[HIGHLIGHT] – The Legacy of Socialism

socialism is easily understood by child it is taking other people's stuff socialism must lead to tyranny and cruelty communism is consequential socialism it seeks the abolition of private property profit and voluntary exchange until socialism is confronted with its lived communist reality the greatest atrocities of all recorded human life we live in its age above all there are the bodies one cannot discuss the past present or future while they lie there unacknowledged we are surrounded by slain innocence and the scale is wholly new the West accepts an epical monstrous and unforgivable double standard we rightly rehearse the crimes of Nazism almost daily we teach them to our children as ultimate historical and moral lessons and we bear witness to every victim we are almost silent on the crimes of communism so the bodies lie among us unnoticed everywhere the bodies demand accounting apology and repentance without such things the age of communism lives let the apologists for communism acknowledge the dead bury the dead and the tone for the dead you

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  • Socialism is the preferred system of rule for the hereditary¬†nobility they not gonna have it any other way.

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