Haunted World Trade Center

It has been 15 years since the attack on the
World Trade Center in New York City. Much less talked about, is its 15 year legacy of
paranormal phenomena. Beginning just before the very first photographs, of the attack
on the twin towers, evidence of their psychic presence continues to accumulate. It should have been impossible for the passengers
or the crew, to make cell phone calls from flight 11, and flight 175, which were flying
at 29 thousand feet, and 31 thousand feet, respectively. According to Bill Rojas, a director
at IDCAP, cell reception is lost at about 10,000 feet. It truly was miraculous, that
at least three calls were successfully placed from flight eleven, and at least four calls
from flight 175, that provided us with our only warning, of the terrorist plot. Faces of the devil emerged from the photographs
and videos, of the smoke rising from the burning towers, which can still be seen on YouTube
many other internet sites. While the Christian bible says that Satan is a fallen angel, the
Koran says that Satan was created from fire… In the Jewish bible, Satan is something put
in our path, an opportunity for us to grow, an obstacle, to be overcome. It took nine months to clear the the site
of debris, totaling 1.8 million tons of rubble. This was moved by the truckload to a Staten
Island Landfill. Volunteers there were known as “the sifters”. They sifted through the
rubble and the remains, finding 54 thousand personal objects, and identifying twelve hundred
people who had perished. NYPD police sergeant Frank Marra was there, too. He wrote a book
about his experience, called, “From Landfill to Hallowed Ground”. While conducting interviews for his book,
a retired crime scene detective asked him, “Did you ever hear the stories about the old
Red Cross worker, trying to serve sandwiches and coffee out by the sifters?” That’s when
Marra remembered he had seen the apparition himself. An African-American woman, dressed
in the style of a Red Cross worker from World War II, in a white uniform, holding a tray
of sandwiches. At first Marra thought it was another volunteer, but on second glance, the
spectre always seemed,, to have disappeared. Other cops had also seen her. Most likely
this was a “soul collector”, helping earthbound spirits to pass on to the other side. Before the tower was re-built, the Millenium
Hilton Hotel overlooked the site of Ground Zero. A visitor from the UK stayed there in
the summer of 2003, in a room overlooking the site. Though he was alone he remembers
feeling, like there was a crowd of people inside his room. He felt unsettling energy,
which induced restlessness. He did not sleep that night. The Hilton staff in reception and booking,
avoided renting out the rooms on the side of the building with a view of Ground Zero,
because of the large number of complaints, from the guests who stayed on that side, some
of whom had nightmares, where the victims of 9/11 were pressing themselves, against
the windows. In the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the centerpiece
is a 30 foot girder, bent and deformed on impact with, the nose of Flight 11. Before
the museum was open to the public, a face appeared to construction workers, which can
still be seen on the side of the girder. Some of the workers were frightened to work too
near to the display. They named it, “the Angel of 9/11″, because it appears to look down
in anguish and horror at museum visitors. The Freedom Tower”, echoes the fate of its
predecessor. In storms with high wind, this building, which is the tallest building in
the United States, sings with the voice of an Angelic choir, paying haunting tribute
to the loss of three thousand innocent souls. Also it is reported, that between floor 93,
and floor 99, of the Freedom Tower, if you are standing at the windows, between the hours
of midnight and three A.M., you may experience yourself a most horrific apparition, which
is that of a ghost plane, on a glide path from which it cannot disengage, approaching
the new tower.

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  • I was a senior in high school on the day of 9/11 some people nowadays say you don't know what it was like it can't be an emotional thing for you if you weren't there it's complete bull crap if you call yourself an American you can't not be affected by 9/11 one of the most traumatic days of my life God Rest Every Soul that died that day

  • Haunted or not, the loss of human life that day was beyond colossal! So sad and tragic. My heart especially goes out to those who found themselves having to jump from the towers- what kind of AGONY must they have been feeling at the time? Nobody deserves to die like that. The more I listen and learn about the twin tower attacks of that year, the more I believe it was an inside job. I wonder why we Humans do the evil things we do. Is it possible for people to find sleep, knowing that you snuffed out the life from fellow humans in such a horrific and violent way? What do their consciences tell them?! My good Lord! I would go CRAZY. May their souls RIP….God have mercy

  • I've heard that the crash site in Pennsylvania is still under 24 hour armed guard and that the atmosphere in the woods is creepy AF at night

  • This is something that is rarely discussed about 9/11 the stage was set for specters to appear after a tragedy like this.I visited ground zero a year ago and I felt a bit off in the museum as if there was something watching me.

  • Those "faces of Satan" in the smoke are pareidolia. We see what we want. And are you attempting to do some type of Alfred Hitchock impersonation? The diction style here is quite odd, and you just don't have the Hitchcock panache for it.

  • I used to work just half a block away from wtc and every time I walked passed it I felt so sad & wanted to cry & had a feeling of helplessness.

  • That was a horrible day. I have no doubts that there are restless souls searching for peace. I pray for them.

  • When a human being dies suddenly and without warning the souls of the dead don't know they are dead. As a Witch I can tell you that most dead folks don't know how to move on. By the way…..Satan is exclusively a Judeo/Christian belief. The rest of us don't need an imaginary being to blame for our own human downfalls.

  • I just hope that the ghosts of the hijacker aren't running around on ground zero, or else they would have to arrest me for assaulting an apparition.

  • I own a key to the Real WTC which I'm very proud of, I miss the Twins but so I atleast have them at home. And that jump scare WTF man

  • There needs to be a safety device,in case of emergency happen outfits to a,safety landing. For alls vitims who lives could be in great danger.So they wont die.


  • I don't doubt it! That area could be haunted! Imagine working late office hours on the Freedom Tower! Fuck that!

  • When Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980 a photograph was taken
    which later seemed to show the face of a woman in the smoke plume.
    The local indians said it was the face of a young woman named "Loo Witt".
    She was apparently sacrificed for some untold crime eons ago…

  • a worker who helped clean out overthere at the rubble told me that many times while they were working the shovels and work equipment was moved from place to place without any of them even touching them.i mean things were moved mysteriously on their own.

  • I'm sorry but this guy is a drama queen. I can believe that there may be spirits on the site but this guy trying to talk in such an annoying way gives him away. Drama mama man.

  • Nobody thought "YouTube" would catch up with them. Well it is. And the majority knows, it was the Bush administration and the corruption of inside trading.

  • The cell phone calls prove they were not on the plane in the air. Why doesn’t someone find out what cell tower those calls pinged off of.

  • U have a inquiring resemblance to Alfored Hitchcock..his movement and your voice..to the point and seem interested in your own story..like he..u say it as though unbelievable..people say its true..therefore its up to u..leaving u wondering..I like that..keep being you..never change..talented

  • um the planes were flying far lower than 21 thousand feet so the cellphone thing is pretty much debunked. Just wanna through that out there.

  • It was also a miracle that a passport from one of the planes hi jackers landed safely on the street. Black boxes were never found though.

  • Why are you showing pictures of actors and saying that they are Police sergeants and crap? 2:50 that's Joe Pesci for crying out loud.

  • To people who say it wasn’t faked. I 51/49 believe it was bc how can you not find tough cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders but somehow find watches money and fingernails ( bless those who died) the size of the thickness of a penny. And I’m talking about the paper and stuff that wasn’t blown out. I mean come on those “black boxes” were built to withstand heat and pressure of that force. Hopefully we’ll find answers when we die and meet God (those of you who believe in God, Heaven, and Hell will agree). If you don’t agree that’s ur opinion and this is one of mine. #NeverForget9/11

  • Tht wat u named Earthbound spirit collector, is a very true thing/person but, she not the only one there's even another like here, who also takes spirits to either hell or heaven.

  • Still binge watching lol. I am so glad I found this channel. Although I have now spent 5 hrs on here , not getting any work done today 😄😆😅 keep up the awesome work. Love this channel 👊 💖💞💖💪👻 🏢

  • 1931 China Floods–1,000,000–4,000,000 died. Pearl Harbor–3,000 died. 150,000 people die every single day! I could go on and on. The World would be one haunted avenue, wherever you stepped.
    In the case of the China Floods for example, that's a whole helluva lot of sandwiches & coffee.

  • My brother was an NYPD detective at the time and worked from day one at the WTC site and then at the Arthur kill which was located on Staten Island. My brother said they would see people walking around the Arthur kill but when investigated, nothing.

  • When the towers fell killing people in the tower
    Fell it left an imprint these souls will never find rest.
    It wasn't time for these people to die..

  • Satan created from fire? I thought he was an angel that was cast down. If he was created from fire does this mean all angels were created from fire?

  • I live just outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania where Flight 93 Crashed into the field and there's been many reports of apparitions and occurrences near the crash site. I myself have had my own experience there driving past the crash site!

  • I'm so sock of these conspiracy theorists saying this was an inside job. Why would the government plant 19 terrorists on 4 flights to strike the twin towers, the Pentagon and go after the white house?. Only to crash in a field outside of pessylvania that's just stupid! I believe it was all planned out by Osama to send us into war.

  • If there is such a thing as hauntings and ghosts, this would have to be one of the most haunted places!! Thanks for the video!!!

  • I have a book that my grandma gave me which is the headline of every newspaper the day the towers fell . It showed the smoke coming from the towers and i noticed the face of a demon or satan also 2 clouds in the shape of 2 angels going toward that demonic face . It still haunts me to look at it

  • Those are demons..they are not the spirits of dead people…The people who have passed are on to their final destination whether it's heaven or hell…When people die they don't linger here…You either have Jesus Christ as your Saviour or you don't.

    Hebrews 9:27
    27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

  • When they talk about the 30-foot girder at The 9/11 Memorial Museum, they are actually showing what is known as The Last Coloum. The girder they're talking about in this video, isn't shown at all. I just thought I'd point that out to all of you.

  • C’est vraiment la question , que je me posais il y a pas longtemps . C’est certain que il y a des esprits tous ces gens là sont confus . Il y en a même qui savent même pas ce qui est arriver .

  • What about the spirits of all the Native American lives that got murdered by the white devils coming from the east hundred years ago???? Super haunted!

  • Rest in peace always and forever to all the lives lost. I believe the sites are haunted. That is just my opinion.

  • I'm not surprised its haunted, those innocent people went to work not knowing it was their last day on earth, it was traumatic, quick and a lot of them never got to say goodbye, some burnt to death, some fell and some died instantly without even knowing it was coming, there MUST be spirits there, people who's souls are left wondering around without knowing why they were taken so quickly, unexpectedly and unfairly from this earth, that's a perfect storm for spirits

  • 911 was a drill,here proof, Dylan klebold and Rob O'Neil are the same person, Dylan if fake Colombine school shooter and years later he now fake Rob O'Neil the fake Osama bin laden killer, look at the photos from when he was younger than older!

  • I don't know why faces of Satan, or The Devil, would emerge from the smoke of the World Trade Center. But, I do believe the rest of these stories. They're from very creditable sources.

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