Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism (Part 1 – Trailer)

it was one of the most powerful political ideas in history a new faith for a skeptical age it promised a world of harmony and abundance the idea was called socialism and it spread farther and faster than any religion in history then in almost the blink of an eye watch heaven on earth on PBS

34 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism (Part 1 – Trailer)

  • Based on a great book by Joshua Muravchik. However, it should be updated and retitled to: "Purgatory on Earth: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Socialism."

  • The answers we seek lie in the destruction of the family and community! In the words of Dr Phil – "is it working for you"? If not, then you have some serious thinking to do. We NEED to bring back community!

  • Soldiers would be kept home to defend the home front rather than being forced to fight in endless wars for their corporate masters for oil, land grabbing, or to push our ideologies down other nations throats! As for Fire / Emergency services… there used to be a local volunteer system set in place that worked pretty well. Why not now?
    Where there is a question there is an answer… All we need to do is put our heads together to come up with viable solutions instead of "leaving it to the gov".

  • Think of a police force, fire department, & military that are created through and paid for by the community on a local level rather than by some huge bureaucratic entity… As it stands the loyalties of our police force, etc lie with the bureaucrats rather than the citizens. If the former were the case we would be less likely to see police brutality because rough officers would have to answer to the community directly! ….

  • (more affordable to produce organically & less damaging to the environment overall), and healthy customers that will naturally regulate the entire system through purchasing choice & natural competition. As an unintended side benefit people will naturally rebuild unity / community through healthy relationships with their neighbors and the farmers that grow their food, but also the foods they eat. We have the power to undo all corporate/ gov power grabbing simply by out competing w/ sm businesses.

  • As for "deregulation"… imagine an America where interdependently run small businesses create / support the economy instead of huge corporations. As one example – all food grown by local farmers and sold within their perspective communities, scientists paid to together to verify the purity / quality of the foods (no more mass production), farm animals being allowed to live in their natural environment & crops that can be grown on a smaller scale due to less demand…

  • Pushing people into sweeping changes that seem to favor one ideology over another causes fear and resistance rather than understanding and acceptance. With time, patience and a balanced approach most people eventually come to realize the potential benefits of working together as a community for the benefit of all, but we will never understand the definition of freedom without freedom of choice and the freedom to be independent / self sufficient. Cont…

  • Yes… I'm independent. I did vote for Ralph Nader (Green Party) in the past but have since come to the realization that there is too much division between Americans based on the Right vs Left Paradigm and it's causing Americans to fight over "ideologies" rather than focusing on sensible legislation and positive changes that will help to create balance for the community as a whole, not just one side or the other. Change takes time , patience & understanding…

  • When will liberals wake up and realize that "too much gov power is a bad thing"? How many more Hitler, Stalin, or Mao Se Dung type regimes do we as humans need to witness with our own eyes before we realize that we have had enough and learn to nip gov power grabbing in the bud?
    It's time for mankind to evolve beyond old habits! It's time for humankind to realize that we have the strength within ourselves to cast off the shackles that bound us & realize true freedom without gov interference!

  • As a result Britain is now considering banning kitchen knives! You heard that right – KITCHEN KNIVES! Where will it all end? Will they ban automobiles because of accident statistics? You may be laughing now but the reality is that since the citizens of Britain failed or were afraid to squash the movement to give up their rights to their gov "for safety", their gov has grown too big for it's britches & has grown too powerful to stop! They have placed themselves at the mercy of their gov's whims!

  • As for homicide statistics in other countries world wide… Let me just point out the lack of gun access does not affect homicide rates. Britain LOVES to exaggerate their gun homicide statistics… Pierce Morgan out wright lied about the percentage of gun related deaths in Britain while grossly exaggerating US statistics. What they contently forget to report is the fact that their violent crime rate overall is FAR HIGHER THAN THE US, and THE HIGHEST in Europe! Cont…

  • Do your due diligence my friend… Make an effort to research ALL reports / articles, not just those from Liberal leaning sources. The truth always lies somewhere between the different versions of stories put out by the media! The "news" has become a source of entertainment rather than facts! And It has also become a medium in which to push political agendas by BOTH sides! NEVER take what is said in the media for granted unless you don't mind being duped / used by big corps that own the media!

  • The fact remains that Liberals are overreacting to a handful of terrible tragedies with emotional fervor instead of utilizing common sense and reason to figure out a REAL solution to the problem. Time and again law enforcement has found a direct correlation to mental health issues and mass shootings with the perpetrators. Wouldn't it be more sensible to work on treating these mental health issues rather than knee-jerk reacting to guns / pushing useless legislation that is proven to not to work?

  • In their own words: "(mass shootings are such a tiny share of all homicides) that any connection may be purely a matter of chance". Why do you choose to gloss over the facts or cherry pick and then misrepresent the statistics? GUN HOMICIDES IN AUSTRALIA HAVE NOT BEEN REDUCED BY GUN CONFISCATION AND HEAVY REGULATION – a FACT which Liberals LOVE to ignore! Why do Liberals insist on pushing gun control onto law abiding citizens over a small but tragic statistic? Cont…

  • We learned from the 1994 assault weapons ban that modest gun control measures don't work. What Australia suggests is that (even if radical ones could be passed, they wouldn't work either).

    The main point of this article is that even with radical / sweeping gun control regulation / restrictions and even outright bans on guns their homicide rate STILL REMAINS HIGH! Cont…

  • Researchers at the University of Melbourne, however, found no such improvement as a result of the new system. "There is little evidence to suggest that it had any significant effects on firearm homicides or suicides," they wrote. Howard says the country has had no mass shootings since 1996. But mass shootings are such a tiny share of all homicides that any connection may be purely a matter of chance. Cont…

  • You would think such dramatic new restrictions were bound to help. But the striking thing is how little effect they had on gun deaths.

    It's true the homicide rate fell after the law took effect — but it had also been falling long before that. A study published by the liberal Brookings Institution noted that the decline didn't accelerate after 1996. Same for lethal accidents. Suicide didn't budge. At most, they conclude "there may" — may — "have been a modest effect on homicide rates." Cont..

  • Cherry picking serves no one in the end.
    Article from Chicago Tribune – January 18, 2013:
    After a mass shooting in 1996, Australia enacted a sweeping package of gun restrictions far more ambitious than anything plausible here — including a total ban on semiautomatic weapons, a mandatory gun buyback, and strict limits on who could own a firearm. John Howard, who was prime minister at the time, wrote the other day that his country "is safer today as a consequence of gun control." Comt…

  • I fail to understand your argument. You just agreed with me on several key points.
    1) "We don't live in a society where the government (Democrats/Republicans) only does what's best for society.
    2)"the ruling class (or masters) will always further their own interests".
    3)"Greed does pervade throughout society; humans are greedy, therefore, society will always be greedy".
    Did you remove this comment because you suddenly realized that you agree with me? We aren't so different after all are we?

  • Our Constitution / Bill of Rights was designed in such a way that each Amendment (law) contained within supports every other law written within in order to create a system of checks and balances and in essence – prevent History from repeating itself… As long as "we the people" do our due diligence by checking our Gov each and every time it over steps it's constitutionally permitted bounds. I fail to understand why so many Americans find this concept so hard to follow / understand!

  • including many hand guns, listed on the "ban list" as part of Fienstein's bill! Regardless of how you might feel about guns the fact remains that as Americans we must fight to protect each individual Amendment of our Constitution in order to protect it as a whole. We don't have the luxury of picking and choosing which laws we feel should be protected according to our personal preferences. Either we accept it entirely or throw the whole damn thing out! Are you prepared to throw it all away?

  • As far as our 2nd Amendment goes there is way too much misinformation put out there by the media that scares people needlessly with blatantly misleading terminology such as "high capacity clips", "military style rifles" and "automatic weapons". This terminology was chosen intentionally by the media to induce fear / panic so it would be easier to push this administrations agenda to ban guns in general. What they didn't mention was there are hundreds of different types of guns,…

  • to try to force a city to have the symbol of the cross removed from a town named "Lacrosse" because THEY find it offensive. How about the fact that all religions, except Christianity, are allowed to be discussed in schools and colleges? It has even gotten to the point where just recently, a runner was disqualified after winning a race because he silently pointed to the heavens after he crossed the finish line? That's not discrimination?

  • Sorry to burst your bubble but the facts are staring you straight in the face and yet you CHOOSE to look the other way and pretend that "our Gov is only doing whats best for everybody".
    NEWS FLASH…Our Gov only does whats best for them, their cronies and their financial supporters! Our Gov has grown too large and out of control! Greed / lining their pockets and taking control of society is their business and anybody that believes otherwise is in for a RUDE awakening! Peace.

  • HOW MANY MORE AMENDMENTS / PROTECTIONS PROVIDED BY THE CONSTITUTION DO WE AS AMERICANS NEED TO SEE TAKEN AWAY BEFORE WE WAKE UP TO THE REALIZATION THAT WE ARE FAST APPROACHING A TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT? We have already lost the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 10th Amendments! WE ONLY HAVE 4 LEFT! Stop day dreaming and believing in a fantasy Utopian society… It will never be because human beings are selfish, greedy, & power hungry by nature &wishful thinking will NEVER change that reality!

  • Our "President" has taken it upon himself to create laws, push detrimental bills that affect our US Constitution, and even started wars without Congressional approval – This was supposed to be prohibited by the 10th amendment as well as other laws set in place to prevent overarching power by our President, Congress, and Judicial system… Obama has chosen to ignore all restraints on his power and yet many blind Americans still don't see that this man fancies himself a potential dictator?! …

  • The 4th, 5th & 6th Amendments – right to due process, proper search & seizure, a right to a trial by your peers instead of trial by military,all done away with… and now, secret arrests and indefinite detention & secret assassination (ordered by our very own President all a direct result of the NDAA! And finally, the 10th Am. – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people….

  • so many Americans were literally "up in arms" about it. The bill left open loopholes for further "gun control" as well as future gun confiscation legislation! The 4th Am. – Police abuse of proper, legal search and seizure laws, many law enforcement agencies including the FBI & CIA writing their own search warrants without a judge and citizens being forced to accept unlawful searches of their persons / property / cars, etc without "probable cause" – (police check points in many states)! …

  • not to mention the gov getting caught illegally obtaining records from the AP news org, and people being arrested for peaceful assembly / demonstrations and the right to petition the gov for a redress of grievances – consider the arrests & police brutality at the Wall Street demonstrations! Our 2nd Am. has been attacked time and again with numerous bills being pushed onto congress to vote on with little or no time to read them entirely. Read the Fienstein bill yourself to understand why…

  • The thing most socialists / "progressives" don't seem to care to understand is that the more "programs" we relinquish to the power of the state / federal system, the less power the people will have to live their lives without government interference / control! Since the Obama administration has come into power they have relentlessly attacked our Constitution / Bill of Rights. 1st Amendment destroyed – Freedom of religion has become a joke, exercising freedom of speech puts us at risk of arrest..

  • Are you an American? Then you should be aware that we are already living under the capitalist-socialist form of government you spoke of. We have many forms of "entitlement programs"/ welfare where tax payers are forced to support generations of people from cradle to grave. Our education system is gov run on US tax dollars as is our police force, fire dept, and the list goes on and on. We even have corporate welfare in the form of "bailouts", also paid for by tax payers. Cont…

  • If you study both Socialism and Communism extensively you will find that the end goal is always the same – a totalitarian state!
    Totalitarian State:
    a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures.
    Stop splitting hairs and WAKE UP AMERICA! We are being slowly transitioned into a totalitarian form of Government – FACT!

  • "A rose by any other name is still a rose"… however, I would not equate socialism, ( a soft form of communism ) with such a beautiful flower. Those that believe socialism is a means to bring about "equality" have failed to study history and are blind to the destructive forces of socialism which left unchecked will lead to tyranny. Karl Marx defined it best as – "a transitional stage of society between capitalism and communism". The goal is to transition into communism. Cont…

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