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deftab720 pardpardeftab720ri-251sl360slmult1qj f0fs24 cf0 With the new iPhone, Apple inaugurated
a new connector, called lightning, that substitute the previous 30 pin dock.
There are numerous good reasons for this change, but like all necessary passage, also this
one creates compatibility problems between old and new. In particular with all iPhone
devices, especially dock stereos realized till today with 30 pin connector.
Apple creates an adapter, but among its characteristics we cannot include its simplicity in combination
with a dock stereo, for instance. A wireless solution, better if Bluetooth,
would be easier. Why not using something that can transform every stereo, also non wireless
ones, into a wireless device that can be connected to my IPhone, using Bluetooth technology?
Hi-Freedom is a small gadget from hiFun, that can do this!
Here it is! It is a Bluetooth receiver that has to be connected to a stereo with a 30
pin dock and immediately the stereo become compatible with the Bluetooth.
The first necessary step is to pair hi-Freedom with an iPhone or iPad pushing the power button
for few seconds, untill you see the red and blue light on the device.
Second step: select hi-Freedom from the devices list.
Now you have to connect hi-Freedom to the dock and just play your music.
If you connect hi-Freedom to a powered stereo, hi-Freedom will never discharge.
Moreover, hi-Freedom has a mini jack that allows you to connect it to every stereo,
also to your car radio. In this case the device will work thanks to the inner battery.
The female to female jack adapter included in hi-Freedom packaging allows to connect
it to common earphones, transforming them into wireless earphones’85 more or less
f1 f0 In the packaging you can find a small
base with dock connector and a USB to recharge your wireless device.
It’92s possible to buy hi-Freedom directly from hi-Fun website and the cost is 49,99’80.
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