HomePlug Alliance – Ted & Maria's Connected Home

this is Ted and this is Maria they enjoy browsing the internet watching streaming movies and playing online video games Ted and Maria have just moved into a new home and want to connect the TV in their living room to the Internet Ted thinks it's best to use a reliable wired connection but Maria reminds him their TV is across the room from their internet router and that would mean running an Ethernet cable across the living room not a good idea after a little research Ted decides to use home plug certified adapters the adapters use a home's existing electrical wiring to carry a reliable internet connection to any electrical outlet in the house Ted plugs a home plug certified adapter into an electrical outlet close to his router he then uses a standard ethernet cable to connect the adapter to his router a strong Internet signal is now sent over the electrical wiring and Ted in Maria's home Ted plugs a second adapter into the outlet by his TV then uses another ethernet cable to connect the adapter to his TV problem solved in their home office Ted and Maria have a desktop computer and a printer but their wireless signal has trouble traveling through the walls Maria calls on home plug in no time Maria has a home plug certified adapter plugged into a power outlet and connected to the computer via an Ethernet cable because where there's power there's internet the den is where Ted would like to play online video games and Maria wants to browse the internet on her tablet this room is also a veritable black hole for wireless signals in their home Ted decides to plug in a home plug hybrid wireless extender it provides a wired connection and uses its own antenna to extend a reliable Wi-Fi connection in the den now Ted and Maria enjoy movies games and internet browsing in every area of their fully connected home thanks to home plug technology available worldwide from your favorite electronics retailers

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  • I am not in any way a technical person but I had my powerline adapters out of the box and working within minutes. There was no software required nor any complicated configuration.It was literally a case of plug and play. My laptop is in the basement of my old sandstone house and my router upstairs, meaning that I only had a weak signal in the basement. Now I have a reliable broadband connection, thanks to powerline.

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