Hope for Recovery

hi I'm Jacqueline eka and I'm the founder of eating disorder hope and I'm so glad you're watching this video I wanted to share my own experience with the importance of hope in recovery I I do know what it's like to be so beat down by an eating disorder that you feel hopeless despairing wondering if it's even worth going on I've been there actually a few times I've been there and it and my eating disorder lasted a long time for a number of years and I kept failing I would get it together for a little while and then lose traction and fall back into the eating disordered behaviors and the rest of my life reflected it there was a lot of broken relationships failed responsibilities quitting school quitting jobs and I really felt that I was perceived as a failure at the time for a number of years actually and what I can tell you is this that ability the ability to have hope is what saved me and I think hope is not some ideal out there it Springs from within it cannot come from outside of yourself there can be inspiration from others but you have to look deep deep within and find that drive to to live to take your gifts and talents and run in this world however that looks for you and in order to do that sometimes it means falling off the horse dusting yourself off and getting back up on that horse over and over again so that your trajectory in recovery unfortunately may not go just like this instead it may go yes but if you'll notice there's an upward trend and now when I look back I am astounded by how far I've come and I know this I know if somebody is fallible as me can do it then I know you can too and that's why we're here at eating-disorder hope the bottom line of why we exist is to and hopefully help inspire that belief and hope in you so that you too can find the strength to run in your life with recovery health vitality and contribute meaningfully to others in society we need you stay in the game thanks for being a friend of eating disorder hope we believe in you

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  • Thanks for this, I can really hear the sincerity in your voice. I stumbled upon this today after having a pretty big "fuck up" and it is good to hear the encouragement. I hope you are still going strong.

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