Houses of History – Explore the story of Parliament and democracy

Pray let me original on you last story a
drama power of battle and glory for Parliament's tale is a tale to savour whatever your taste or
political flavour a thousand years past our kings wanted
a palace that others would look on in envious malice competing to build the grandest abode but Westminster Hall was the most a la mode the king gets too bossy so here comes Magna Carta to rein in his powers and do things much smarter council meets in his chambers for intrigue and drama and Parliament's
born! with the King in pyjamas two hundred
years later more voting arrived though it's 400 more till it touches most lives no paupers or women get electoral
powers and the wait will be long until
democracy flowers back to the palace Westminster's ablaze leaving poor
Henry the eighth in the daze the council remains but the king's soon a packing so Parliament gets a first home that was lacking Wales and England unite in a bold new beginning common laws for
both lands, the judiciary grinning but Guy Fawkes lays fuses on the 5th of
November and gives whole country a night to remember
now grim civil war sounds the monarchy's death knell and power is seized by bold Oliver Cromwell but the outcomes the one that the King's
most dreaded and on a cold lonely morning the poor bloke's beheaded Charles the Second does better he's soon back on the throne and Scotland ensures that he won't
feel alone with Scottish MPs Parliament now overflowing but a hundred more from Ireland keep numbers are a growing, reforms now democracies looking for healthy one in seven can vote if they're male
grown and wealthy what is it with fires? Again parliament's
burning Westminster hall saved! Guess the fire
brigade's learning a new building's built with lots of to do lists and Big Ben is added which please the tourists. Yet something smells funny and though Parliament's new they had to sort out the stink from the sewer Our women want votes! Chained themselves to the railing their passion is great, their resolve is
unfailing Then the men go to war in the greatest of slaughters, leaving the land in the hands of their wives and their daughters and in 1918 female suffrage arrives and so in the wake of the war, a democracy thrives! Yet it isn't for long that we lay down our weapons as once more the spectre of World War does threaten. Parliament's bombed 14 times in the air raids and Commonwealth sent in repairs, help and upgrades. Skip onto the sixties – equality, flares, voting age eighteen now that Parliament dares. The eighties we're almost back to the present time to make Parliament look much more
pleasant it's been burned-down rebuilt and crowded and smelly but it's scrubbed up all nice when it gets on the telly and so ends our
tale of war, fire and mystery why not go find out more about Democracy's history it.

14 thoughts on “Houses of History – Explore the story of Parliament and democracy

  • You've missed out quite a bit, for example you missed out the 1867 Reform Act, 1918 Representation of the People and the 1928 Representation Act hat gave the vote to all over 21

  • What a load of simplified Propaganda!

    Wales had already had its laws written down Over 250 years before the Magna Carta 1215 (Which say Wales should remain under Welsh Law (a Tort Law, if there's no injured party, there is no Crime))

    You think the Welsh were happy to be Unified to Country that went on to Oppress them for over 800 Years?

    A statute is given the force of law via the "Consent of the Governed" Yet Edward the 1st had our Prince Murdered & took control of Wales via the Statute of Rhuddlan. As if we would consent to that! & before the English destroyed our language (using Acts of Parliament) we only spoke Welsh & wouldn't have understood what the statutes & laws passed by your Unlawful Parliament!

  • and last but not the least that after thousand years journey now we have to started our backward trip from creating laws to twisting and breaking them

  • Watch this video to experience one thousand years of #history at the Palace of Westminster in just three minutes. You will see the shift in power from the monarch to the people, the emergence of universal #suffrage, and the amazing history of the Palace itself

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