HOI4 Tutorial How to Cancel Non Aggression Pacts Instantly (Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns Guide)

welcome back to our hearts of iron for video today I'm gonna show you guys sort of an exploit I guess I don't really know I don't think it's personally an exploit but a lot of people a multi-player have been telling me lately this is an exploit but it still regardless something really interesting to know for single-player and multiplayer if you're playing is Germany or any country that you might have a non-aggression pact with basically this is a way to cancel your non-aggression pact and no matter what so normally you cannot cancel within the first 12 months that's not going to be changed with this video now what is going to be changed is the way the division amount works now what will end up happening is as you can see because it's within the 13 to 18 months after we've signed the molotov-ribbentrop pact it says that we have to have a minimum 200% of their divisions on our common border now what this means is basically we have to have twice the amount of divisions the Russians have on their side of the border for us to be able to attack now this is where it kind of turns into an exploit as you can see here we have 200 divisions now here's where I think it's an exploit these are one single battalion that's all they are now all they require is a hundred infantry equipment so that's only like 20,000 rifles right there and then we can immediately delete them afterwards so all you have to do is once you've spammed out all those extra divisions that have no purpose in the game whatsoever we're gonna send them to the border and once they all arrive at the border as you can see the numbers skyrocketing pretty quickly 144 percent actually they have more than that hold on one second here alright so now that we have our 400 divisions we're gonna deploy those out but those there go ahead and add them to the border we're gonna make this frontline a second time and now we're gonna be able to cancel its non-aggression pact once the 400 divisions actually arrive at the border in a couple days all right they're there so now you can cancel the non-aggression pact we can go to war with the Soviets and now just like that we deleted all those divisions and now we can invade so that is just a really quick little exploit kind of thing I guess you could say and all you have to do is literally like I said you just spam out a ridiculous amount of one battalion divisions because non-aggression pact itself is based on the division count not the battalions not the manpower in the field it's exclusively based on how many divisions you have compared to the enemy so anyway guys hopefully you enjoyed this video and thank you guys so much watching now if you guys enjoy his please don't forget to subscribe and check out my channel for more hearts fighting for content oh that would have been bad right there if I did not notice that anybody think of watching I'll see you guys next time stay awesome

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