Hot Boy Turk and Jordan Tower Talk Everything Out Live, Everything is Good [NO Problems]

Wow I’m starting stream right now and when it clicks in I’m just waiting for it to go live okay we go selling my babes date date date not much they know your location favorite black bass mm-hmm I man we good i’m just gonna get in my truck no problem so I ball a deal yeah yeah yeah we lie right now bro k yeah we live man okay so I know you guys didn’t expect this and a lot of you guys out there that we’re feeding into the splitting people apart people were stronger together me and Turk realize this especially you know people with different races coming together is very powerful that’s what Martin Luther King wanted you know right Turk for real for real my real Mitzvah misunderstanding ain’t never ain’t never to being free to get over standing on line oh yeah Turk talked over the weekend and you know we said hey man we were on a good start man what happened so me and him talked it out he told me how he felt and I and I told him how I felt about everything that happened and you know I said you know what like we both realized that life is just too short man to like why have problems when people when me and him got along fine for so long Your Honor mean so it was really just a misunderstanding so should we just take it from the top yeah you know like like like I say when we talk when we talk tom it was both our ideas to go live and let the people here since I did make a public approach you know which I shouldn’t even did man cuz i usually don’t hell am I my business like that just probably like the third time that I ever even add some shit out of high really felt you know um instead of you know being a man about it in and really like is getting in contact with you more than the ways that I tried you’re not saying all I felt like you know when I at the time man I felt a certain way for us I felt like you were distant yourself you know satellite at one time you a call you not saying when things come up you’d be like oh Turk man can you talk man we can talk about this situation talk about this subject I remember when we first got in contact with each other that’s how I we was rocket oh yeah we were going live all the time yeah we was gonna five all the time so yourself I felt that only right like you know when you post the situation with me and mannie fresh out the men Mannie Fresh head and squash that situation you know what’s dangerous what’s Davis was do a timeline so that people can follow us so this is back in December 2016 I saw a podcast of mannie fresh and dirt in the middle of it they asked him about Turk and he said Turks my brother and he said some other things and I did a story now that the lot that title seemed bad right but what I was saying in there was very positive because I said I know why Turk did the Instagram thing he probably couldn’t get it’s hard to get in touch with mannie fresh it is you know so right but you know you know like like I told you man I know I understand like Halle bloggers be and i have to say black are you now saying as i look at you as as one of the homies my like i said you had my favorite line but when you when you were something a certain way i feel like you trying to draw people to come to your site you know saying and that’s basically what you did like with that with that whole situation i felt like if you want to get a message across you had my phone number yeah why i put something out in the media just like I put something out in the media I had your phone if I could of collagen told you how I felt but this will be doing you’re not saying oh yeah but after that situation hadn’t happened it was like it wasn’t no more giant I were picking up john taiwan china holla you know my singing things and do what’s given the next piece that happened so i put the story up Turk gave me a call on the phone and I picked up I said what’s good man you think he explained that oh that was an old podcast maybe it ran now but it was old me and him already talked about that and it was done and I said oh shit I didn’t even know that so what do you want me to do and Turk said just retract it you know do another story and also promote my record so what I did I got off and I promoted the record and I retracted it but what I didn’t know was I was on IG live on the phone cost thought we were having a man in their phone call so i put it just like it just like it just like this right now John if you put some out on me yeah and I’m alive and I’m telling people night ain’t that man any what it is the same way how you want some clarification yeah I mean I wanted that to you know so I wanted people not to make you look bad but you’re not saying that’s how you made me look that’s how you made it to where I felt like man you came in and in the in the middle of my money flow you’re now saying bye bye bye bye making that topic the way you made it for people to come and then when they come is not dead I feel like if it’s something real man put out something really special about me and if you want to answer about something man you could call me yourself you even have to put that out for the people to be speculating and forming an opinion about something you know so I felt some type of way you know from you having my direct line why I put that shit out online like that you need money at all and after i did had you online you know it was no big deal it Amos get out well you know what scared me about that what scared me about that is that I thought we were having a private conversation among friends and I thought damn i could have said something wild on the phone not knowing that I was live what did I it ain’t nothing you should say wow because we and what they talk about hind nobody back shit I know I’m not you’re not saying to say shit that I know but I could have said something I don’t know what I could have said that I didn’t want you know you know I’m saying like I could have said something private you like yo I what if I told you yo can I talk to you about something I got this going on in my life right now it could have been something like that meaning and not talking shit ok betting that ain’t that ain’t the case dope I me but that could have happened that’s why I was that’s why I always heard about that so we were both her but we still we talked about that in December and we put that to bed too but it ain’t sab aid if you link around and your emotions and your feelings but I wasn’t I promise you I wasn’t look look instead of history show is shown from a show from me Charlie get in contact with you get on and talk about some shit yeah you now say I felt damn John tile must feel some type of way bout this shit so I’m hitting him break up there’s a home where I’m hitting him up and I’m like damn you know shit than change like yeah like man you know like went with how you start it’s how you got to finish with me right you don’t start and finish the way man that ain’t real you did so yeah if me and you started a certain way we have to finish that way man and that wasn’t the case like it was like damn I mean no a Turk now I hear that shit he got to say and on a wild when I get the text message from do that ship came back up so you didn’t let it go you feel some type of way about oh no I felt at that point at that point I felt a way that you outed me you called me a racist when I wasn’t a racist and that’s what hurt right there cuz i was like doesn’t even true bro cuz i’m not you know like that’s where her that’s why when that guy hit me i was just clarifying that I don’t understand why he did that you know but listen we’re past all that lately like the thing with your backup take this object yeah I went live not a racist part you know I probably I probably over overstepped it with the racist part but the way you was acting I was a little okay I’ll admit one thing as a man wait I’ll admit it okay I don’t I don’t I don’t think you racist per se but the way you was acting like i like i told you i don’t see you I don’t see you on reporting the Kardashians doing this doing it tanner Brown I don’t see you reporting that fucking anybody white they got more pointers nada nada there’s not a lot of people white in music like I don’t see you doing a lot of music with white people I could say that this is entertainment though this right you right on well as the last post as I’ve been saying you write like you just say something about the man that was killing motherfucker that’s not hip-hop but you spoke about it I do so like I didn’t report on that but you say something about it then you stalking me bro but whether you whether you report on it or you speak on it I don’t see you spoke what did I say but what but with them is see if you listen to me say I said this isn’t a racist you guys this is just a crazy person shooting people do not blame this guy cuz because if it’s race just like a white person some people are just crazy but this what I’m saying JT wasn’t one say sure that’s not hip-hop that’s not hip-hop but I didn’t do a story on it but I didn’t do a story on I talk about it live but I talked about everything lies yes listen listen yeah that man with mental issues that he had don’t have nothing to do with hip-hop right but you spoke on it you just stirring my life you can saying you know you just said you don’t speak out on the Kardashian cuz they not hip-hop I can say that’s a lie because the Kardashian she fuck with Kanye West she that doesn’t make that is just cuz you’re getting just cuz you’re getting sex from somebody hip-hop doesn’t make your hip hop well what I’m saying I felt that I felt that was the way you been racist that’s what I’m saying I’m trying to explain a while you’ll be erased but that’s not that’s not racism that’s not racist I discrimination I might’ve worried about discrimination I would just say like listen like okay like say the hot boys when you guys with a hot boys in 1998 right were you putting that music out just for black people or for everybody to enjoy but I put that shit off everybody man I don’t have I you know what I hate some white people don’t get me wrong but I hate the mother fuck I hate what they do I had a lot of black people I hate what they do I’ll give a fuck what you is I stand for righteous you now say I’m not to a point where I see a white passerby see you I like that motherfucker he he he he he white now I’m not like that but the shit that they do hey I I disliked that shit you know saying and I feel like yeah some of the shit that you were doing that’s how it was your actions not you as a person but your actions that’s what it was that’s that’s the energy that i was getting it and I spoke on it you know I’m sorry right now I understand now if I was TMZ I would report on everything but a court like this is how this is how media works fruit and I’m just explain I know you kind of understand it already but if I start reporting on the Kardashians right that’s outside of my demographic and and and and as far as my demographic as far as what I’ve been doing since 2001 your domain so it won’t do well it won’t perform it’s a waste of time I and I don’t know no but listen listen I don’t know about the Kardashians I know about hip-hop music so that’s my point exactly what you just say you don’t know about my relationship with Birdman you don’t know I don’t my rent Valentin i only talk about what’s public oh I’m gonna make a part okay okay go ahead go ahead oh you do a lot of speculate you don’t really know because you’re not walking in these ten and a half right so you only can speculate right outside so my whole thing is if you got my direct line right back it don’t before you report on me because just you know me you got my direct line you did so I mean if you were if you go repulsor man when I’m ready to get on there talk about something that’s that they gonna helping up being more for ya shits on the line with me bout that too i wanna i want to uplift someone forgot always want to tell nobody down you’ll I said let’s just I am hip hop I’m hip hop I’m just saying doing all that dumb shit pulling out guns catching Joe just gonna send it out of jail I did all this shit you know what i want what i want to take a stand for my brother’s full hip hop shit you know I’m gonna tell you I put me on the show of course it’s just as much and just as much your hip hop I’m hip hop that’s my point exactly that why I reach out to young people like you John tile because you have a platform you have a platform that I don’t have bro what when the situation came up everybody were asking me about how I felt about this I felt about that I reached out to em records say you know what let’s discuss this well I’ll let everybody gonna get it at one time yeah you’re here he told me that monday we gonna do it and then when you in do it i said you know what my it fuck there she is I just came up i feel like damn man kid three four months ago he would hurry up and got on see Ike so what the Benazir now that was my way of I wish you had called us cuz you know what happened I was wrong I was wrong and I the day just slipped by that was it that way I promise you you’re always welcome you’re always welcome here you know I apologize from calling you a ruse and having people to taking that way but John to be honest bro some of the things you do how you do don’t say return don’t you see you have to you have to you have to take constructive criticism because I do might not see you you no matter how much you say you can relate to black people yeah man you’re white you know say I’m no matter how much I say I can relate the white people I’m black facts so its up its certain is certain things I can’t speak on certain things I I can’t say because I don’t know that you can enlighten me oh and it’s vice versa of course saying that you don’t know turkan enlighten your own Nigel meet with other people too so when you don’t hit us out the first thing we was brought up the faith that motherfucker races you know did you ain’t consult so that’s the only thing man product came out the wrong way I fell you wasn’t tryin to hear me out okay he white here why he white she he races but you I you never did me anything and I take that back man you now saying I don’t believe you races in my heart I don’t believe it some of the shit still it’s suspect it’s question like what though like I chill I just I just waiting at listening but listen listen if Eminem Mac Miller fucks up tomorrow they get reported on you know but you can’t be you can’t be ok Turk didn’t fuck up and I got reported all you dug that shit up no no this shit okay no I’m saying I’m saying look dig some shit up on them white boys just like you dig up on the bread bowl I didn’t dig but but turn turn they got real life problems JT I know I understand I understand no protector can I say one thing they life is not perfect can I say one thing perfect no no no but can I say one thing let’s sit let’s calm down a little bit get a little high no Mannie Fresh said this not me I just reported on what he said now now listen I should have called you we could add a discussion about that life I would rent that all i wanted to have would have been better that would have been better copy yeah how’s ur F app at the meet at the me telling you yeah JT minutes and I had just told you mention we work that shit out man we good yeah man I don’t give a fuck who report on so JT I pulled a report on cuz he got turned our egg line yeah well I’m a repeat shit when I’m talking to the source the speculating you did yeah yeah website I want to say something to the people to everybody that fed into this and wanted to see this happen you guys are evil because you want black people and white people to not get along and you show your true colors during this point cuz now we’re cool again what you gonna say now bad way I had a little problem like that never had no personal plan Jake me we’re good JT real cool do you know Han it up you like moving for like over standing this is the best medication man any kind of wounds you know like as a man as a man like whatever I’m am saying that offended you and whatever I may have seen that product mislead people not take it back I apologize you know I’m saying cuz i don’t have no personal issues against you i don’t think you racist yeah you know I mean I felt the way I felt about certain things you an honest I felt that was the emotions I had to put a name on my emotional you know but on we talked about it man and I got over standing you know now in the future when you have problems with people I don’t want you to burn you like this is such a small industry don’t burn your bridges because I feel a way about a lot of people i just don’t have my prick you know what will you say burn bridges fuck a bridge may I got my own bridge you know I don’t give a fuck about that I don’t give a fuck about that just being real JT and I faced an awful lot I don’t care about the motherfuckers ain’t do nothing for me for 10 year when i was in jannat did enough for the time I’ve been home but I want you but this is what I want I feel about the industry though how I feel about the industry man they really all go get it I wouldn’t give a damn but I want you to get to where you gotta get to the industry that’s gonna get me there you know gonna give me where I need to get garlic my husband get me all sure either you believe in Jesus not Illuminati but we got it we got some Devils that try to stop us I got people that try to stop me every day man you know it’s like well god work was for you can’t know but que no man stop it they say I had 22 years I was never coming home when I walking up there walk they were like damn man where you going nigga I told y’all got home I bet you did ear can’t nobody stop me man what’s going on like it gonna happen yes I stand on that I stand for righteousness like I’m poster stand out i’m not like everybody else yeah I supposed to stand out and I say and sometime it take persecution when you’re doing right I’m willing to fight that yeah I will fight that I’ll have to blend in with the crowd the girl says ya like like like like like like I say man you know man you good tho bro you don’t about of course now we’re good and then um when you come well with my have to break out the cameras doing music videos soon you know man oh yeah yeah JT do the music videos y also man you know everybody mail I guess listening miya stop you know coming all JT well just yeah and same with same vice versa just we’re cool leave it alone we’re good you know and moving forward let’s talk about your LeBron record two at the same time hold up LeBron hold up hold up yeah hold up prior record out right now man itunes is our itunes title spotify google play everywhere you need you know dollar twenty-nine that’s on the deal you know say oh it’s on the radios they planted on internet radio FM radios now we bout to shoot a video i actually was gonna shoot the video into my wife had to go to surgery Oh how’s she doing how’s she doing wonderful now y’all saw she was out for each you know saying we bang some trucking man my wife strong so ya know we moving around and on hold on the bride man opening the Bronco to the championship you dig hey it is coming out song or something you did yeah yeah now I’m what’s next you got a project coming on yeah actually I’m younger talking three was gonna be my last solo album and I wouldn’t gonna do after that man you know why I t is a brand I could do whatever I got my book I got my move out wrote you’re not saying my documentary like everything is my story I want to go around telling my story man industry it is watered down now just being reinstalled it down and I believe likes some people go through so much to tell a story man to help people and that’s what I want to do the rest of my life I want to help people to not do the things that I did you not say I don’t want to see nothing locked up again killer that ain’t that ain’t my passion you know saying I want to see people delivered from drugs and alcohol and you know being in the family you know us as black people you know not to get on black and white but yeah I the image that been portrayed is you’re not gonna have a black family you did they don’t want a black family so I stand in the gap that the show that I am a husband I am a daddy to my kids I be any life and I’m saying like you can’t overcome drug addiction like this the type of stuff that need to be out and they don’t talk about it and we have people like you they got the platform yeah when you see may I was a hot boy you now say I changed my life let’s talk about man how you doing this Turk people want to heal the comeback store or how you overcame something you know sigh because people loss out there man so it’s true death do I know I said that’s true like you’re an inspiration for a lot of people for real for real so that’s i do man and and that was another reason i’ll say you know why i got people looking at looking up to me for the right reason i like i got convicted mac see that one say if I was like the industry mane man john john tower would have been going that i’ve been doing all kind of making up all kind of lines cuz that what they do they make up lies own you try to make you look bad but yeah I would man I said you know what Jay team a leader I say that publicly you know saying because I I did I made a public move that i shouldn’t’ve did you know sash that’s why i didn’t respond i felt like we could get past that eventually and if i had started responding i would have said things I didn’t really feel and that wouldn’t have been right so I said you know what I’m just not going to say anything because I actually had a connection with this guy at one point we were cool we’re friends you’re going to mean so yeah it’s not worth that plus you have a family and I really respect that Europe a husband and a you have a wife and kids and you’re there for your children that’s very rare amongst a lot of races nowadays not just by back White’s Chinese people not not all the people there for their kids and this is a good man right here you know well you know I once again man I apologize like a man you know sighs you know I’m glad we’re fine no I don’t have no I don’t have no issues no ill-will going and I ain’t gonna get out the phosphate mange tbj no se but it is from a genuine spam apartment that I want to do a lot you take for the cameras and ain’t none of that you’re not saying I did it live I want to get it right laughs oh me too bad guys we already got it right in private but we just want to show you guys that we’re good and when are we gonna get this side on the talking part 3 man the other fucking part3 man it gonna drop before this year you know and all i got a mighty man woman manual you know we got a lot of shit like so stuff i’m on contract I can’t discuss I understand our sample oh man we got a lot of stuff man like me and my wife and my family like we working on some other stuff that people gonna be shocked like damn I even though they were working towards that that Lane you know but all that’s what it is though man prestressed it rest in peace to your grandmother too yeah yeah my ground we bearing her sad rest of us oh and always rest in peace to shorty low on this show always rest in peace to shovel Oh egg roll fresh man everybody freedom guys everybody that’s doing time you know everybody but the rapist in a child in the cold-blooded murderers we don’t want the cold-blooded murderers out here killing you know hey you know that’s how you feel you don’t know but it depends on the murder it depends on the murder it appears on the murder though submerged obey you know Sue Engel talk about David Mann good talk about make me go back in my old ways man but all my time JT I have a good time with the family tonight man I bro alright peace okay guys so we’re we’re back I just want to let you get you know so we worked it out publicly I see what you guys are saying in the chat that’s not even that’s you guys are crazy in the chat but now we addict we have talked publicly for you guys so I’m just glad you guys were here to witness it you know there’s no there’s no reason for people to there’s no reason for people to like have problems with each other okay me and Turcotte along at one point we’re good now so I hope this deletes all the questions for you guys and we’re good let’s see and we’re just good man you know it life life is too short to have problems with people out here and um he has a lot of positive things going on that I want to be able to have him on the show for and everything and also you know we were cool before though it was just a miscommunication honestly so that’s why I never responded I wanted it to leave it open to where we could be friends again and work with each other because we could bring a lot like guys racism is just it’s not it shouldn’t be in your vocabulary black white Chinese you judge people on people you judge people on their character okay so that’s it you know and so black white all of us are stronger together so we just got to be strong and I’m a white guy he’s black guy I know Chinese people yeah everybody’s stronger together it doesn’t matter you know so screw colors and all that kind of stuff there’s no boundaries out here I appreciate all you guys coming in here you guys are awesome and for you guys promoting us not being cool and stuff that’s not cool man cuz like you gotta want people to be cool unless there’s a real problem but nothing was done to anybody we’re awesome out here I love you guys man we’re gonna tune in tomorrow sorry I it was a different kind of show today but this was a necessary show to show that you hey people can work past their problems there doesn’t have to be a problem and why do guys we’re here to witness it I appreciate you guys and I’ll see you tomorrow all right peace

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