Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé | Official Trailer | Netflix

What I really want to do is be a representative
of my race… of the human race. I have a chance to show how kind we can be, how intelligent and generous
we can be. I have a chance to teach,
and– and to love, 
and to laugh, and… I know that when
I’m finished doing what I’m sent here to do, I will be called home. And I will go home without any fear
or trepidation. I’m wondering what’s 
gonna happen, but… And… what advice would you have to give this generation? Tell the truth. To yourself first. And to the children.

100 thoughts on “Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Words like "iconic" and "legendary" seem so watered-down now that kids are calling any one hit wonder with no talent or work ethic a queen.

    The only word that truly does Beyoncé any justice is indeed – BEYONCÉ. Her own name is synonymous with greatness. It connotes hard work, dedication, professionalism, creativity, talent, beauty and so much more.

    Beychella was an artistic triumph. Quite frankly the greatest live show ever performed, especially for a festival show. Bey and her team achieved a feat no other artist would even dream of, let alone put in the work to turn that dream into reality. A year of development, eight months of rehearsals, over 200 performers plus another 150 crew members, endless sacrifices, hundreds of hours of work – it's awe inspiring.

    Homecoming provides a behind the scenes look alongside multicam footage of both weekends of the performance. Several costume changes, camera angles, an incredible set list, unbeatable choreography, and the greatest vocals in the game – available to stream in 4K in the comfort of your own home. We're so lucky we get a live album too!!! It’s stunning. Listen to it through a good set of headphones or a surround sound speaker system if you’re lucky enough to own one.

    It's the most uplifting, most inspiring body of work I have ever seen/heard. Eight months of rehearsals, all the EFFORT she put in (like she does with everything), I'm in awe. So many valuable lessons to take away from this project I can't even put it into words. She's the most talented, most hard working, most dedicated artist the world has ever seen, there is no debate at this point. There isn't an artist who has has the work ethic, creativity, talent, or drive. She's so motivated to continue to push herself physically and creatively and challenge herself and her team to create pure ART.

    Protect Beyoncé (and her kids) at all costs. She's the only TRUE ARTIST we have.

    An incredible vocal technician, producer, dancer, activist, designer, creative director, writer, leader, mother, model – the list goes on and on. No one compares to her and no one ever will.

    Thank you for everything, Beyoncé. The love that you radiate really keeps so many of us going. You are our light. It's unexplainable. Thank you for saving so many of our lives and providing us with purpose for so long, I pray it’s not an overwhelming burden to you. You’re a human. No one should have to carry the weight of an entire industry and so many fans but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We truly love you.

    Homecoming is Definitely something you'll want to watch and listen to over and over and over again.

    Also check out HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM – on all streaming platforms now. LEMONADE also hits all streaming platforms on April 23rd. And then we have the lion king movie and soundtrack in summer, along with Adidas x IVY PARK.

    Thank you for feeding us, Bey!!! the Hive deserves. We love you, forever. ❤️

  • So watched this just because. I'm not a Beyonce fan but I was surprised how base she was. Her lyrics are so inane, I thought she was more sufficticated. Her bum was absolutely too exposed. Like a Cardi b or Minaj. And her drummer said she's into witchcraft. Well the stage is a pyramid, glowing red at times with the sun at the top. Then Beyonce herself is projected on the top as an Egyptian goddess throwing up 666 hand signs….for no reason. Of course she enters like an Egyptian goddess too. She's not Arab! Thought this is all about her culture? It's just a bit witchy. The whole thing. And the speaking points are arrogant at best & pretentious.

  • This live album could be the one they award "Album of the Year" at 2020 Grammys as a way to acknowledge her for all the omissions in the past that they have done to her and be like kind of a Greatest Hits situation……

  • Never realised Beyonce was a closet racist. 0 white dancers, 0 white orchestral members on the stage. She insisted they were all black…why? If it was the other way around it would be front page news. Sure there's nothing wrong with being proud of your black skin but insisting everybody is of a certain colour or race is plain and simple racism….nasty business.

    And the movie is extremely underwhelming. 85% are close ups of Beyonce on the stage with sometimes mini fragments of backstage footage while she talks about herself with a voice over. Certainly no emotional indepth movie about her like they promoted this movie.

  • Spectacular documentary. A glimpse into the creativity, heart & hard work Beyoncé puts into everything she does.
    Incredible woman, artist, mother, mate.

  • Omg Beyonce je pense que je vais bien pleurer sa race devant çe film BEYONCE the quenn 💙💙🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • What truck do you do you do Netflix with you do you do do you do Netflix or ping-pong shark do do do do do do cartoon runaway do do do do do do runaway do do do do do you do food oh no probably on the

  • Dang, Netflix I've been resisting you for YEARS! Who else just started their free one month trial? 😂

  • Can you guys make a episode of mystery science theater 3000 about the comic it’s the one we’re kanga and Patton oswalt if I’m saying that right and in the comic we’re they have the bubbellator plssssssssssss make it a episode plssssssssssss reply I would to see the comic were they go in auctual episode pls make it a reality

  • So u watching a so called doc on tv you think you know smthg abt her ??
    Blablabla she woRkS hArD….

    sweetie theres a mf demon inside her body (sasha fierce) whos performing. In Hollywoods world its random there're pedo&satanist working together. Jayz is a follower of Aleister Crowley. Yall got all the proof to get the truth but choose to b blind just bc yr fangirling a lost soul like beyonce. Check up the interview of Kim Thompson her ex drummer. Oh wait she must b a liar and is jealous of Beyoncé so we wont believe her neither. If theres anybdy talking negatively abt QueenBeyonce it might be a hater. Theres no proof against Beyoncé, only haters bc shes cant do no wrong to anyone. sHe's sO sWeeT aNd shY.. sHe's miNdiNg hEr bUsiNesS aNd WorKs sO hArD.

  • Dayum, bugged me that she appropriated (stole) The Nina Simone's words (as if!!) in the film. BUT…. to use NINA's voice in the TRAILER w/out proper attribution is SO DISRESPECTFUL to Nina's legacy.

  • Big beyonce" free vybz Kartel" you need to take a vacation and come to Jamaica and stay,,,,,we all luv u play Tommy lee blessings,,,

  • I did not make this…..there is a homless ladies voice narrating…THAT IS VERY DISRESPECTFUL….the camp always put homless people faces over mine and other stuff..cuz of JEALOUSY!!!!!!

  • Hands Down one of the best performances Beyonce has ever given. She is such a go getter and an inspiration to get off your ass and work hard. No excuse you want it go get it. Well done to all her dancers who worked hard and all the people who put this together, Outstanding performance I will brag about this one. I keep watching it thats's how good it is.

  • I’m not a bey fan but she is a hell of an entertainer! I enjoyed myself watching this. Almost cried when destiny’s child came out 😂

  • I watched this film for a short time on Netflix and I didn't know just how vulgar Beyonce is. This sure is not someone you would want your children to look up to. She is a real disgrace and no lady.

  • I just saw this today and it's really good, Beyonce is more than a singer or dancer or a pretty face, she literally fills so many shoes I lose count. Even if Dionne Warwick says she's not an icon, she's well on her way, not many people, even those in the music industry can do what she does. 🐝

  • Only Beyonce will make a film about, yes, herself, in the most iconic classic way possible. I can’t stand her ego, lust for control over how she is perceived, all combined with fake humility. She could actually do shit that have societal value with all the power she has but no she makes a film about herself 😂

  • Beyonce says she wants to be a representative of the human race and yet there's only one race in this trailer. Just black people. No Chinese, no white, no Hispanic, just black.

  • The real king of the South and the queen see jeez y bit of troy his whole career and tip is a fag snitch

  • I don't understand why she is a feminist and stays with a husband that cheats on her. Don't get it. I wish she would have left the Jay-Z. She could do so much better.

  • She should have one at lest one Emmy award! She’s being blackballed since her Super Bowl Halftime performance. Bruce Springsteen’s “Springsteen in Broadway” won and its trailer was watched less than six hundred times Even Rupaul beat her for costumes. What?!!!!

    Since Trump has been in I am sure he’s been making an impact on the award officials.

  • 2 hours of marching band music was too much.. thats what this film/performance was- too much.. She did not need all that action on stage AT ALL. Would have been better if she just relaxed for 5 min . I like you B, but damn calm down and just be B

  • On Facebook there’s people dragging this movie saying she’s a bad singer and doesn’t deserve this documentary… bruh I understand you can’t like Beyoncé but never heard of someone denying her talents 😮

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