Hawaii Affordable Mortgage Programs

Aloha! My name is Danny Gong. I’m a real estate agent and sign language interpreter. More people are contacting me about purchasing their own home but they feel that it’s quite difficult to put 20% cash down payment Now there are some government programs out there like the USDA which supports first-time homebuyers, owner-occupants and low-income families. There are many programs you can qualify for, Honolulu City and County also have a program for homebuyers. When you buy a home there are other costs to consider: cash down payment, mortgage and closing costs. NPO like Hawaii HomeOwnership Center Have great programs as well and currently the mortgage interest rate is 3.5 and it’s rising up to 4%. These government programs help keep those interest rates low now if you’re wealthy… You don’t really qualify. For working-class families and families who are lacking resources, you can still purchase an apartment or a condo. Another interesting program that’s out there today is in Waianae. There is a special unique program where you purchase your house, a three to four bedroom under $300,000. The special requirement is you have to go on the weekends and build your house. You’re paying for is the land and the cost of the materials. A contracting supervisor will be there to support you and other families will come together and start building up each other’s homes. You build the first house, the next family’s house and the next family’s home. And on and on it goes it’s really nice. A year later you’re ready to move in so please feel free to contact me about all the different opportunities. All the different programs. There are many people who know about these programs and there is a long waiting list. So get ahead of the game, sign-up and apply and then when you’re ready, you can buy your home!

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