HOT GIRL vs HOMELESS CHILD! (Social Experiment)

what's up guys today we're in Hollywood we didn't come back a social experiment to find out who are people more likely to help a homeless child holding a sign that says Coast hungry please help or grown female holding a sign that says I need money let's see what kind of reactions we get yeah well at this moment I need money to finance for makeup and like I really need that right now because I'm a dancer yeah we like to do my finances our cars right around the corner yes I guess I could help you yeah great well you don't hear ya if you can't so you ready to go I'll run rough corner yeah I'm not going to go with you because this is a social experiment if you look right there there's a camera right there so I'm not going to go with you but that's what is this so yeah whatever thank you hey you know what is written yeah I do actually this is what can be yeah thank you I'm here I would thank you for yeah you can put in there to whatever you're like I know but I've dealt with the kidding yourself right you can write in here and over or not I'm not going to give you my number but yes oh thank you so much thank you so much hi any money for makeup yeah can you help me with that oh yeah thank you so much thank you hi can you help me do it thank you wait for I need money for makeup okay yeah in all honesty like right now I want to be a dancer I want to be model and actress so I need makeup for that so any money for my makeup so would thank you so much who Oh you I'm Sam so thank you so much sir for helping her you know what was going through your mind when you thought I was worried for this is a little girl sitting out there and then I realized there was only some pennies in there so let's put some dollars in there yeah you didn't think it twice about using twice do you know she casino forced by her mom's come out or maybe she maybe pretend to be homeless it just you know child so you go to the echo everything Hollywood's acting but what you did it was like a noose on your heart so I really appreciate you walking by it we saw every since I how old is I'm gonna have a little girl happy for money thank you guys for watching if you guys want to talk to me I'll follow me the best way to do it is Instagram at Reisman TV go follow me now you can get the Reisman t-shirt and Reisman das pressure calm until next time disability remember if it's not right it's not right

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