Halo Wars, only this time the Covenant are 'Fairly Balanced'

you know I should start a series on older strategy games yep you know the underrated ones you played years and years ago that nobody ever talks about so stay tuned for that Total War video right here we are back in halo wars the good halo wars if I may not that I've even played the second one and today we're going to Don the purple morph suit and play the Covenant because trust me if there's one thing this game nailed perfectly it's that both sides have multiple broken ass tactics that should never work but they do now I know last time I said terminal Maureen is the only acceptable map in this game and it is but today we're gonna do a 3v3 on 14 that way if I lose I can just blame it on the map we're also gonna play as the arbiter if you don't know what he does just imagine a 12 foot tall silverback gorilla high on cocaine with you lightsabers and uh yeah that's him alright alright now as you probably know the only real strategy that you have to do is rush the enemy in the first like two minutes of the game so if this works like it's supposed to this video is only gonna be like three or four minutes long but uh yeah I have a sinking feeling it won't be all right we got the arbiter it let's get a move on oh just ignore them they're like twice their size that's fine just keep going right so if you're unaware as to how the Covenant work so I've only got the arbiter here he's on his own he's just walking up to the enemies base no problem and we're just gonna come over here and teleport our entire army to their base because that's fine that's perfectly balanced nope no problems there the hell is this why is he got so many Cyclops should they actually might kill the arbiter not this soon not this soon oh shit he's got he's got a bunch of them all right run away to the corner go hide in the back it's fine it's fine no problems the rush is still on you see not only can you teleport but you also have suicide bombers see you can just sit behind their base and teleport suicide bombers into their base that's fair all right come on come on they won't move they're stuck what's this all right well it would appear these guys are fucked they they can't do anything at all they're stuck so that's helpful there we go easier than the Kessel run oh they're gonna kill my ally already ouch we're gonna get it we're actually gonna do it and bam there we go we've been playing for 7 minutes and 40 seconds and their main base is destroyed yep that that's fair fair and square just send the arbiter into the back corner so we can keep bringing guys into here up there we go one down two to go Oh a what oh all right it's a 2v2 now that's not good let's go let's go poke the hornet's nest so to speak oh my god he has four reactors already oh that's a vulture okay okay okay we need to kill him now yeah just just keep that over there for me please ai ai while I kill the base oh I don't know where the vulture is oh yes I do yep there he is okay okay okay I know I know why okay they're dead it's not it's not here I have all not gonna complain he does what he wants to do oh it's a scorpion okay this is looking bad oh they're surrounded okay fall back just run guys just run oh no my has no basis left either oh no yeah he does hmm yeah I'm not not really sure what to do about this guys this base may be a lost cause what oh you got to be kidding me mm Oh God I've got nothing over here shit I may be about to lose yeah yeah the space is fucked yep there it goes shit my Ally and I are just we're hanging in there I know how to do this lock the base yeah there we go and then just build a ton of grunts and try and like run out of the base at the same time maybe one of them will get out all right I think we just have to let them out and hope for the best run run run just go just go don't stop and shoot just go get out of there let's come down here right there goes our last base oh we're being chased no that base is dead as well okay okay so it's fine this is fine we can come back from this we could totally come back from this oh they didn't destroy okay I've got 30 seconds I'm gonna have to take one of these bases yeah go that way thank you yes you know this base is screwed this base is totally screwed I think I cannot let me get away with this we have no money but we got it both me and the blue AI are still in the game hanging in there by our teeth all right we're gonna take 50% of our army and we're gonna come down and get these crate oh no oh no oh come on I was just adding insult to injury he didn't need to do that hmm right then that uh that was clearly the maps fault if anything it's this map is just it's terrible it's terrible I don't know why I thought this was a good idea we're gonna try this again except this time we're gonna do glacial ravine because this this map is good this map it'll it'll work it's fine we're good ever gonna do the exact same tactic cuz it worked so well last time right which one should we attack probably blue he's farthest away oh okay okay no no ill Leafly blue alone blue alone it's fine go back to what you were doing oh I have an idea wait wait wait why don't we take the arbiter and we go highs like over here and then we activate these walls and we can put units in but they can't get to us us genius so the arbiter can just sit there and we'll put these jackals in these towers us is a great idea I love it already Oh what wait a minute he's beating me to it he has okay he's beating me to it it's bastard oh crap yeah it's gonna take more than a couple of jackals to get them out of there and I have to say the soundtrack is just it's so underrated I love it oh oh yeah that's bad you know at this time I'm gonna use a weird strategy I'm gonna help my allies because I think they might be helpful to have later on I just need to really hurry up here because he might not be here by the time I arrive holy shit this is bad weird you think it Holies units so quickly what is this oh and I've got God they're all one me now oh yeah yeah that'll get you you know what we should do we should just attack let's go everybody go these are our teleporter pad over here it's just sitting there unless attacked blue space Oh Oh God oh my god they found me oh these guys are stuck in here now this is uh this is gonna take a while oh boy they've gotten to my Oh like and uh oh oh that that's that's a threat guys get that thing no no he's just gonna leave that's fine then Oh he uh he found me okay well the attack has failed I guess we just must defend the motherland at this point out here they are well I think we can hold it if we can hold this I have a plan if we can hold this off I think we can win well then I I don't have any barracks left I have no way to produce units I build seuss no I can't because I don't have a temple how do you say I'm screwed in French it's only a matter of time now all right clearly it's the map it's obviously the map so we're gonna switch once again we're gonna do a 2v2 this time because maybe maybe this will work if I have less enemies to fight all right there are times a charm I think this time we're just gonna go straight to the back and hope that works out oh where did you get all this how does he have that many already just keep going all right let's go get green green is clearly more incompetent now why don't we just rush wraiths this time how can that fail all right let's get this Wraith in there OOP should they have a turret just walk away from it I don't know why it's broken oh no it's not further away just keep going just keep walking how could you hit you from that distance I don't believe that for a second what what is this how let's just hide the arbiter in the corner of their base and hope this works arrival clearly it's the map guys clearly it's the map alright now let's just sit and save money and get some locusts cuz I think if I just you know poop them into this corner over here they should just be able to hit the base and yeah that might work yeah I just hang in there buddy hang in there just stay there can you hit that yes yeah can you hit the main base oh my god hahaha yep that's fair I I see no issues with this this is fine oh oh no this is so stupid I love this game I also love how he keeps trying to build things in this slot because it's AoE it just keeps failing every time it's beautiful oh absolutely alright next well you know no no no no get back over here waste of a good locust Oh yep perfectly balanced as all things should be oh and if you look at that I don't even have to do anything we're finished no there we go all right so clearly the only way to play this game is to cheese it doesn't matter the map the faction that anything if you don't choose your way to victory you're just gonna lose simple as that and I love it

34 thoughts on “Halo Wars, only this time the Covenant are 'Fairly Balanced'

  • Man, now I'm looking at my older favourite RTS. Specifically, a certain one involving some ring is catching my eye…

  • For those confused about lore, this Arbiter is not the one from the main series, they are two different people. I feel that I have to say this because there are people who clearly have not read up on the Battle of Harvest and as a result they think that Hell Jumper refers to all ODST when it is actually the term for ODST who fought on Harvest.

  • Nah man you just build a base close to the enemy and only build shield generators. They spend forever trying to trash your shields and you can mop up in the meantime

  • I always expected an arbiter rush. I learned that 10 flame troopers with napalm is good. From then I'll move to cobras and my friend researches ODSTs. It's pretty good

  • I played this game so much years ago. You definitely got owned. It's pretty easy when you get the hang of it.

  • I remember my favourite tactic was to play Anders, and rush her super unit while my team held off the enemy. Once I started building them, that was it.

    In fact it seems most games I played revolved around cheesing units to counter what your opponent is currently cheesing, and then cheesing something else to counter the counter, until one of you out maneuvers the other. Also, whoever got super units first would just win.

  • Also the game don't need to be cheated but gain supplies and use a cruel part of jungle warfare an allusion of this is would you rather wait 1 hour for some smoked ham or incinerate the pig for a quick barbicue with a flamethrower? You see the key is in the reserves because 50 poor marksman are still better than no army and the tatics because ww1 era tatics and you would get wreacked so thats the reasion why you failed the 3 times you had the reserves but not the correct tatics to be in use with the forces a big help is to look up on ww2 and vietnam war tatics because they done good with offense and defensed

  • You should try this a special forces grunts with explosives and use the arbitar as the main attack then whwn they don't expect it 3 flanks left right and behind then trap the enemy forces (EF) in 3 major chockholds and strangle their supply line and close in the distance then once you defeat the EF gain forces and make a 35-90 degrees angle and then repeat

  • Back when I played on 360 I found that in mp most people just did a single-unit spam, usually their best unit. I often did Hawks as Anders or Grizzly's as Forge. Occasionally I'd do Cobras because their Anti-vehicle damage is great, but you'd always have to have at least a couple Wolverines to defend them from Banshee spams. The spams made me kinda sad because my favourite unit in the game is the Vulture, but you can't ever get enough of them quick enough in mp, making Hawks/Hornets more cost-effective.

  • Anyone remember the overpowered saran strat? Where you'd get 1 saran, then spam engineers, to the point where the engineers start healing each other also? Good times lol

  • Best Cheese strategy against everything but hard A.I. is to get ODST with Captain Cutter and then just spam ODST build then drop them on the enemy base

  • Every tactic has a counter online. Is incredibly balanced; someone spamming grizzlies? You do air support. Scarab and engineer combo? Cryo bomb. Spamming ODST? Jackals and tanks.

    Had much fun online reaching general playing 3v3 with friends; the standard game lasted 1h with our longest going to 3 hours. If anything it can be too balanced because it can be so hard to break a stalemate

  • Prophet is the best Covie leader. just upgrade his magical laser beam from the sky, make several Warehouses and go to town on their bases. of course it doesn't work against players but the AI doesn't know what to do when you do that lol

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