HELOC Strategy: Success Stories & The Kwak Brothers Review

in this video I’m going to share some
success stories of the people that have actually used a HELOC strategy aka the
debt free accelerators strategy hey what’s going guys my name is Sam Kwak
one of the Kwak Brothers and chances are you may have already watched my video
how to pay off your mortgage within five to seven years on average without making
more money or cutting back on your expenses now if you have not watched
that video already you should and you should click on this button right here
to go and watch that video and then come back to this to see how many people who
have actually implemented this strategy and have guns success with using it now
if you’re skeptical as I was when I first heard about the strategy many many
years ago well this video is gonna be a proof that a lot of people are using
this strategy to pay off their mortgage as well as their other debt so the first
story I want to highlight is from Ian who saved 50 thousand dollars of
interest pretty much almost immediately so I’m gonna read this out to you guys I
know I’m gonna throw this on the screen it says hello Sam
quote-unquote popplers first of all I’d like to say thanks for all your videos
links literatures and emails I stumbled upon across one of your videos about a
year ago chop my mortgage and was instantly hooked on the strategy it
didn’t take me long to understand the idea and concept and do some research
and investigating to find out that it was in fact true and legit you hear that
guys true and legit I immediately put those learning into action and took
$41,000 10% of the original mortgage amount for my HELOC and made an annual
payment on my mortgage this will in turn save me fifty three thousand dollars in
interest the cost will be eleven hundred dollars in simple interest to borrow
quote-unquote the funds I think Ian Illustrated perfectly on his success in
just one year guys he was able to save fifty three thousand dollars of interest
his only cost to do so was $11 which is the interest that he had to pay on the
HELOC so here’s one of our first success stories in fact this came to us a while
ago when we first started our video and we first started our program Ian was one
of the individuals that take advantage of it
and he was able to save ton of money so I don’t know what fifty thousand three
thousand dollars can buy yeah I could be one year tuition at Harvard I’m pretty
sure it’s a lot more than that now you get a new car which I don’t advise right
but you can go get a rental property or downpayment on a rental property for you
to create more income okay so let’s go and look at the second success story
this is from Patrick that I know Patrick very well Patrick says hey check this
out from the time that we got a HELOC five to six months ago we have lowered
the principal balance by twenty thousand dollars and paid one thousand one
hundred sixty six dollars in interest that’s pretty darn good if we had stayed
with the traditional amortized mortgage we would have had paid $3,900 so close
to four thousand dollars in interest and allured the principal balance about 24
hundred bucks so you can see here that Patrick used our strategy and this is
only six months of time frame right it’s not even a year or two years in just six
months they lured twenty thousand dollars or
principal balance so they were able to gain more equity they only had to pay
close to $1200 of interest versus have to have paid four thousand dollars of
interest so already these guys saved Patrick and his family was already able
to save close to three thousand dollars of interest huge win in just six months
awesome awesome awesome the next success story that I want to share this is
actually fairly recent and it’s from Craig Craig says excited to be part of
this group and this process made my first chunk payment and reduced my loan
length by one year small chunks will benefit big thank you co-op others Craig
here just got started not too long ago last month at the time of the filming
this video and he did his first chunk payment using his HELOC and now he’s
saved his entire entire ear off of his mortgage time so that’s whole year that
he would have spent you know paying interest and paying the monthly payments
now he doesn’t have to because of this strategy so you can see here that
there’s other individuals down below asking questions and of course our team
and myself are here to answer the question now here’s Cory she said had
the HELOC for 23 days so this is fairly recent for for her she didn’t have the
HELOC for more than a month she said had two HELOC for 23 days and have already
reduced a daily interest from 14.2 cents day two 11 dollars and 38 cents a day I
haven’t paid my monthly credit card bill yet but my statement balance is less
than $300 so excited you can see another individual here at Corey who was able to
save ton of money I know it doesn’t seem like a whole lot between $14 a day but
it stacks up guys and a lot of times the more you save it sort of compounds the
savings in the future so sort of snowball effects down the road the more
you say today the more opportunity to save tomorrow so Corey here boom 23 days
was able to save ton of money on interest alone so congratulations Corey
for saving that much money now you might be wondering where are these comments
coming from right like I can see that they’re from Facebook how do we make
comments how do we share our success stories how do we actually go in and ask
you questions well for that you have to go and watch our full training class to
be able to participate in our Facebook group as well as be part of our program
I’ll go and leave that information down below in the link description below
where you can get more information about our program where we help individuals
use this strategy so that they can ultimately become debt free okay so next
success story we got Edie this is a screenshot I believe from his credit
monitoring account Edie says we used to pay off about $200 principal monthly
with our new HELOC it looks like this and below you can see a screenshot
change where it says balance decreased by 4446 to give you a bit of a timeline
contacts it says between July 31st 2019 and August 31st 2019 in just one month
in one month right your Fifth Third Bank balance account balance decreased by
four thousand four hundred forty six dollars from one hundred thirty four
thousand two hundred thirty thousand that’s pretty impressive right guys
that’s that means less time that you’re spending on paying off your mortgage and
that’s less interest that you have to pay ultimately by the time you’re done
paying off the mortgage congratulations – II like to add in just one month he
reduced his balance by four thousand four hundred forty six dollars another
success story a huge win this is amazing I mean the amount of people that we’re
getting to help it’s pretty cool to see here’s Daniel part of our program as
well just paid off one out of three credit cards and feels great hey I would
feel great too right use the CFI tool which is cash flow
index tool to determine the lowest point scale second credit card lines up
working on freeing up cash flow by eliminating these credit card balances
October I will use budget excel file will be helpful to see the real deal
when one is leftovers we actually in our program provide a budget sheet where you
can budget out your expenses and things like that
we also what’s called the cash flow index tool where it’s going to show you
which debt to pay off first to gain the most amount of cash flow for the next
debt that you may have to eliminate that’s one out of three credit cards
note that this is September 24 2009 teen okay you can see there’s a time stamp
right below his name now the next slide is September 28 same month he says
second credit card paid off so that’s two credit cards paid off in just one
month using our strategy guys he’s got a third one to go at $2,500 it’s a little
bit more chunkier than the first two but he says I’m determined to pay the third
then we’ll be HELOC so that I can pay that down without burden of credit card
payments is this an okay strategy I went and replied right below using my
Facebook account of course so this is really cool to see these amazing people
using our strategy to pay off their mortgage and their debt not just you
know mortgage but credit cards as well right you’ve seen Daniel do it and if
you don’t know the strategy check out the first video which is how to pay off
your mortgage in five to seven years that video is right here and also we’ll
leave it in the description down below but if you already watch that video
you’re still wanting some more information you’re still it’s not
clicking then go and check out an hour and 15 minute what class that I prepare
for you guys again that is down below in the link description click on that sign
up for the web class and you’ll get the full hour and 15 minute training on how
our strategy works and we’ll also introduce you to our program if you want
to take that step further to work with us in our experts so guys thank you so
much for watching if you felt like these success stories were amazing go and
click on the thumbs up like turn it to blue make sure you hit the subscribe
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