100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry – Yovanovitch Testimony

  • Just a side note 😉 Break the Tention if there is any. You ever notice when it comes to Climatology nun of the trillions of Dollars actually goes to cleaning up the Planet it goes to Legislation to get the People to pay for it. What's that about. Don't get me wrong I'm all about sustainability and ecology finding new ways for farmers living in harmony with nature using bugs to protect the crops and all. However have you ever notice that as well.🤔🤑🙄😎 Just something else to talk about Uther then this 😏

  • (Leon)
    First day on duty
    In Raccoon City
    Stuck in the streets
    Filled with zombies

    Searching for my brother,
    But he's gone, a bummer.
    Found this girl who's,
    Seen hell, been through,

    Her dad transformed,
    Monstrous death storm,
    It scares.

    Umbrella's creation's
    In the police station.
    Irons tried to hide,
    Proof til he died,

    Tyrant seeks to,
    Find the G-dude,
    And kill us.

    (Leon and Claire):
    But we'll never stop fighting!

    (Leon & Claire):
    I'm a zombie killer,
    Blasting through this thriller.
    We are zombie killers,
    Always pulling triggers.

    Ada comes along,
    I dive to protect her from,
    A bullet fired by Sherry's mom,
    Who then ambushes
    And injures Wong.

    Sherry's dad implanted
    Her with a G-Virus embryo,
    Her mom tells me how to make
    A vaccine, to save Sherry's soul.

    Wong left me to die in the
    Sewer with an infected alligator,
    She seems so cold and heartless,
    Using me as bait while
    she says "see you later".
    She found redemption after
    trying to steal the G-Virus,
    But we still need to kill
    Sherry's dad, looks like
    An inside out congested sinus.

  • My first shift on the job, I picked a cold night
    Small-town kid, future looking so bright (Yeah right)
    Did you bring your "A" game rookie? Hold tight
    Welcome to the big city – hope the people don't bite (Get back!)
    Racoon hit a blackout – get your own lights
    It's an apocalypse, don't go down with no fight (Uh!)
    I'm not too bothered by blood, just wipe my coat dry (Ugh!)
    Hello end times, goodbye old life

    Buckle up, hit the road, muzzle up, lock and load
    Count my shots, ammo's always runnin' low
    These streets are really gonna need a deep clean
    In addition to a functioning precinct
    Since I'm new to the force, better earn some respect
    Get to purging infected, to serve and protect
    'Cause everywhere I turn is the scourge of the dead
    When I put a bullet in 'em, make sure it's the head

    Runnin' out of time, I can make it through this hell
    No one's sending backup – take a breath and tell myself
    That when I wake tomorrow, I'll know it's all in my head
    Last night I just dreamed that I walked with the dead

    The end is starting tonight
    Got no more stars in our sights
    We could all be gone by the time
    There comes another sunrise
    Deep in the dark, you can't hide
    Don't fear the bark, just the bite
    Even if we are to survive
    I'm feelin' far from alive

    I'm done with undergrad, I'll study undead now
    Zombies started this party, I gotta get down
    Can I weather this ugly infested town?
    No umbrella will ever cover up this mess now
    Learn to dance in the rain – steady hand, steady aim
    Knock 'em dead or Redfield ain't my name
    Careful where I place my trust, my brother was betrayed
    No luck with helicopters? Oughta find another way
    To escape this place which I can't say I'll miss
    The stench of decay is enough to make me sick
    Even though I love my country, call myself a patriot
    Don't forget, nobody's getting paid to babysit

    When you hear some hella heavy footstep comin'
    If it doesn't sound human you should do some runnin'
    2nd amendment arguments aren't gonna plummet
    Pick up a gun or you'll end up in something's stomach

    Runnin' out of time, I can make it through this hell
    No one's sending backup – take a breath and tell myself
    That when I wake tomorrow, I'll know it's all in my head
    Last night I just dreamed that I walked with the dead

    This nightmare we're fightin'
    Half-dead yet far from dyin'
    Won't stop us from tryin'
    Near death but far from dyin'

    Runnin' out of time, I can make it through this hell
    No one's sending backup – take a breath and tell myself
    That when I wake tomorrow, I'll know it's all in my head
    Last night I just dreamed that I walked with the dead

    Feelin' far from alive
    But far from dyin'
    Feelin' far from alive
    But far from dyin'
    Feelin' far from alive
    But far from dyin'
    Feelin' far from alive
    But far from dyin'

  • We need to clean Washintong of the old and corrupt people, we need to change that judges and lawyer, they don't represent the citizens they are with the mafia of the white House, they used a teenager for sex they have the list of the airplane with their names , then they killed the guy so he doesn't talk and it's over that is not justice for all the young girl. We great young people that they can direct the country better than Trump.

  • In Cardassia, the verdict is always known before the trial begins; and it's always the same. https://imgflip.com/i/3gk4wc (Adam Schiff Cardassian)

  • Why is it that only the republicans are asking relevant questions???

    This was a joke! This was not about trump it was about how an irrelevant person and how she felt about getting fired! Democrats just look so petty and frankly they just look so juvenile.

  • Republicans keep trying to abuse the "point of order" to harass people when they are trying to speak, thats really slimey. I get it if you don't agree with the hearings or the stuff, but like, ugh.

  • Jesus gave His life to free us from sin! We all sin and the price to pay for sin is death. We cannot overcome it on our own, Jesus alone overcame sin! He overcame every temptation and paid the price for us! He loves us more than we can imagine. Humble yourselves pray and seek Him above all. Seek Him for mercy and freedom! Trust Him in faith after turning away from sin to receive the Holy Spirit and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. He can make you completely new through His Spirit which He gives to His people who listens to what He says. His Spirit gives us new life and sets us free from our sinful ways and the ways of the world. He frees us from God's anger and makes us right with Him! Through faith alone in Jesus, which includes doing what He says, makes us righteous. He gives peace and joy unlike what the world can give. NOTHING on this earth can give joy like He does. His compassion and deep care for us lead Him to suffer for what we deserve to suffer for. Turn away from sin, change your hearts and lives, and seek the Lord above all. Read the word to know more about our Father and creator, and to know about what's to come and what we need to do. Jesus is coming back! The Kingdom is near. Let us abide in Him, doing away with pride, lying, stealing, cheating, sexual sins including adultery, homosexuality etc. There is not a drop of sin in the Lord, nor will there be any pain or suffering or evil in the Kingdom to come!

  • Somewhere along the lines the dem party and GOPD was reversed and it seems like everyone has forgot that Abe Lincoln was a republican come on now the dems are about stupid as fuck😂😂 impeach trump on some bogus claims let’s go *DaBaby song starts

  • Glenn Beck has a video of a certain Ukrainian Prosecutor General that says she dictated a list
    of people he couldn't investigate..and there is also a video of Ukrainians who said they did indeed
    meddle in the 2016 election..As a whistle blower I would like to report this..and would someone be kind enough
    to set me up a Go fund me page…

  • This whole thing is a complete waste of time and the dems licking the ass of someone was cringy to watch, the president has to commit a crime to be impeached not just do something you didn’t like or agree with or that you feel is improper, btw where is the whistleblower????? How can you have hearings for an investigation without the person that made the claims this whole thing is a sad shit show and honestly everyone that backed this NEEDS to be voted out

  • She testified she knew about the Biden's involvement in the Ukraine gas industry and did nothing. She is just one of the traitors attempting to overthrow the legitimate government.

  • When they’re testifying behind closed doors the republicans say “they’re in the basement!”, when they testify in public they say “they’re performing a show!”, it sounds like they just don’t want anyone to testify…

  • Total waste of time watching a sour grapes fired employee bitch and moan on why her boss who has total authority to get rid of her. Thought this was an impeachment inquiry not a made for TV seminar on why an employee needs to go to HR if they feel they were wrongly terminated. Keep firing these insubordinate cry tit ambassadors President Trump one by one or in the case of Obama fire every ambassador you didn't appoint and sooner the better! Trump 2020 guaranteed

  • A ambassador has no authority or no power to do anything all they do is give insight to appointed people that the president puts in power over that country they have no more power then muller did that he didn’t have the power to exsonerate the trump in the Russian probe

  • How did we get here?
    Let me get this straight….
    SUPPOSEDLY, you can go to your supervisor, report to him that OTHERS have told you about some perceived wrongdoings, of yet ANOTHER party…..and THAT supervisor DOESN'T look at you like you're crazy? and tell you to "GET BACK TO WORK" immediately? No?…..he takes this "hearsay" rumor, brings it to the BIG BOSS and makes certain to protect the person who brought in the info, with HIS LIFE.
    The supervisor doesn't wonder WHERE the info originates, why THOSE folks didn't bring it to him, THEMSELVES…..NOTHING. It's presumed to be true and that's all, folks.
    We are now OFFICIALLY a Banana Republic.

  • The executive has the privilege to hire and fire whomever he wants to conduct his foreign policy. The Democrat bureanazis should be ashamed of themselves for conducting this farce of an impeachment show trial.

  • Yo wannab 'itch- your feelings are hurt because POTUS DJT said you are 'bad news?' (he's never wrong) What would you do if you were called DEPLORABLE ? Name calling started with fatso, creepo Hillary Clinton

  • This is not our President Donald Trump!! It's about our military and our world war 2 promises!! BRITTAN supported us so did France and Asia! Japan… not China or north Korea there in a Putin territory.. Putin wants RUSSIA to be like Germany.. because of our backing to support RUSSIA not Germany!!!

  • Early in testimony…no, they never discussed that with me. … Hours later…yes that is correct, they did discuss that with me….🤔

  • Nothing but democrats pissedoff because they can't buy a billionaire. Expose these people for what they are President Trump. 4 more yrs.

  • I know no one will read this but here goes: If one of y’all could subscribe to my channel that would be awesome. I’m trying to start making videos with good production. Thanks in advance and have a great day!!!

  • She will forever NEVER BE TRUSTED by any one. No one will ever want her or the others to work in their organizations. Oh but I forget they will write a book and try to vindicate themselves AINT gonna work tho. They will all be blackballed as snitches.

  • The funny thing is they say Trump was trying to get help for his re-election campaign but have you seen his rallies I don't think he needs help

  • She literally had nothing to do with this… like she didn’t directly witness anything. Other than getting offended for being fired

  • People just don’t understand the Trumpster. Give him a 2nd term to complete the great work he has started. 😮🎵🏆🎶🦄🎼🍄

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