“He didn’t make it”

There was one person
that I met on the way down, a large man, overweight. He was walking down the stairs
one at a time, both hands on the banister,
going down. And it was somewhere in the 60s. And what I failed to mention—
when I took water, I didn’t just take water
in my hands. I filled my backpack. I had about a case of water
with me. And we met this gentleman. He was sitting there, and he was
having a hard time breathing. I offered him water, and he
said, “I can’t take your water.” So I literally had to open
my bag in front of him and say, “I have water.” So he took some. And he’s drinking it slowly. And I said, “All right. Whenever you’re ready,
we’ll go.” And my friend James looked at me
with this face of, “What?” And I said, “When this guy’s
ready, we’ll go.” And the guy said, “No.
I don’t want to slow you up.” All he asked was,
“If you see anybody, “just tell them where I am. “I’ll still start walking, but I don’t think I’ll get down
as fast as you.” So we did. And I left him a couple more
bottles just in case. We left him in the 60s, and I met Rick Rescorla
and one of the other guards in the 40s, on the 44th floor. That’s where Rick’s office was. And I told Rick,
“A gentleman up there— “hopefully he’s
in the 50s by now, “but we left him in the 60s, and he’s going to need help.” And the guard went up, and I know the guard
didn’t make it. And I know Rick didn’t make it. So I’m only assuming the gentleman on the stairs
didn’t make it.

3 thoughts on ““He didn’t make it”

  • I feel grateful to have heard this "tale" from a very humble guy who is clearly doing what he feels is right by explaining his harrowing experience.

    Imagining the difficulty it must be to live with this testimony through the years, you can tell, has been difficult for him – and that of course is understandable.

    But I feel he did his very best as a human being that day and to keep that story alive, in its own simple way, continues to help others.

    I have followed the tremendous life story of Rick Riscorla through the years and I am not only amazed to have heard his name spoken by this gentlemen after all these years, but I am also extremely grateful.

    Thank you for your story and keep telling it because you are reaching more people than you may realize.

    Thank you sir.

  • Why are Bob's videos 3min 5min 1min long? Just put them together and get a professional film editor if needed.

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