Highways of Death and Hope: The Migrant Caravans | Foreign Correspondent

25 thoughts on “Highways of Death and Hope: The Migrant Caravans | Foreign Correspondent

  • I see these poor people coming here for asylum. But what I don't see is the violence in central America. And what is Brazil or Argentina doing to help. America can't take care of this number of people

  • stop them at all costs. come here legally or don't come. there's a trail of garbage left behind . i don't care what happens to them , get them out.
    prison for anyone helping them stay here.

  • One of the kids said the people organizing the caravans told him present Trump is going to open the doors at the border for them??????

  • This reporter is a definitely getting paid by the democratic party to lie. We Don't need anymore immigrants here. We need our country to remain safe. Ask your Australian Government to send ships and take them all to Australia. I just can't stand this reporter!!!

  • big mistake only government because government not fighting again gang and killing people her country but the government fighting her gangs all violence her country maybe people have better life I think this government very corruption self interest

  • U.S.a for American people only people of Mexico people build your own good government only solution you make a people power to change government not American only to pride your better future is only you people in your country to change your life

  • Round up illegals, put them in cattle cars, and take well behaved home. Take criminals to death camps and dispose of t hem. Too many for trials. Feed them to sharks and other ocean creatures.

  • This is all propaganda to make these groups look like victims. They've been tearing up Mexico for months. Think about the hard working struggling people of Chiapas, Tiajuana, and so many other towns that have been effected by these groups of people polluting their areas. Pray for Mexico. Pray for the people in Mexico.

  • why don't these parents go take care of their children bet they get government assistance and kids are not here .

  • for your info, lady frijoles, the one named Miriam, got into an altercation with her sister with a knife and was deported. here, i should get some pay for listening to the garbage that is this docu. who is to pay for this, where is our responsibility in all of this, when is enough enough, now we have congolese immigrants and people , analphabets, in mexico.. tell me what you think they are going to do here besides sucking away the money that should go towards our old people, who paid into the system all their lives, should go to schools, parks, museums, infrastructure….. take these people and the untold millions that want to come and feed them with your sticky compassion in your own island, while you treat the abos like crap… sick and tired of this constant virtue signalling by the media… sick of it

  • I'm happy this is January 2019 and not June 2019 because Trump my president is starting to deport them all again and the walk is being built !

  • Didn't get to say goodbye I'm sure someone has a phone and American kids go through this all the time but they don't leave the country ! Ridiculous !

  • Ask Trump who the Americans stole the land of in the first place…….slaughtered the natives in the 100 of 1000s, wiped out tribes, and now, He doesn’t want immigrants in….ask him who he thinks he is….AN IMMIGRANT should be his answer 😡

  • They want us to care when they don't care or value Americans life's and that's when the rule of law comes into play. It's time to hit the reset button by sending all illegals back to sendee,have border security, bulid the wal because compassion can only go so deep and the situation Mr.TRUMP 2020

  • The women at the house is lady beans (lady frijoles) she's already in USA enjoying a good life. She was one of the first in the Caravana she got protection from USA after being threat by Mexican she was interviewed in YouTube and she complaint of the food given to her. She was one of the causes the Mexicans started hating caravanas.

  • Australia is a massive country and could easily take 500,000 migrants just think how much your economy will improve.

  • I don't understand they say there poor but then again they have phone .it cost to have a phone .are government are stupid they are putting are country in danger .we need to defend are country an are family

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