Hitman Absolution – "Streets of Hope" E3 2012 Playthrough [Europe]

Hi guys. Welcome to a playthrough of the Streets of Hope level from Hitman: Absolution. My name is Travis. I'm on the community team at IO Interactive in Copenhagen I'm with the Game Director Tore Blystad who is here with me. Hey. I hope you will enjoy this speedy playthrough of this very large level from Hitman: Absolution. We are going to play through it in 17 minutes. It is a bit of an expert playthrough. You have to know your way around the Streets of Hope to be able to pull it off to this level of accuracy and efficiency. To give you a bit of intel on where we are and what we are doing; Obviously Agent 47 has gone rogue from the ICA. He is on the trail of a girl called Victoria. The lead that he has gotten to get to this point, is that he is following this gyu called Lenny ”The Limp” Dexter. He is the son of Blake Dexter, the benefactor of this town, so he is a pretty important character in the game. Lennys knows the whereabouts of Victoria and he has told his gang, the Cougar Gang, his little posse that he rolls with. We need to take those five guys out, we need to get to Lenny, we need to kidnap him, all within this one level, so there is a lot happening here. It is a pretty huge environment and it is all kind of free-roaming. You can go around and scope out situations, find different elements that you can use to your advantage. There is a lot of improvised weapons around, a lot of different disguises and too every single hit within this level, there is a large amount of entry point to it. So here we are homing in on our first target, which is the leader of the gang. We've kicked off already and had a scope of the land. We know a little bit about Hope so far. Our first target is going into the convenience store here, so we are going to follow him in through the back entrance and see how we get on. This is a large level within the game, and as you can walk around freely, everything you do will cascade out, if you are causing trouble here. Theoretically you can take down your target straight away and kill his girlfriend at the same time, but you will have to deal with the consequence of that and if anyone hear shouting or gunshots, they will come running and try to find out what it is. So rather that take him down here, we will wait for him to go upstairs, use a distraction here to get past his girlfriend. So, the most immediate thing we can see is a radio. We have triggered the radio, and the clerk here is going to be thinking “Why is there a radio playing?”. She is trying to see who it is and we've managed to get away and sneak past her now. She is confused and looking at the radio and we're in a trespassing zone here, so we need to be careful not to be seen. If you are trespassing within the game it does not mean that you are instantly dead if you are found. It means that you will be escorted out of the premises, but since this is one of our targets and he is standing in front of some very compromising evidence of t he Cougar Gang trying to kidnap Victoria and sell her off to an arms company, then you will probably be killed on sight, if seen by this guy. He will definitely react if he sees you, se we're going to sneak up behind him and take him down with the fiber wire silently, so nobody hears us and we have got objective complete. We need to dump the body, because his girlfriend will probably be coming up to see where he is pretty soon. Hiding evidence or hiding bodies as part of that is good for erasing your tracks and it is all tracked in our score. Everything that you do is logged and you get a positive or negative score based on how you are playing and using the different features of the game, being undetected or being unseen and not leaving any traces behind is a very good way of playing. All of that information is stored in the notebook that we just showed on the screen. We also keep the challenges and it keeps your targets and your objectives. It is as if 47 is keeping a physical notebook of what he has seen and what he needs to do. For those that know the old Hitman games, they know that there always was a mission briefing at the start of every level. This is slightly different in Absolution as 47 is far more the driver of the story that he was in any other Hitman game. The way that these objectives are made is also based on his progress through the level, so they will update along the way with the information that he gets or the player gets as they play the level. He is very much making the decisions himself, isn't he? Obviously if something happens, he realizes he needs to take out somebody else. He does not need anybody in his ear to tell him that. He has seen it for himself, he has heard a conversation, so it is very dynamic in that sense. Actually for this level, as you enter you only know that Lenny The Limp has to be kidnapped, but as you enter the level you find out that there are these guys, the Cougar Gang, that know way to much about Victoria, so they also need to be taken out. This is an objective you will not know about until you come to this place in the level.
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Or until you watch this video and we tell it to everyone Yeah, of course. As you can see there are things sliding on Instinct that you can use as a player. Some of them are hiding places, others are objects that can be used to cause an accident and especially with the targets it is very useful if you make it look like an accident so they will not be looking for a killer if they do not know if it was a murder being committed. And the instinct, you are about to trigger it here as well, you can see the targets and the NPCs are lighting up. When we came past, we saw that there was a little icon for a hint. You can obviously see that we are not playing in Purist Mode, our difficulty where you get no help from the game at all. All of these options can be turned off for a real challenge. So bear that in mind as you play through. If you are a purist player and you really want the really difficult experience, you can customize it that way, if that is the sort of thing you are looking for. To show off the features we are going to keep the HUD on for this playthrough. We are approaching our second target here. He is on the phone and easy prey for a trained assassin. Instead of just killing him off straight away we will subdue him and try to make it look like an accident by using the explosives that we found earlier. We had the option to snap his neck as well, if we are running short of time or if we just feel like being a bit more brutal through the level. It is very much about choice. All the different mechanics are built to create sensible choices for the player. If you want to be brutal, if you want to be violent, you can do that but it will affect your scores and your challenges. Busted! We will deal with this. Ow! So, one thing that we worked a lot on with our AI is the propagation of knowledge throughout the level. This guy, we took care of him really fast, which means that he did not have time to say anything at all to his friends on the radio, which means that nothing actually got conveyed and we are free to continue throughout the level as if nothing happened. It is perfect timing for 47 in a way, because the police officers are not going to shoot at him straight away just for being in the area. You can hear him shouting saying “What are you doing?” and before he has gotten a chance to realize that we are not going to move and that we are a bit of a shady character, we have killed him and moved on from there. Here we are using the remotely detonated explosives that we found and as you remember, the target we dropped down, the one that is just knocked out, he is over there by the tires and now he is dead as you can see on the target tracker. That was quite a big explosion. The other cars caught fire, so this could get interesting. Yeah, this is not very subtle but it does cause a bit of a stir in the town and it will draw the attention, especially of all the guards or cops as you see here. They come running which leaves the next target a little bit easier to get to, because he is quite heavily guarded. He is the king of the scrap yard as you will see here very soon. This end of the street is a lot more empty than it was when we first arrived and took a look around, so there is definitely more freedom here for us. You can see the target there. He is roaming the scrap yard as he does. The king of the scrap yard as it were. You can see the explosion was absolutely huge. The black smoke is billowing upwards past the big poster of Dexter there, the benefactor of Hope as we mentioned earlier. We now need to head into the scrap yard. You can still see the target just on the screen there. We have got a sign “Warning. Keep out. Dogs”, so we should be careful. Dogs are also a feature of the game. They will alert nearby NPCs as we see here. We are trying to sneak up on one and obviously we are not allowed to be here. Even if we had a disguise on, this dog will bark at us. We have grabbed the dogs bone. We think that he might have been barking for that, it might just want to get a chew on that bone, but the barking has alerted an NPC. This mechanic here has come across, so we need to be careful. So this poor guy does not know what will hit him. You should always check what is behind you. The dog is stunned. As we are trespassing here in the scrap yard, this mechanic comes in pretty handy as we take his disguise and move around a lot more freely in this area. We do not have to sneak around because as long as we do not get close to the other NPCs we are allowed to be here. We are going to shove him in the closet and keep him out of sight. There is no evidence that he was ever here. We have gotten our disguise and we saw the target walking deeper into scrap yard so that is where we are going to head now. So now, dressed as a mechanic, if you have to get close to other NPCs it is very useful to blend into the environment and just pretend that you belong here. As we will see here, this NPC is wondering who you are, but he is not suspicious yet. If you would have stayed closer to him for a longer amount of time then he would eventually have found out, or if there is two or three of them close. The mechanics will recognize if, like, it is a small town so they know each other pretty well. A bald guy walking around does look suspicious and that is why 47 needs to blend in.
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But of course the police officer is not so familiar with the mechanics so he is not going to bust you. We are thinking about taking him out with the crowbar here, but we thought better of it. I think that if you pick up that crowbar he will get a little suspicious about you, so it is better to let it be. Here the target has been dealing with some dirty cops and he is heading off into this tiny garage overhere. I think he is the guy who is in charge of the cars for the gangs. They are preparing this kidnapping of Victoria and he is preparing the car here. That is an accident waiting to happen as you can see in Instinct here. Good choice of words Accident kills are a very big feature in Absolution and there is a large number of way of taking down every single target in the game. This is where the team really went to town on coming up with inventive ways of killing targets that are localized to each area and here in the garage what is better to use than a car lift? That is the third target down. The target tracker resembles that we got three targets down, a really high score and the police are on the way in to see what has happened. You can hear the mechanics are a bit worried about this guy who has just been crushed, but we are clear, we are away. We just got “Warning: Attack Dogs!” again, so we need to be careful about that. We are now in the Cougars Nest, which is the main hangout area for the Cougars. They are hosting a bit of a party for Lenny. They are having a barbecue, you might see the lighter fluid there could be an option. Barbecues and lighter fluid tend to go pretty well together when Agent 47 is around. We can also see the policeman down there. He is allowed to be in this area, we are not as a mechanic, since it is a bit of a private area, so we are going to try to take his disguise and see if we can get closer to our target. Usually these kinds of isolated characters are pretty useful for us as they provide disguises and weapons and so on. We just got an improvised weapon there, a bottle to smash this guys head. He is down, disguise is ready to get picked up. 47 needs to choose a weapon here.So what else to use than an axe, rather than a tomahawk. And we can see why the police officer was so distracted there. That was a really perverted guy… and now we have his clothes on. Awesome! Dressed as a police officer, we are allowed to get closer to these guys up here and basically we only have one of these as a target, the one in the middle and everyone else, unfortunately will be collateral in this Point Shooting which is one of our new features in the game, which allows us to slow down time using our Instinct powers and take them down instantly. As you can see they are trying to pull their guns to fight back, but as they are taking down too quickly for that, the whole thing goes down without anyone making a sound as we also use silenced guns for this. We have also used all of our Instinct. It is very expensive to use point shooting especially on so many characters all at one time, so there is a lot of strategy involved in when you should use your point shooting. You can not just walk up to any character and just shoot them and do it instantly. You have to make sure you do it at the right time otherwise you will run out of Instinct completely. The other target is coming out here to investigate and he is stunned by the dead bodies. Poor old guy. 47 has just killed a barber. That is sad but it is for the greater good. We need a new disguise here,
because now there is a lot of police officers in the building, so using the barber which is freely allowed to walk around is a pretty powerful disguise and as you can see there is lots of characters here so trying to go in here guns blazing would be pretty dangerous and difficult. There is a lot of NPCs here. You can also see there is a guy a little bit further ahead getting his pistol ready, so he is prepared for a shootout, but it would be a bit of a mistake to pull your guns out here. Just sneaking through as the barber is probably the best way through towards Lenny, who you can see down there. Instinct lights him up in blue, not red, because he is not a target, we need to kidnap him. And we make our way down. Basically now there is this one police officer standing between us and Lenny at the moment, so we will just quickly deal with him… Quickly deal with him by putting a pair of scissors in his neck. Deal with him in the 47s trademark way. Yeah, you could have subdued him, right? Poor guy. And now we have Lenny all to ourselves and he is just sitting there, lying about his antics in Chicago, so he is kind of easy prey. Almost too easy. That is it and thanks for watching the playthrough of Streets of Hope from Hitman: Absolution which is out November 20th this year. Thanks for taking the time to listen and of course watch.

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