Hand Drawn Tattoo I Motivational Speech I Be A Lion & Chase Dreams by J Sheetz (Ink Art)

Man cannot fly the doubter said maybe but we’ll try and Finally soared in the morning glow while non-believers watched from below be the change that you wish to see in the world and make the world or every flexion of your thoughts as Don’ts become reality face your fears Don’t go through life fearing dreams because someone told you it can’t be done Because as you age and look back drowning in tears You were regret not chasing the fears It soon you searched the darkness and find That all your fears were nothing more than imagination Like a wild bird locked in a cage Confined and barred from freedom Screaming for help all the while The keys are in your hands It’s all up to you now Open your wings and soar high from the depths of the darkness to the blue skies It’s all in your hands now All you have to do is try Life can be hard. And I know this I was told most of my life that I was nothing that I would never be anybody That my hopes and dreams were nothing but an illusion that I was chasing a fantasy that would never happen It’s when I ignored the doubters and chased my dreams that I realized my full potential It’s not to prove them wrong or to prove to anybody my value What they value most is living a life with meaning to pursue that which I love Doubt me all you want You’re only adding fuel to the flame that burns inside of me The passion that’s never ending. I will never give up with passion as they antidote to my pain. I Used to push myself further when I was going through the hardest times in my life. I look back And they see how much I’ve overcome and I realized that Anything is possible now I used to think that the world and everything around me was holding me back and That’s when I realized the only thing holding me back was my own mind But now I’m like a lion and I’ve got my eyes locked in those dreams

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