Hope Mikaelson (+ Klaus/Alaric) | "You're not my father!"

dear dad I'm no stranger to death but that doesn't mean I want to talk about it I know it's a powerful scent of death once a year for Remembrance Day we're asked to write letters to our lost loved ones who sign our names fold them up and scatter them throughout the cemetery I usually don't see the point family is a hope is never love always at river OBE is never love how do you know about my dad well he's standing right behind you don't dad goody Klaus Mikaelson no there's nothing there how are we doing here you the one who invited yourself here it's restaurants in New Orleans I spent half my childhood you wouldn't know how your dad is no I don't sure you do you want to know if he's at least would be suffering regretting his sacrifice yes he died because of me but that was his choice made my decision I've come to terms with it what if there's nothing after that's just remember the caucus okay yes I want to know about my dad my family said that he must have died at well in his heart stronger than an initiative found peace but how am I supposed to know that's true I need to know that he's not alone because I can't live with myself if he is alone no one should ever have to be alone like this please don't woman let her out she's scared come on man daddy's own today I messed up good well I have it under control Oh Oh relief soon or this story the next week father protecting his daughter I'd say that's exactly right talk about the ways in which you could torment you starting with your dead mother ending with your dead father and how about all the ghosts of all the people that you killed in between they all dead because he kept we shouldn't do this don't do that you don't like that I'd like your rules as a headmaster fine punishes you barrier don't disappoint it died because you were not my father oh I know that you know you can just be my headmaster all this other stuff you seen in the JavaScript attempt to make an actual friend here and we can reevaluate this relationship I messed up in ways that if you were here you'd be so disappointed at me just from home even got a look at me but I'm sure he'll fix it I was told today that you didn't ever find peace until I found it in myself I feel father he watches over you every day oh he did die with those and he doesn't regret his choice [Applause] leave on fun pace until you do I told to punish me but if it's true so I'm gonna do better today I saw glimpse of what truly was like if I don't find my own piece something you get to work on that this brother I'm glad to know you're with me you're gonna love you till the day when you're not I love you hope

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