36 thoughts on “Home Depot Co-Founders SLAM Bernie And All of His CRAZY Socialist Ideas

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  • Bernie Sanders is another POS Worthless POS Democrat, that doesn't deserve to be breathing. All of the high ranking Deep State Democrats in DC are all the same.

  • If trump doesn’t get re-elected then I definitely think there would be a market crash! More than just a market crash!

  • Bernie looks like he was poking around underneath pallet racks loaded with lumber and pulled the safety latches.

  • Socialism is a train of thought that only can be absorbed by the stupidest of people, who have had their entire ability to reason with common sense removed

  • It will be a market crash I’m retiring taking my money and running! There will be no America if President Trump does not get re elected!

  • Bernie lives in a different world he has created in his mind. Bernieland, the place where anything he says comes true.

  • Ignorance is a curse – The sad part is the fact that many in this Country believe that nonsense, and could not care if Good Friday comes on a Monday – They just don't THINK for themselves.

  • Just look at Bernie, hen pecked, beyond confused, beyond ignorance, and beyond any real practical use! If you didn’t know he is rich, you’d think he’s just a homeless ‘looking’ individual with absolutely NO class whatsoever! Another ‘beta male’ who’s completely ignorant about current realities, AND way out if his depth! Voting him in WOULD end in a major stock market crash!!! AND a mass exodus to elsewhere!

    If he ever did get in, the real ‘Rulers’ would let him know in a regular first presidential meeting, that most of his ideas will NEVER be allowed to be implemented! They are those select, ‘special’ few who NEVER tell a candidate that he gets what he wants, either. It would NEVER be tolerated by the existing Deep State, the Bilderberg Group, or any other malefactorius secret groups actually controlling things in the US today! These groups are the ones wielding TRUE power in the USA, by getting the world’s billionaires and corporate CEOs to dictate what he can, and can’t ultimately do. And it’s not like he has a choice either!

    It’ll be an extremely rude awakening for him, and would result in only ONE TERM! Every president before him has always left the initial meeting with a scowl on their faces, betraying the unexpected bad news they’ve gotten by these criminals! IT NEVER FAILS!

    Trump, and every president before him were told the same things. A rude awakening like NO OTHER! One major reason is, that the real and true state of the economy wouldn’t be revealed to the president elect UNTIL he wins. Making ALL of his numbers totally meaningless! Meaning that the so-called publicly available financial stats of the country WERE and ARE totally fictitious! Then the very first thing to happen in the White House, is a meeting with these malefactors the first day he’s in office, spelling out for him what’s acceptable, and what’s completely unacceptable, and in NO uncertain terms! That’s when the president elect, is for the very first time, clued in to the very REAL ‘undocumented’ state of the nations real financial situation! A real shocker . . .

    So, in reality, it really isn’t even a TRUE democracy, like everyone’s been raised to believe! Making the US Constitution at best, a mere ‘rough’ guideline with tons of wiggle room to twist, abuse and mostly ignoring it. Like cop have been used to doing in the past, AND the present, as I type this!

    Too bad, so very sad . . .

    Imho . . .

  • Bernie Sanders program seems good. Mr Sanders program will not fry in Washington D.C. President Trump for 2020 a Republican President no Democrats.

  • Happy to hear this, but in reading through the accolades being poured out on Home Depot, I guess everyone's forgotten their sickening leap onto the homosexual band wagon a few years back. Check it out!

  • These men are correct! Communism doesn't work not even in small populations like Cuba or Venezuela. Rich investor are going to leave USA if stupid people vote for those idiots ignorants leftist!

  • Socialism 100 percent failure. But Democrat voters are not smart enough to understand this. Democrats have a very low IQ

  • God help us if one of these liberal loons gets elected because they’ll give away the treasury to illegals,welfare rats, and lazy asses. Trump has GOT to win again. Besides, if he doesn’t win all the governmental criminals being looked at will skate, again.

  • If Home Depot would build a store out in the country, 50,000 South African whites refugees being genocided, would build a city around it. If they build next to Islamabad in MN, the Somalis would loot it and set it on fire. Please help English-speaking resourceful Christians, not America hating muslims.

  • Oh look here. A Communist Jew named Bernie who wants to distroy America and another Jew named Bernie who is a Capitalist and wants to build up America. I'll follow the Capitalist Jew.

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