Have You Always Wanted To Invest In Real Estate But Never Done It?

How long have you been interested in
investing in real estate? You see most people I meet, they caught the bug a
really long time ago but never took action for one reason or another. And in
today’s video, I want to share with you the three reasons that keep people from
investing because if you can get over that now versus wasting another 5 or
10 years, that’s 5 or 10 more years of financial freedom that you have the
chance to experience. I look forward to sharing that with you next. So, there’s that scene in Back to the
Future Part 2 where all of a sudden Marty McFly goes back to his normal time
but Biff, his nemesis is like this crazy Megillah billionaire. All because he got
his hands on this Almanac so that when he went back he could basically make all
these bets and do all these things and predict the future and could make a lot
of money. When I watched that movie, I’m like, “Dude, I would love to have like an
almanac from the future telling me what to do today.” And in some interesting ways,
you actually have that. Like, we. You and I have the ability to look at what people
have done that we know will create success. And one of the things this this
channel attracts a lot of young people. So I want you to listen up right now.
That right now more millionaires are created on accident in real estate than
any other game. They didn’t do it by coming up with some like tech company.
They didn’t launch a business. They literally bought real estate and then
held it for 30 years and one day woke up and they’re like, “Oh, my gosh. TChat house
has appreciated hundreds of thousands of dollars.” And for some people, they’ll work
an entire 40 or life and then when it comes time to retirement, the only reason
why they have some basic concept of retirement is because they actually have
a ton of equity in their home. I figured this out when I was 22 years old and I’m
like, “Man, how would you like to wake up 60 years old and say I wish I had bought
5 more. I wish I had bought 10 more.” And I said, “I need to figure out how to
hack that.” Now, how it went down for me is I actually bought my very first house
when I was in college. I was 23 years old when I closed on it and this tiny little
bungalow, I rented out the basement and it covered my entire mortgage for free.
What was cool about that as I went from throwing $400 away every
month for a hole in the ground the space to rent. And now I was actually getting
paid to live because that basement paid for everything. But you see a house also
had $40,000 of equity. And by the time I sold it, even when I was still living and
I’m like, “Wow, I’ve improved my personal financials $50,000.” And I thought, “If this
is working at the age of 23, then how many times what I need to do
that to be a millionaire?” And I’m like, “Dude, if I made 50 grand a house and if I
did 20 houses, 1 of a million dollars.” So, my next
house, I went and I said. “I’m going to do this deliberate.” This is a house that I
actually owned for 10 years and during that 10 year period of time, I’ve made
over $150,000 on it. Now, just think about that
for just a moment. Just by buying a house, this isn’t even a part-time job. And
holding it $150,000. When I started realizing the
pattern that wait a second, I can work and give them best 40 hours every week
to a jail be a just over broke job or I can have a job and have it power my
investments on the side. I started buying these homes and realizing if I just rent
them out that in time what would happen is I would have cash flow off of each
one of them. But more importantly, I would become a multimillionaire.
And that’s what happened by the age of 26. I had 25 properties and I had $12,000
a month residually, after mortgages were paid, that were coming to me. And so I
quit my job. And with the 1.6 million net worth, I thought, “Man, if 25 homes produces
that, then I should buy 50.” So, you know, what I did that next year? I doubled my
portfolio. Guess what happened to my net worth. Guess what happened in my cash
flow. It just kept going up and up and up. Today every single day I buy a house. But
I don’t use any amount money and I don’t use any mom credit because I have a
track record and it just keeps on growing. I have access to the very best
investments in the world today. So, here’s the missing principle that will
hopefully get you actually buying and investing in real estate and that single
word is leverage. Leverage is what makes my life what it is today. I’m going to talk
about leverage in a few different ways that I think will be life-changing for
you. So hang tight because at the end of this video I’ve got a gift for you and I
want to share a piece of knowledge that I think is going to really mess with
what you really think is possible. So, think about leverage for a moment. When I
bought this first house, I put down a 3% down payment but I bought it as an
investment. So, when you buy your own house, you can get away with putting very
little down. So, I put down I think $3,000. And if you think about 3 grand we’re
turning 65 grand, what kind of ROI is that? It’s crazy huge
because the more leverage you have, the more you
make. But leverage also has to be controlled. So for example, let’s say that
I use leverage to buy a million dollar house and the market goes down and I
lose half the value, I’m upside down. Now, I’m in a really bad way. But if I buy
single-family homes and if I buy them below the median and I use my lease
option strategy, I’m going to get paid 5 grand up front, $500 a
month cash flow and maybe $50,000 plus when I sell that property.
And the question is how much money do I have to put down to get an investment
property? Usually it’s 20%. 20% on 150 thousand-dollar house, it’s going to be probably 30 to 40 thousand dollars. So
30 or 40 thousand dollars is also a lot of money. How do you get 30 to
40 thousand dollars when you don’t have it? Not only do you have the
leverage of the bank’s money willing to lend 80% of it but you can
also leverage a partner with money and have them put the twenty percent in.
Their twenty percent in the banks, 80% is 100%,
everything’s covered. Leverage changes everything. And I want you to understand
this one little thing. It doesn’t matter what you have. It doesn’t matter how much
money you have. Doesn’t matter how much credit you have. It doesn’t matter how
many resources you have. This is a game of how resourceful can you become. This
is why I mentor people and teach them how to be resourceful and how to find
yeses and answers when they’re stuck every other which way. So, here’s what I
really want you to get out of this game. I want you to understand that if you get
in the game of real estate and you produce leverage, that you have the
ability to walk into some fantastic deals. But you see I’m also leveraging
now other people’s time, I’m leveraging other people’s skills, I’m leveraging
other people’s experience. So, I have a team of 200 individuals that get
paid to help me find the very best deals in the country. nd I’m leveraging them
and they’re getting paid to do that and for me it means that I can buy a house
every single day. My bonus idea for you here is to understand this: Whether
you’ve got no money at all, I want you to get a copy of my brand new book. It’s a
book I wrote 15 years ago that I just updated for today’s economy called
The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. It’s not my unstoppable book. This is my
full-blown actual book. I’m giving it away for free.
Get a copy that and read it. And it will show you if you have no money, how to get in
the game of real estate and win. For those either they’re like, “Well, I really
don’t feel like I have money. But Kris, I have those hidden assets. I’ve got money
in 401ks and I arrays and home equity and IRAs and you know, stock market stuff.
it doesn’t really feel like it’s mine because I’m not supposed to touch it but
it’s also not paying me it’s not doing anything for me.”
You can transition that into the game of real estate. There’s another link down
below for you to look at partnering where I will actually give you access to
the very best deals and I simply have you go from making a pathetic 3 or 4 or
5 percent to actually producing 25 28 or 30 percent on your money on real deals. I’ve
done it thousands of times. So, whether you’ve got nothing like when I got
started or whether you got something, you got a couple of options there down
below in the description that will help you get started. Friends, walk away from
this video and do this one thing. Get a home but do it smart and do it
right. And if you do, one day you’re going tO wake up and say, “Oh, my gosh. That did so
much good for me. I wish I had bought more But no, time machine I watched
Kris’s video and it was like the Almanac. And I went and I bought 10 of
them.” And as a result now, I’m a millionaire.
That could very easily be you. Take care of my friends. Thank you for watching.
Subscribe. I’ll see you on tomorrow’s video.

9 thoughts on “Have You Always Wanted To Invest In Real Estate But Never Done It?

  • I've been obsessed with real estate for the last 6 months. I can't wait to buy my first property so I can channel my energy and passion instead of just talking about it in my videos aha.

  • so kris u mentioned after your first house u used an equity check from the bank for the down payment on your second home. Can you do this for every home you get? or just your first? and does it decrease the equity of the property?

  • Kriss please I hope you see this comment. I'm 14 years old and I want to become a doctor, but now that i think about it more, i think i will be more successful as a real estate investor. Thing is I dont know if by the time I reach 18 or older if your team will still exist?

  • Love it! Real estate investing has changed my life financially. Now I am dropping videos on YouTube showing my deals and trying to help others too. My biggest regret is not starting sooner. You're spot on! Thanks for sharing this content!

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