Hot Affiliate Offers – Mortgage – This offer pays up to 60.00 on a qualified lead

– Hey guys, Gene here from I’m also an account manager
with Palo Media Group. And Palo is a PayPerCall
affiliate network, and today I’m talking
about one of their offers, mortgage connectors. This is a mortgage offer that pays out anywhere from 10 bucks to 60 bucks, depending on the type of mortgage that we’re looking at here. So new mortgages pay out
10 bucks, refi’s pay out 30 and then reverse mortgages
pay out 60 bucks. They’re all based on call durations. I’m bringing this up because it works particularly well with our leads-to-call program, which basically is a fancy
scheduling system that uses SMS and you can take your lead data, and push it into this program and it will get the lead onto the phone, and that’s where the conversion
actually takes place. So, if you are in the mortgage space, and you have lead data, and you want to look at ways at monetizing that data even further, use your age data, you can
use your real-time web leads, give me a holler at the
local messenger here, and I’ll be happy to engage you and talk to you about this.

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