Hot Girl VS Homeless Man! (Social Experiment)

welcome risk-takers today I'm gonna be doing a social experiment I'm going to be going out in public acting as a homeless man I'm gonna be asking strangers money for food also I have Maria over here and she's eating playing the attractive girl but there's one thing she's going to be asking money for breast implants let's see who receives more money you guys spare some change can you spare some change sir I just need a quarter anything for some food can you guys spare please he's third quarter food hello ma'am will you happen to spare a quarter anything blow you guys have any change your food there alright good day you happen to have a quarter anybody have a nice day sir you got a quarter a dime yeah well you're good shape places yeah I just like saving water right now for my first prom hello hey I'm gonna take your picture yeah for sure yeah thank you oh yeah yes you could have put it there thank you so much you just do like a blue I just got mine done way I don't have a dog yeah don't worry there is okay hi do you want to kill our repeat my godness be a model so I need to cross Impala for $1 whatever you have hearts so if I have cash know if your loan oh thank you thank you so much and there you won't I want a cup d see you don't need to this on Miami we can take for about you yeah not number no well I know have number from care I hope you reach your goals yeah and you become I don't know miss Miami oh thank you but you have AA – what's up something like that maybe they're making self-funding Mauro but yeah ready okay Oh also you have to spend any giving sir I particularly like you know what meaning ah

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