HostDime’s Corporate Office Tour

Welcome to HostDime’s brand new Corporate
Headquarters. The opening of this office comes on the heels of a massive expansion of HostDime’s
DimeNOC data center. Our corporate headquarters are located in
Research Park, the technology hub of Orlando, Fl. This newly built 15,000 square foot office
space is fully operational around-the-clock to facilitate HostDime’s 24/7customer service and support. This building houses over 100 employees. Teams
include: support, sales, security, design, marketing, finance, HR, accounting and management
teams. State of the art equipment and technology
were implemented to improve the efficiency of HostDime’s top-notch support team. Managed
clients are able to open tickets and live chat any time of day, 365 days a year. Energy saving components such as low power
usage gigabyte Brix computers, Electrorack heating and cooling components, and energy
efficient LED LCD monitors were installed to keep the energy footprint as minimal as
possible. HostDime proudly delivers exceptional data
center and cloud solutions in the United States and throughout the world. This facility is
the heart of HostDime Worldwide which includes data centers in Brazil, Mexico, and India,
as well as facilities in Colombia, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom HostDime chose the area for our new corporate
headquarters for its proximity to the University of Central Florida. Many of HostDime’s staff are current UCF
students and alumni with information technology and computer science degrees. A 1,000 square foot fully-redundant IT room
with UPS and generator backup was designed to keep the sales and support functions operational
at all times, even in the event of a power failure. A hostdime colored generator with 1000 gallon
diesel fuel reserve was installed on site to power all operations for up to a week if
needed. This room also serves as a backup facility
for HostDime’s primary internal systems, as well as housing disaster recovery servers
from the DimeNOC data center for clients on a disaster recovery plan. Employees and visitors can enjoy the HostDime
break room any time of day. This large eating area features a Coke freestyle machine, gourmet
coffee and large TVs. Employees can also spend break time in our super cool game room, taking
their turn to win a match on the foosball table. If video gaming is more their speed
they can challenge the boss to a game of FIFA on the XBOX ONE, fire up the Wii U for some
competitive Mario Kart, or kick it old school on the classic NBA Jam arcade game. HostDime is committed to bringing more technology
jobs to Orlando through investments like this facility. All employees strive to make HostDime
a great place to work. Feel free to visit our website at to check out
our careers page and join the HostDime team. Thank you for visiting our corporate headquarters,
Next time you’re in Orlando, come say Hello!

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