she goes hi I'm Christina and I'm a reseller I love hunting for old treasure that's been left behind finding in a new home and maybe having a little fun along the way you can follow my journey on instagram at little dot black dot hangar you can shop my amazing clothing finds on Poshmark at little black hangar without the valves and you can find everything else in my Etsy shop at altair evita vintage the lady said be nice be nice just tell him don't run don't push reactions I need a thumbnail look shocked I'm going through the bin and I find something and that I donated and it's handmade it's not like it's a common piece you know so this is not a lot – it's like an uncle of it's like from Ross it's like Victoria's Secret knockoff kind of thing I've had this since like high school it was eye-opening it was definitely an experience yeah for filming I didn't get yelled at for filming by Kelly did then that's what keeps you safe it just need well behaved good both these showers a bleach bath okay so I am back home from the bins and I got a lot of stuff I'm gonna go through it very quickly because there's a lot and I don't want this video to be too terribly long so let's start with Etsy stuff just because there's not a whole lot of it so first up is this little it's like looks 1950s to me I'm gonna have to do some research on it but it's definitely it has like a 1950's flair to it but it's got this beautiful like hand-painted flamingo on it and I just love this like jadeite color I thought it was really pretty it is actually a coaster set so there are coasters in here there's a lot of them there's one two three four five six seven eight coasters in here and they're just like these little like plastic coasters but I just thought this was so adorable I love this color and needs to be cleaned up a little bit but I think it's really cute and I love it so I'm probably gonna list this for about fifteen to twenty dollars next up is in this bottle this glass bottle and it says dairy on it it's got this little cow I think it's so cute it has a little pop top it looks like it has some age to it it doesn't look like new but it's not like super old obviously but I just thought it was really cute and you can put like Long's Tim like wildflowers in this I think this would be really cute in a farmhouse kitchen I'm gonna list this guy for probably about $15 as well okay so next up is this little like doily it's a big doily actually there's a tiny stain I can't find it at the moment but there is one it's tiny and it's just on one side and this would be going like under something so I'll just disclose that in the listing probably gonna list this guy for about 10 to 12 dollars I picked up a couple blankets I'm like obsessed with vintage blankets for some reason all of a sudden so yeah I saw that this was one of the first things that I actually found today it's got this really cool like tassel detail all around the edges and it's very like almost 3d looking and I love the colors the colors are so beautiful I'm obsessed with this it's so pretty oh I couldn't leave it behind it doesn't have any stains or anything like that I am gonna wash it obviously you know I you should just wash blankets if you get vintage blankets you should wash them just for you know sanitary reasons so that'll be up I'm probably gonna list that one since it's a little bit more elaborate and has like you know the 3d effect it's not just like you know squares it has a little more detail probably gonna list that one for about 55 to 60 dollars I picked up another blanket this is the last piece that I got for Etsy it's just this really cool like kind of like Navajo blanket it reminds me it has like the texture of a saddle blanket it's very like coarse you know like those Navajo blankets are it doesn't have any stains or anything it just needs to be thrown in the wash it's pretty big and I just like the colors on it I don't know I just really like this one so I'll probably a list that guy for about 45 to 50 dollars depending on what Navajo blankets are going for I know some of them can go for higher than that alright so let's do shoes and accessories and then we'll move on to the clothes I only grabbed one pair of shoes and I know these are definitely not in season like we're about to go into summer but they'll still sell and they're a really good style they're just uh glutes they've got some like discoloration on them but I'm gonna brush them and you know just revive them a little bit they've got some you know discoloration but still in pretty good condition there's some wear on the sole they are a size six I believe let's see women's yes size six you can fold them over too they've got a sheepskin on the inside so you can fold them over like this and they've got the little button on the side so I thought those were really adorable though let's do accessories first up is this little straw handle bag that's alright was really cute it does have a closure air it did have a closure and there was a button right here but this isn't really like it's just kind of attached on there with thread so I'm just gonna cut that off so it won't like have a closure it'll just be like open tote bag oh the UGG boots I'm probably gonna list for 45 to 50 depending on how well they clean up to be determined this little bag probably gonna list this for about fifteen to seventeen then I found this genuine leather fanny pack it is an amazing condition doesn't have any flaws usually there's like cracking in the leather or you know something's wrong with it but this one is an incredible condition like I said it's genuine leather probably gonna list this one for nineteen to twenty two dollars this is my second time actually picking up a Harry Potter scarf from the bends and this time it is Slytherin which is my house I'm I like to call myself a slither puff so I'm not full slither and I'm not full Hufflepuff so yeah this is a Slytherin scarf it's super soft and it is actual Harry Potter merchandise it is authentic Harry Potter it is percent acrylic but it's super super soft anyways this is what it looks like probably gonna list this for I think I listed the other one for about seventeen so like fifteen to seventeen dollars and I found this beautiful vintage bandana if you've never felt a vintage like worn in bandana go find one it's the softest thing ever I love the feeling I hate like stiff bandanas truthfully I may keep this because I like to wear like it as like a headband and I love the pattern it's so so pretty so if I decide to list this I'll probably list it for about twelve to fifteen dollars but like I said I'm probably gonna keep it so sorry alright so last accessory is this cute little mini bag we talked about this in my spring trends video how these like necklace mini bags are like a thing now especially like at festivals and stuff like that you could also wear it as a crossbody if you wanted to but it's just like this little leather pouch it's got the cute little retro flower on it and then it just like is open it's just a little pouch I think it's super super cute probably list this for this teen dollars maybe 17 alright let's move on to clothes so this piece Kelly actually a found last minute we were you know just doing a little last-minute check arou of the bins and she saw she called it a shining beacon of hope it is this like bedazzled 80s like look at these sleeves they're incredible I'm obsessed they are studded on the cuffs as well and it does have all the studs intact it's actually really well-made but it's like a little tie up shirt it's like a crop tie-up denim shirt and it is amazing I am obsessed with this let's see what size it is it is a size small but it's definitely oversized so it can fit up to a large even it does have shoulder pads in it I will probably take them out because they're kind of small anyways I don't really add any like detail alright I'll leave them in there just in case somebody wants them in there but this is so awesome I'm just obsessed with this anyways gonna move on probably analysts this for about $40 alright so next up is a pair of denim shorts they are like a black wash shorts they have these little like cuts in them they are from H&M and they are a size six they are not stretchy this is what they look like they just like roll up right here probably gonna list those for about 17 to 19 okay so I found this little pink hoodless it kind of looks like a hoodie I really like this neckline this is super super soft and I like the style of this it does have I feel like it had some like discoloration spots but it may come out I'm gonna wash it and see if I can get it out if not I'll just disclose it because they're so faint truthfully you can't even like tell like you can't even see on the camera there this is a size extra small it's definitely oversized so I would say like up to a medium could wear this probably gonna list that for about 30 to 35 next piece is this sweatshirt and it has the Corvette Racing logo on it super you know it's oversized you can wear it with leggings it's obviously a men's sweatshirt but it is a size extra extra large again you could wear this with leggings I'm not gonna crop this because it is a hundred percent cotton but it has this weird like ribbing effect to it and I'm scared that if I crop it it's gonna be like to frayed so I'm just gonna leave it as is oversized and I'm probably gonna list it for about 30 to 35 dollars next up is this pair of Victoria's Secret Pink sweatpants that I'm probably gonna end up keeping for myself because they have like this I don't know if this is like oil or grease stain I am gonna treat it I always put Dawn dish soap on grease or oil stains and it usually takes it out so if I can get it out I will list these but if I can't I'll be keeping them because I always you know reseller problems always looking for new sweatpants you know they're just really cute they have their maroon and like navy stripe down the side they say pink right there they are a size small but they are pretty big they look like they would fit like a medium but like I said if I can get that stain out they will be listed and I'll probably list them for about 30 to 35 dollars then we have this graphic tee it's just a corona graphic tee it says Corona extra Cozumel Cancun and the back graphic is why I got it I just thought the graphics is so like cool it's kind of like it's mimicking this little like swing ride but instead of swings it's like limes or maybe it's a ferris wheel I don't know what's happening there but it's a cool graphic and I like it and it's from Cancun Mexico so you know can't go wrong with that it is a size large probably lifts this for about $19 then we have this is like a really funny little tank it says 30 AF at first I thought it said thirsty but then I realized it said 30 and I'm like should I save this for my 30th birthday like I'm gonna hold on to this for five years but I just thought this was really funny like so if anybody has a 30th birthday coming up soon I've got the tank top for you this is really thin like burnout material just like a little muscle tank kind of style it doesn't have the size tag in it but I would say it's a size medium just by looking at it I'm probably gonna list this one for about 19 to 19 to 22 dollars then we have this little burnout tank top from modern looks which is a brand sold at Target and it just says not all who wander are lost and I really like I don't know I just like the graphic on it I like to pick up this brand their graphic tees sell pretty well so yeah probably gonna list this one like 15 to 17 dollars probably alright so next up is a pair of pants that I got for myself but I'm not sure that I love them so they may go on Poshmark just know that whenever I buy things for myself I usually wear it once decide that I hate it on my body and put it on Poshmark so it's this pair of linen blend pants I really like this like stretch waistband I like this type of like pant I like a good linen pant because it's so hot down here so yeah I got these for myself they're size large but if they you know don't fit I will list them and probably listen for about $19 they're not any like crazy good brand or anything like that next up is this t-shirt which is Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze I thought it said Purple Reign at first and I was like oh my god I found a Prince shirt and I was so excited but then it was Jimi Hendrix and I was equally as excited because it's really cool I really like the graphic on it it just has like his signature down here let's see what year this is from I think that says 2000 yeah the size tag is cut out but it looks like a media to me looks like a medium maybe a men's small to me probably gonna list that for about 22 to 25 dollars next piece is this 89th and Madison open front cardigan it is a size 3x it is super super soft and it's this beautiful like dark emerald green color I love cardigans like in the springtime so that's why I went ahead and picked that up it's super super soft probably gonna list this for about $30 oh so this next t-shirt actually a subscriber came up to me and she was like I watch your channel I think her name is Lucretia I'm pretty sure that's her name I could be wrong if you're watching hello thank you for coming up to me it was so nice to meet you but she brought me this banty she was like I watch your videos and I know you pick up banty so I got that I picked this up for you and I was like oh my gosh that's awesome so to bring me the horizon t-shirt I used to be obsessed with this band in high school it's like a punk rock band it's like a scene kid band if you know what I'm talking about but anyways I was really cool and that was that was really cool and really sweet of you thank you so much it is a size extra-large probably gonna list that one for about $19 all right so this next top I love it is a Miller Lite top and it's kind of like retro kind of like 70s feel I'm gonna try this on it's tiny though it's gonna be way too tight on me but I'm gonna try it on for shit's and gigs but it'll definitely be listed because I can already tell it's gonna be way too tight but I just love this like 70s look to it I don't know very retro looking and it just has the little Miller Lite patch right there it is a size small it definitely runs small she is small she's a tight small so maybe like a small extra small probably gonna list this one for around 2530 dollars next piece is a pair of sweatpants I'm gonna do I'm gonna have to do some sweater shaving to these there's a little like wear on it and if I can clean them up they're super super cute they're by Victoria's Secret pink and I really like them for this little rainbow patch I think they're adorable here's the bottom of them they only have the stripe on the one side super cute they have the drawstring waist they are a size extra small but sweatpants tend to run a little big so if you're a small medium you could wear these as well probably gonna list these just because of the wear I mean they're on bad condition they've just been worn probably gonna list these for about twenty-five twenty to twenty-five dollars next we have this denim jacket super super cute in amazing condition it's just about Universal threads which is sold at Target but I love denim jackets and it's a good lightweight one for summer and spring and this is a size extra extra-large I haven't looked how much needs to go for at Target I'm assuming it's probably like $40 so I'll probably list this for about one to five next up is this really cute pair of shorts they're little high rise shorts with this cute little like suede pull zipper they are new with tags they are a size four and they are by Express and they are stretchy these would be perfect for a festival I love these super cute they would be really cute with like some fringe cowgirl boots too alright next piece is I don't know that this brand I think it's probably so low that I don't know like TJ Maxx or something it's love at first sight but it's new with tags that's why I picked it up and it's a really cute style so it's like a knit sweater tank top with this like keyhole neck and then it has the lace up detail on the sides I just really like the color and I thought it was a really cute transition piece into spring again it's new with tags and it's a size large alright we've come to the end finally there are only three more pieces next piece is a like stone wash tank and it's not an easy brand again American age I'm not sure where that's sold this is what the tag looks like in case anyone's interested or knows anything about it it is a size small it's a muscle tank it's a little oversized so if you're a medium you can fit it as well and it just has free spirit I really like the graphic on it you guys know I love graphic tees so I went ahead pick that up probably gonna list that oh I haven't even been telling you ah shorts gonna list these for I don't know what they retail for so probably like in the 25 to 30 dollar range because they are new with tags this probably gonna list this for about seventeen to nineteen dollars and then this little guy probably gonna list this for about fifteen to seventeen this next piece is super wrinkly but it's adorable and I love it so tie-dye is very in anytime I see tie-dye now I'm like gravitating toward it towards it it is by the brand Romeo and Juliet couture which is sold primarily at like Nordstrom Nordstrom Rack it's a size small this brand retails for a lot but it doesn't resell for a lot so just keep that in mind the only issue with this piece is the tag is hanging on by a thread literally by I'm a tack that or I'm just gonna disclose that in the listing kiss truth we don't have time for that but it's just this lightweight super lightweight tie-dye kimono it is a size small already said that it's oversized so medium large I'm a medium / large and it looks real cute on me so yep probably gonna list this for about seventeen to nineteen dollars and last piece is this cute little pajama top I saw the print from afar and I was like oh my god cats I love that it is just buy it forever 21 it is a size large it's a little button-up pajama top it's so cute it's so soft too and it's actually new with tags so that's nice probably gonna list this for about probably like 19 anyways I think that's all I have yes we've reached the end if you see anything that you were interested in just let me know down in the comments below and leave your Poshmark closet name so that I can tag you in the listing whenever I get it up so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please be sure and give it a thumbs up on your way out if you haven't already go and hit that subscribe button and join our little family we would love to have you I put new videos out every Tuesday and Friday and I will see you guys on Tuesday bye guys


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  • If the striped blanket is wool, it's likely a Hudson's Bay Point blanket (even w/no tag – many aren't attached on Vtg ones)…which is VaLuAbLe! Don't sell for under $100…seriously!!! And you can wash wool in cold, but you must hang dry. Edit: oops, know some of this is a dupe…read some content below 👍 that's a fabulous find….look up the history of point blankets…has to do with native American trading…good luck!

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