Hearts of Iron IV — Communist Brazil! – Part 1

hey folks koala team here and welcome to a brand new game of hearts of iron 4 we are going to play today as a communist Brazil we're gonna try to play relatively quick because in 2 or 3 weeks there is going to be another patch for hearts of iron patch 1.2 which I think will be safe compatible but I'd rather start a fresh game at that point so why am I playing Brazil because South America has lots of countries and lots of opportunity for us to have fun however one of the question marks will be whether the United States decides to rush down Rio for reaffirming Monroe Doctrine grab all of the spheres over here and then go Pax Americana once they have Pax Americana they can intervene in wars in South America or actually anywhere in the Americas until then the fact that the independence of all these countries guaranteed by the United States means nothing because I think it will technically give the war the u.s. a justified war but they won't actually be able to declare war against us until that kicks in so our goal is going to be to try to get a little bit of damage done before Pax Americana passes and in particular what I would love to do is take Venezuela over here because that's the wrong map mode because they have a ridiculous amount of oil more than we will actually use for a really long time but we can ship that overseas get a bunch of trade going on and get a bunch of civilian factories obviously the UK over here in British Guiana has excellent source of aluminium which we'd love to grab but that'll be a little harder Bolivia on the other hand 102 tungsten amazing Argentina bad with tungsten a little bit of Steel and some oil as well so we've got some good targets available and we are going to try to get things started with that first of all let's take a look at our ideologies now almost always almost always for this you would want to go down I'd say industrial effort the left-hand side over here all the way to research Lots as quickly as possible and indeed that's the best long-term focus but I really need to make sure we become communist justify our war and declare our war and potentially win our war I'm not sure exactly how the triggers work for the US but at the very least declare our war before Pax Americana comes in which in theory the US could be beelining here would be five doctrines and I mean we're going to talk about grabbing six doctrines on the way to research lot and then a couple more over here I mean we can become communist without this actually and another interesting trick we could do I'm not sure if this works but you can't take national focus if you have become communist but I think if you've completed this becoming communist doesn't invalidate it which does mean you can go down to militarism and military youth later on which is kind of interesting but I'm going to sort of I think I'll take the proper communist tree over here it's not as strong because this is an extra 7% recruitable population between militarism military it's huge the best we can do over here is the fact that political commissaries gives us a 10% division recovery rate which ain't bad but honestly the rest of this I mean you're you're spending effectively 70 mil itical power here to gain 200 so it's again giving you a bonus of 130 also the subvert of activity stuff man this would accelerate us getting communism and I think that's going to be important the problem is it is going to delay our efforts long term but maybe we can do more damage a little earlier if we do this so I'm going to start with political effort even though our industrial situation really really really bites and it would be nice to rush this along I mean this is it's three doctrines or national focuses or say three national focuses for two factories five of them will guess another two so five for four factories ain't bad of course then you get your military factors over here but it's only one per these two are infrastructure which obviously is important but not that critical it's important because we have very little infrastructure right now and you get the extra research slot here you can't get the extra research slot to until you've got 50 factories which is going to be a while I'm gonna go political effort because I really think we can be a difficult now for all we know the United States is going to spend all its time doing stuff over here in the West although some of these can't happen until yeah until the war has started um yeah actually the u.s. is locked out of a lot of things they could spend their time here well see but I think we're still going to be better off having done that anyway civilian factories we are going to start off by building more civilian factories on two three I know something like that we'll have to see at some point we do have to pull the trigger on certain to build military factories but you do want the baseline civilian factories the other thing I'd noticed when I loaded up the game to just poke around here a little bit and take a lick glance at things is that Amazonas starts with no infrastructure sometimes in your national focuses one of the infrastructure efforts will add one there but this time apparently does not I think it's randomly generated every time or I just imagine that's entirely possible as well so we are going to eat at least one level of infrastructure there if well we're going to war against anyone over here in particularly I would really like to grab then as whele early on they apparently only have two divisions here although that might just be some bad intellect we'll see what happens once we get the game running let's go and get all of our army units which is five infantry and two cavalry which is pretty bad we'll get them in one army and get them positioned over on the board over here and we'll also get them to start exercising so we can start occurring a little bit of experience now that terrain is pretty sucky finding in two mountains one thing that's interesting about Venezuela it's only at 70% national unity Caracas is worth five and zulia is worth one so 5/6 is 83 percent so I think if we take Caracas that's the end of the war I don't think they're missing another victory point so I mean most likely Venezuela will have it defended there's a port over here this province here has a port in it we could land here oh that's mountains a little tricky this is what this is Plains and that's desert I suppose we could land to invasion forces here and here then have them attack the port here is that Miranda well that's the entire district I don't know what this particular province is attack here claim port so that we can get some supplies and then try to go around Caracas cutting off any troops in the south and draining them from resources we'll have to keep a little bit of thin frontline over here but that might work now whether or not we'll actually have to use true Marines is is a whole nother thing we may not actually but I don't think we can land right on the mountain if it's defended it would be really bad so I think that's we do I think we get something like three and three or maybe four and four that would be the optimal sort of weight right for the maximum hit and if it's not defended then that's good if it's defended by only one we will have the what fifty percent penalty but that should still give us an edge especially if our divisions are designed relatively well that could be a thing first priority will be reinforcements then upgrade but then go ahead and start training another division at a time that that's fine we'll do that you can deploy it probably in Amazonas over here and let's make sure that our factories start getting built yeah you're going to do that we're also going to start right away a line for towed artillery over here because we're going to need a good number of that I don't wanna over commit on the infantry up until we get infantry equipment one and then our research over here so we start with crap right base equipment not even weapons one some people start with weapons one we have we don't have the light tanks just great war tanks general think are worth building we do start with rank one artillery which at least we have that which is going to be good for us we don't have any doctrines locked in but I'm planning on going superior firepower which makes good use of artillery to punch pretty hard and should be good I mean obviously artillery heavy armies are going to move relatively slowly but I think it's going to give us the bang for a buck and be a little bit less dependent on manpower ships we start with this it's not gonna be a huge priority for us to research air we do actually start with the close air support which is nice but we don't start with fighter one which is a bit of knowing and engineering we're here an industry we're here we are going to start with industry research right away especially the construction speed bonus I mean maybe I could have held off in the machine tools it's not the machine tools by themselves that are important it's the it's the concentrated industry afterwards that I care about so we do have a bit of a Navy we also actually have 24 pre-war fighters over here which I could trash and then deploy somewhere else we do have a bit of a Navy we've got two battleships actually two light cruisers eight destroyers although I'm not actually a bad set up I don't know how it compares to all of our neighbors how's the Venezuela the Intel change still says – interesting so right now we have a huge edge but we can't declare organism and the problem is the dockyards actually start with them start with convoys there you go use your to of to just start stockpiling convoys for the long run we probably won't change that ever there's and then this happens in every game but it's particularly important in Hawaii for especially when you only have to research Lots here is the question of do you focus on what's best to sort of snowball you in the long term or is the best way to have a strong position long term to just rush something early on and then use that advantage to build up I'm going to employ a rush to Venezuela here is what I'm going to cross my fingers and do of course punching through these mountains are going to suck Peru wouldn't be much easier and doesn't have much Argentina Argentina might be slightly more doable although they start with more stuff I mean we could just go and take Uruguay over here it doesn't have a ton of resources and what about factory counts we have no idea no idea what they've got so I don't know that might be the easiest thing is just take out Uruguay but I would Venezuela is the real prize if we can take that then let's turn off the day/night cycle there we go then we are probably set so I'm throwing all my money I'm going all in on a super early rush against Venezuela at the cost of improving our research and infrastructure and industrial base at our cost of doing that which is a better long-term strategy I'm hoping that by ninja in Venezuela the gamble pays off whether that that works don't know let's take half of you make you into a new army over here it should a halt and I will put the cavalry back in blue group over here but purple group you are going to be my first naval invasion so you're going to be launching from here to there lock that in lock that in and your offensive line is going to involve pushing into there and then actually you two who are dealing with some fuel problems we attack group goal halt you can be launching from here to here lock that in and your offensive line is to go there and actually this is probably where we put our generals we might want to roll an extra general there we go for the frontline so teal is going to be on the front line and we're gonna do that I don't think we want to use our cavalry I think I'm going to go ahead and switch them to infantry right away we won't have enough resources of everything but that's going to be okay and the ones were recruiting well we'll probably need more on the line I don't know where we're going to play yet modified government first thing we're going to do is grab the Communist revolutionary and a movement from the people for a peaceful referendum would be a lot better than a coup I think so we're going to try to go that way need a new national spirit we're gonna grab the collectivist ethos which is going to tank any Democrats democracy support how you doing you're already doing the neighbors you've already gone River Monroe Doctrine into the neighbors god damn it just know the u.s. is going to rush Pax Americana because us is going to be a huge douche nozzle and interfere with my plans for world conquest if they do that then and we won't be able to really do the attacks most likely and then the fact that we didn't invest in our long-term infrastructure in science is going to suck I mean the other thing I could do is sit on my hands until I become communist during the common term and then get involved over here as you know as part of the world war but I'd rather just actually conquer one of these independently as opposed to having a become a faction war so that it can actually peace them out take all the territory as mine not just occupy it that way I won't have to deal with partisans anymore that's my goal ok honest Baba good and it's what May first and there's still not Spanish Civil War okay that's a little bit slower than usual which is fine so we're getting a little bit of communist support from our ideologue that's going to be nice and we're well not really training sup because actually there needs to be reinforcements or existing troops which I'm okay with collect the phase ethos is done that's less important than the internationals focus again I think you could potentially ninja grab this even if you're going communist I'm not sure if that works but I'm going to go ahead and grab this give us even more communist support and hope that that rushes things god I hope this pays off and I don't know if it will there's probably lots of ways to do this but it's going to be fine we definitely want concentrated industry ASAP I most likely won't be grabbing the electronics texts that decrease research time for exactly the same reasons everything else I'm doing instead I'm going to prioritize texts that make our current army stronger we can get two infantry equipment one for example that would be nice if we can get the the thing that gives us a boost to our artillery that would be nice if we can get a doctrine that would be nice all the doctrines are very slow but we might be able to pull it off first doctrine is like plus 20% soft attack for our artillery I think all frontline battalions get 20% more soft attack yeah that's actually pretty sick because we're most likely going to be fighting soft things not tanks right all right construction 1 is done it's not 37 yet I mean the next level is really good the engineering is good because you can get this for 5 a 2% research time discount in this one for 3 which makes a 5% discount also radios quite powerful it's actually really really really quite good but what I think I want to do is I want to get the weapons 1 so we can start producing weapons 1 as quickly as possible because right now all we're doing is producing basic equipment which isn't particularly helpful modify our government I really do want to go to war economy but we can't until we're communist and world tension gets 15% but that should happen I think what I want to do is grab a theorist over here for the army experience game the sooner the better plus we'll get a discount to that doctrine research which I am hoping to start relatively soon in fact I think that'll be what we start after concentrating industry US influence okay they have gone they've done the South America one they are really rushing to pax if they just go to pax americana next be a little miserable alright oh so unions purging things we're gonna grab that I don't feel the need to rush to political correctness we don't need foreign subversive activities quite so much I don't think it's going to affect affect us and the political power we're spending seventy and seventy days to gain well effectively we're gonna net 30 political power doctrine ation same thing we don't particularly need that so now we're going to see if we can't pick up the industrial effort or I could get the discount tool and doctrines but no you know what we're gonna we've done enough of our beeline for the super rushed aggressive start I mean we're doing we're doing like a circling rush right we're going we're going the six pool and rushing some zerglings out and try to go for an early cheese win against Venezuela so but it's not quite an all-in if for some reason Pax Americana comes in euro ships thank god you're not continuing down here I don't know if you finished it there maybe because they started with the neighbors I don't know if he's done Central America or Caribbeans beer maybe we saw it maybe we didn't I don't remember doesn't tell us if he's finished it or not but he's not researching Pax Americana so that's one saving grace communist support still has a long way to go but we are gaining yeah we've got internationalism plus we have our our dude what am I looking for right over here plus we ever do it over here so communist support is rising very very quickly cross our fingers now Arizona wise there's the Amazonas Arizona over here but the closest airbase that we've got is 2,000 kilometers away I could build an airfield right in here somewhere I actually don't know where the airfield would be hopefully around here in the center and cover this Arizona which does overlap into Venezuela a tiny little bit so it's probably worthwhile airfields are pretty quick to build thank God we'll go ahead and queue one up infrastructure airfield keep working the civilian factories a wee bit longer although we need either our military factories soon especially if we're doing the rush I think you can cut back a little bit on this if I do that I'll have an even 15 which is a pretty nice number then do military factories build these they're going to go fast and we do want them to happen and then start on some military factories we don't really have the trade to get the maximum efficiency out of our military factories anyway no sense in trading for 6 steel though be giving up too much of our industrial base as is all right let's go up to speed 5 I know I didn't have orders for some reason yeah just hold that at least it's relatively dense which is good I think I keep exercising for now that's going to be fine Marx's sympathies in government that's fine we want Marxists in government totally okay with that and you're building up your divisions now how can they be building up their divisions if I can't be I guess I am reinforcement current ones they might have everything balanced out which means their divisions probably aren't fully reinforced it might not be too bad bonus for industry research and then we're going to grab I'm going to go down the construction efforts first before the military factories especially to get that research slot it's still the better long-term investment and yeah these are nearly reinforced we can cancel the training it's as well I mean we're so light on gear maybe we can't afford to do that and we are actually getting the free army experience every day thanks to our advisors so that's going to be quite nice speaking of we can go and add support artillery to these divisions one of the best bang for your buck you can possibly do I mean it's less good if you don't have the artillery and currently we don't I think we want to get that going up a little bit higher and then something like that infantry equipment one nice and concentrated in industry so we're about to hit 37 we could get mountain division's to help us take venezuela but i don't think that's going to be a key same thing with marines i think we're going to have to deal without it I'm tempted to grab this gives us five percent more defence and breakthrough which is good and will help us get to support equipment – which is another five percent that doesn't hurt and grab this which gives our leg infantry five percent more attack oh but I want to start the the doctrine research yeah yeah yeah let's do this twenty percent more soft attack on the frontline it's quite nice what's our current soft attack over here sixty nine and that's before we throw in the artillery the artillery does give us a lot of soft attack as well so yeah that's going to be a really important part of our plan if we can get there before goddam Pax Americana all right escort efforts thank God motorized unlocks more support battalions we want recon company that's really important ten percent more soft attack from artillery I'm gonna hold off on that cuz I'm actually not sure how much artillery we'll actually have in place hopefully we'll have a good amount we're about to hit thirty seven do I just want to bank the research yeah let's do that modifier government actually we're about to get some industrial research going on let's get the industrial concern because that's still going to be really important to get so I'm just going to bank that research it shouldn't peek out now we're going to be fine because we can save thirty days so I'm going to wait until January the first so that we don't have any ahead of time penalties whatsoever I mean we still wouldn't get much but we may as well save it up right Rhineland got militarized and that's playing out the same as before construction efforts are done we're going to go to level to get more civilian factories research slot available what's America doing battleship primacy oh thank god you're not going for Pax Americana but if so could so easily be screwed by an early rush there so we might like lose one day yeah I think we will a bank research but I think overall it's still going to work out slightly in our favor maybe not I don't know depends on when it calculates the penalties so we're going to grab the I think the 20% factory output is better than the 10% construction speed so we're gonna grab this first Plus the factory output effects military factories as well as civilian how's the world tension okay not high oh yeah we're not communist yet no faction still but I want to switch that work on me soon as we do that that's going to make a big difference too so nothing on the border with Venezuela yet but four to eight divisions they're definitely building up their military quite quickly or our Intel is getting better that's entirely possible I should have started a game as Venezuela let's see what they've got that would be that'd be cheating that would be not quite right right right exactly mm-hmm concentrated industry excellent I think it's probably worth getting the next level of construction for everything I mean I'm still talking about delaying the engineering and getting the military tech and I think that's still okay but I think that this would be this would be sacrificing too much long-term stuff too much long-term stuff it's weird I feel weird not taking the electronic stuff though because it is so good and something I tend to prioritize most of the time construction effort to so the to infrastructure ones I don't care as much about but the research lot will make a massive difference so we're going to get over there all right more popular support for communism we're actually above 50% now so if we held a referendum well there's no other real support not democracy or fascist so that's going to be okay fun the Navy ah yeah we actually might be able to do more than Venezuela here although we still fabricate our claims which you can't do yet a referendum okay March of 37 that feels pretty damn good so we're gonna do that and we are now Brazilian Socialist Republic and we can justify war goal over here which we are going to do with Ava bout three states or provinces I don't remember what the division levels are considered in Hawaii for here we're going to go against Bulevar it doesn't actually matter as far as I know it's all the same cost yeah it's just 49 for all of them regardless it matters if you do have them if you're going to go to war with than what you declare on or if you declare and more justify claims on more than one can affect what you get in a peace deal but if we're gonna go solo doesn't matter so I'm just gonna read Boulevard though because it's adjacent forty five days or it will last forty five days it's not how long it will take to produce or maybe it will anyway Boulevard is okay justify that and we're going to have justified the 19th of November of this year will we be ready then not sure I'm gonna go ahead and deploy you now and I'm going to add you to gold over here I would have preferred four and four but I don't think we'll quite get there because I think we'll need some more troops but gold I think off to trash your plan and then recreate it here for the new guy okay and since we're clearly going into Venezuela let's get our fleet you are going to be on patrol here here and I think we'll need a naval presence in Cape Verde as well so we're going to do that and the submarine will be on convoy raiding duty in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela here construction okay infrastructure is done and we'll get the one airbase as well before the war starts and then we'll go back to military factories and that's fine we still haven't started producing artillery which makes me a little unhappy but I don't want to take a factory away from oh I need to start doing weapons one I didn't want to take a factory away from here because of the production efficiency but now it's going to feel like less costly so I'm going to do that so we can start producing our artillery go to something like this going forward and that as well we're going to get some military factories up and running soon so again we we did hurt our early industry but the idea is to rush in here before the US gets involved in our goddamn Wars now whether or not you really only three military factories that's the same as me so you're going to have you might spam out some more divisions but I'm not convinced they're going to be particularly strong I don't have an excess anything so I can't make any tweaks right now I would like to have dedicated our Tillery divisions added to this but we're working towards that right now so you know what I'm not feeling too bad I may want to roll an extra liter here I would only take ten because we don't have very many so yeah go ahead let's get a level one general on the front line there these are better generals to land over here cross their fingers that we can ninjas important stuff if we land here and there's no one in Caracas then we're just going to go walk into Caracas and I think that will be the end of the war but otherwise if we get this beachhead here it's going to be huge because we can just cut a cut here any troops that get over here will be isolated they'll get run out of supply we'll just murder them let's see how it goes thanks for watching folks see you next time

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