Happy Birthday Walter! Adventure Communist Rank 50 Gameplay: Ranking UP In Adcom! Rank 50 Missions

I first off I'd like to start this video by wishing Walter a happy birthday happy birthday brother brother hope you're having a good one sadly I don't think I'll be able to sing the song that you wanted me to sing because I'm just not at that point yet maybe one day maybe next year if you're still around anyway we're about to rank up sit back and enjoy it did not take too long to complete this rank we have made it we are getting somewhere in life let's see we got almost 17 K so let's see how much we get from these collecting all this science one at a time smashed ropes break big ox set a lumberjack that I know respect to every lumberjack out there almost 4k science from that sorry but we gotta watch this ad because every piece of science counts I just realized that and I realized a little bit late but it's ok hopefully that can help you make sure to watch every ad because they're limited and let's see 335 nice now let's give to rank 50 finally it's been a long journey guys but we have finally made it took us only like what half a year no I can't afford that I'm sorry so we're just gonna unlock these as fast as we can it's just in case we get an airplane supply drop you know come on we can do it you can do it we all can do it if I can do it you can do it and if you can do it they can do it and if they can do it I can do it okay we have to do this in just in case it's comrades yes it's comrades see I predict the future I already I already have a feel of the game the game is nice so glad these are the shorter though they used to be so long but not anymore okay what do we have here we have to unlock as form as much as we can and we can do max now don't wanna lacks that yet okay we're getting somewhere I would like to spend my size but I do not know what to spend it on so you'll just wait nor is the deep bores deep board right here now let's open sesame' still no new thing oh I already know that we're operating we're going to upgrade upgrade this one right here because we need more cards okay I wonder what this new guy does increase the science earned and stomp capsule so that's interesting okay we have to spend 6 K science now well we're not stuck on any missions yet come on I need comments not I need science – but not that much I need comrades right now please give me comrades next add butter pecan lads otherwise I'm not gonna wash it huh you suck kind of want to play that game but we do 1 million that will do that you got get 1 million there we got 1 mil in there we max this out and now we focus on the land we know we have to get deep pores ok we need more more normal arity you know yeah yeah where the cards that increase the carnet growth okay let us see what we have nope nope nope nope kinda don't want to upgrade that thing it man man you already get enough comrades so I guess let's show you my progress of the event we did not spend any good this time around so that is why we're so far behind man I swear there's gonna be a mission that's gonna be collect cards and I don't want to open this yet but then by the time that mission pops up I have already stacked up two more so screw it we're gonna go for it man too many ads I'm sorry maybe one day they'll add an option to skip ads the toenails a man can only dream so how you guys been have you been watching every video that I post or not and why does not anybody show show up in my streams man so damn lonely and awkward I have nobody to talk to on there man you guys should like hop in and say hello once or twice feel me okey-dokey now we can go back to motherland and do it in there I'm sorry if you don't like my videos just wait there will be a day when they are good but take five years it might take ten years but it's gonna happen I promise you that I don't want to make this video too long so good thank you you'll be able to finish at least one mission so that's nice so now we sit in awkward silence for 10 more seconds bear with me I have to do it too I have to do it a lot more than you so don't complain life is short okey-dokey we have that now we have to collect our Rajas honey nice we get to complete two missions maybe even three depending on what's next blood banks oh no I was not ready for that one we'll have to get this because I want to finish the trade land we will save blood banks for later we'll save the spent science for later actually wait come on do we have any cards that upgrade everything nope I will just wait till tomorrow for this one so we can upgrade the event researchers yes so stay tuned tomorrow we make next video maybe we'll have like halfway done to rank 50 not who knows anyway leave a like comment wish water a happy birthday if you care about my number one or one of my number one fans he's very cool he's chill she used to be weird but now he's not so weird anyway leave him the birthday wish down in the comments and thanks for thanks for sticking around and watching my my stuff have a nice day subscribe if you like my stuff if not then keep on living your life peace out

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