Homeless Man Does Stunning Act Social Experiment

yo what's going on you guys so originally I was shooting a social experiment where I would stand on the side of the road asking other cars for help because my car ran out of gas just five minutes into shooting this video I saw this homeless man and I decided to ask him for some help what he did was extremely heartwarming and I'm glad that I met him I want to give a huge shout out Johnny Mason for making this video possible he has a really good channel going so make sure to check it out the link will be in the description below let's see what happens hi sir hi excuse me um where's the nearest gas station around here down the road about a mile on your right-hand side about a mile yes sir dang because my car's completely out of gas right now and I need to get gas so how I yeah I called my mom but she's at work and call my daddy's at work as well and everybody that I know my friends everybody they're all at work too they were in college and work and stuff like that no idea what to do and I was just driving I just felt lazy about stopping and getting gas and now I guess I'm suffering the consequence yeah I know it's the thing it's like I was just trying to get home my house my house is like 20 miles away I know I can't even turn my car's AC on that's true so so yeah I'm sitting out here it's waiting I'm seeing what I can do and the gas station about a mile away right see that's the thing I can't even like walk my car a mile away right fine okay I'll be right back yeah we're back yeah okay Hey hi it's so where'd you get that from I didn't want to be sitting out here I had a little bit of money from recycling cans I had and I thought I'd get some gas I can t be sitting out here you poppin cats right I know I need it if a while it where'd you get the money from ahead of jupiter's recycling it'll be collected I have it up in the cache I know you need it though I was planning to eat all budget but that's okay I'll pack up something to work out certain huh no you didn't have to do that you really didn't have to do that I can't do down here I know but oh my god I can't believe you did that you really didn't have to do that I just can't meet your need that please have a hug sure it really means a lot to me sir what I didn't want you to do that your toys that's what I had to do it can t be out here that really that really shows a lot you know how you know you need the money to you know I mean and you know you wanted help me out yeah I mean I can recycle for more I want to give you I want to give me $500 man no no I can't take 500 oh no no timber huh oh boy how do you want $10 now happy you 500 yuan ten that's your money need it no no no it's yours now you really deserve that money man even if it's just you know a small task that that you're making me cry no no no don't cry here here take the money please take the money are you sure ya know it will make me happy for her daughter yeah I know it's five hundred dollars I want to give it to you sure yeah I'm completely hundred percent sure cuz that that was just an amazing act what you just did like that really just pin by day here take the $500 suppose it's yours man thank you it was like I that's that's seriously son ha I could really no I you know you said you were hungry and you still probably gas you know like that's seriously something that like I can't even believe that like that you would do that you know what I mean could be yo your you need a ride anywhere I enjoy walking ha I enjoy walking are you sure I'll give you a ride back Oh walk no if you're trying to make me some well you'd be right I don't have to make I just got this money now I'm just so happy that I'm just gonna take a walk and calm down a little bit it's amazing I hope you get a room for yourself for tonight though no Troy do you have like a phone number or anything I can contact you on you don't okay um do you have like a paper or panic can give you my phone number you don't have it I think I have something okay I wrote my number on this random business card I wrote my numbers right there one okay yes I want you to call me if you ever need help okay sure thank you make sure to stay in touch – okay please stay it's touchy yeah I know I'm going to get out but please make sure if you ever need anything or if you ever need any money or food or anything like that just let me know call me okay I hope you have a good day that really was so inspired thank you so much that really means a lot but basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to park my car on the side of the road and I'm I like wave my hand two cars buddy stop something like I'm out of gas and one

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