Grunt's Plasma Pistol or a fallen Elite's rifle to break shields faster, then use their bullets to pierce their flesh. Plasma seems super dangerous, but the humans can still use the weapons of their fallen foes to get an edge over the enemy.

  • I think the better questions is why doesn’t the unsc use plasma weapons? Its five hundred years in the future and all their guns look and function exactly like ours.

  • Shade turrets sometimes have a kind of weak homing. Or at least, I've seen the large green projectiles curve slightly to the left or right. However, id like to see more. Terrifying, but exhilarating.

  • I don't really know physics and im not sure if the majority of this video is even remotely accurate, but I thought that literally anything could become plasma if it became hot enough ('4th state of matter'?).
    I would have thought the problem would be figuring out how to create/harness a material that could insulate the temperatures, but a quick google search tells me that it would only have to be roughly twice as powerful as 'Starlite'- Which is an actual thing that exists, is supposedly 90% organic, and was made by an amatuer chemist in the 1970's.
    If this "super-material" exists (which seems fairly plausible given this context), what would keep it from being used as armor and nullifying the entire point of using plasma weaponry? If the answer is 'Cost' or 'Rarity', then I wouldn't think plasma-based weapons would be standard issue in the first place.

    Some other questions:
    How volatile is plasma? Can it detonate if damaged/struck like conventional munitions?
    What would happen to the average plasma rifle/energy sword in the event of an EMP?
    What exactly is shield technology supposed to be?

  • I kinda can and cant back up the whole charging/reloading thing with plasma weapons, so I'm not a scientist or anything like that but I'm a welder and a plasma cutter can go for a long time without needing a break but when it does you need to give the machine a solid hour before use again. I dont know the science behind why or anything like that but I assume the machine is just overworked and the parts might get a little too hot but like I said when it needs a break it takes it's time. Now not to be nerdy or sound dumb but producing plasma would create a flash so bright you'd lose your vision after a short period of time. I know that the covenant species might have eyes that aren't affected by it and that spartan helmets might have a lens that tones down the light to make it safe but it's kind of one of those things that everyone would over see so no one bothers to look into it or question it.

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