World’s and America’s focus has been on
North Korea, and rightly so. Tensions over China’s island-building in the
South China Sea may have eased in the past year, but Beijing has kept busy. New satellite imagery shows China has built
infrastructure covering 72 acres (28 hectares) in the Spratly and Paracel islands during
2017 to equip its larger outposts to be air and naval bases. The Washington-based Asia Maritime Transparency
Initiative closely tracks developments in the South China Sea, where China and several
Asian governments have conflicting territorial claims. It said on Thursday there has been construction
of hangars, underground storage, missile shelters, radar arrays and other facilities. In this video, Defense Updates analyses HOW
the sea have infuriated competing claimants Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines
as well as Vietnam. United States, Japan, Australia and India
favor freedom of navigation as it is a very important sea route with 5 trillion $ in trade,
half of global merchant shipping and 1/2 of world’s oil shipment pass through it. The sea also has alleged 11 billion barrels
of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. China embarked on its massive land-reclamation
program in early 2014. South China Sea Arbitration, was an arbitration
case brought by t Philippines against China The landmark decision rejected China’s assertion
that it enjoys historical rights over a huge area of the South China Sea encompassed by
a “nine-dash line.” China had argued that the tribunal had no
jurisdiction in the matter and rejected the decision. Many complex disputes have been resolved with
this type of arbitration including maritime boundaries. China’s outright rejection symbolizes its
high handed behavior and utter disregard for international norms. China has tried to change the territorial
status quo gradually, island-by-island instead of trying to capture in one go. For example, China first occupied the Paracel
Islands in 1974 and then slowly expanded its presence southward by attacking Vietnam’s
islands in the Spratly chain in the 1980s. This strategy known as salami slicing, aims
for slow accumulation of small changes. China’s strategy relies on low-intensity
but constant and simultaneous small provocations at multiple pressure points. This serve to stretch thin the capabilities
of smaller nations like Vietnam to respond, while limiting the risk of escalation to a
manageable level. For example, Vietnamese authorities have reported
high levels of Chinese aggression in the waters many times. In certain cases, Chinese vessels have used
high-pressure water pumps to attack Vietnamese ships. Some also rammed Vietnamese vessels intentionally,
causing major damage and endangering the lives of Vietnamese crew. The new construction activity comes as China
joins what are likely to be protracted negotiations with Southeast Asian nations on a “ ode
of conduct” for South China Sea. Tensions with the US on the issue have also
eased, despite Washington’s criticism of Beijing’s conduct. The construction is the follow-up phase to
a campaign of land reclamation that was completed by early 2016 in the Spratlys, an island chain
where Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei also have claims. According to the Pentagon, China has added
more than 3,200 acres (1,248 hectares) of land to the seven land features it occupies
in the area. China also seems to have halted smaller-scale
operations to expand islands in the Parcels that lie farther north, the initiative said. The US and others have accused Beijing of
further militarizing the region and altering geography to bolster its sweeping claims across
the South China Sea. China says the man-made islands in the Spratlys,
which are equipped with airstrips and military installations, are mainly for civilian purposes
and to boost safety for fishing and maritime trade. Greg Poling, the initiative’s director, said
China had seized a diplomatic opening after the election of Philippine President Rodrigo
Duterte, who adopted a conciliatory stance toward Beijing over their territorial dispute. It’s also been less of a focus for President
Donald Trump’s administration, preoccupied by North Korea’s nuclear threat and trade
disputes with China. “It’s gotten off the front pages, but we shouldn’t
confuse that with a softening in China’s pursuit of its goals. They are continuing all the construction they
want,” Poling said. The most construction has been on Fiery Cross
Reef in the Spratlys, including hangars alongside its 10,000-foot (3,000-meter) airstrip, underground
structures likely intended to house munitions or other materiel, hardened shelters for missile
platforms, and communication and radar facilities, the initiative said. It also noted that China has deployed new
military aircraft at Woody Island in the Paracels. At the end of October, the Chinese military
released images of J-11B fighter planes there for drills. In mid-November, Y-8 transport aircraft were
spotted on the same island that may be capable of electronic intelligence gathering. Marine Lt. Col. Christopher Logan, a Pentagon
spokesman, said Thursday that he could not comment in detail on US assessments of the
region but that “further militarization of outposts will only serve to raise tensions
and create greater distrust among claimants.” The United States does not claim territory
in the South China Sea but has declared it has a national interest in ensuring that the
territorial disputes there are resolved peacefully in accordance with international law and that
freedom of navigation and overflight are guaranteed. China has opposed what it calls US meddling
in an Asian dispute. It is the greatest of irony that even a communist
nation Vietnam has sought support from capitalist America to counter belligerence and aggression
from China which is a communist nation. Chinese recent activities have been such. China is embroiled in disputes on multiple
fronts, latest being with India on Doklam plateau. America under Trump had already stepped up
the game with increase in frequency of Freedom of Navigation Operations as well as initiating
investigation in illegal trade practices of China. It remains to be seen how U.S can respond
to China and North Korea at the same time.


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  • do you really think if we had a war with China what would happen to that island? it would be a steping stone to China just like Midway was, that would be the first thing the USA would take i am sure 🙂

  • 南海附近这几个国家哪个没有占领岛礁的?中国这么大的国家理所当然拥有自己的岛礁,否则还叫什么南中国海,中国早在15世纪就到达过非洲,中国灭其他小国的能力是有的,但是没有那么做,己所不欲 勿施于人的儒家思想根深蒂固,而欧洲等国,犹如豺狼虎豹,贪婪血腥,所到一处,插旗殖民,滥杀土著,现在美国更是全球部署军事基地,企图以武力巩固霸权,因此,这个世界上的其他国家分为两种,一种是附庸美国,一种是独立自主,中国显然是后者,这对于美国是一种挑战,因此,冲突不可避免……

  • The West should help Vietnam build some Islands for safe navigation, put a couple of lighthouses on them and a runway. Few mandatory guns just in case.

  • More such videos are welcome.This is the time to checkmate China. Otherwise USA would cease to be the dominant superpower. Time to act is now. Take India into confidence,share technology & make India such that it can help America in the Indian ocean & the pacific.


  • China's policy toward South China Sea since Deng Xiaoping is "lay the disputes aside and exploit together".
    China has a long historical relationship with S China Sea:
    King of Nanyue (predecessor of Vietnam, a part of China till 939AD, Vietnamese: Nhà Tri?u) Zhao Tuo (a Han Chinese 240BC-137BC, Vietnamese: Tri?u Ðà) administrated northern part of SC Sea.
    1972 unearthed Mawangdui Han Tombs extracted some maps with SCS.
    "Book of Later Han" wrote between 432AD and 445AD has chapters about SCS.
    Various later historical documents describe South China Sea.
    The most famous event for Chinese to explore SC Sea is "Zheng He's Voyages".
    Zheng He (1371–1433 or 1435), formerly romanized as Cheng Ho, was a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China's early Ming dynasty. He was originally born as Ma He in a Muslim family, later adopted the conferred surname Zheng from Emperor Yongle. Zheng commanded expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433. His larger ships stretched 120 meters or more in length. These carried hundreds of sailors on four tiers of decks.
    South China sea is very important "belt" for old Chinese's trade route.
    "China" as porcelain can be found in many places on land or under water along the old "belt" trade route.
    If you think China should claim a small part of SCS then China can get peace with other countries? Which small part?
    If we claim small part of SC Sea, it is not reasonable. In the ancient time, Chinese ancestor's activity/navigation is not restricted to a small part or to a fixed sea route. Most islands or coral reef are claimed after WW2, or after WW1. But Chinese has relationship with SCS is 1500 years earlier than most of the claims.

  • Don't appreciate the propaganda, A better more factual presentation would be appreciated.. China should be congradulated on its game playing abilities.

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  • From 5 to 1 the bad china language is repeated. Nothing is said about China needed to protect all of the shipping going through from terrorists. No other valuable purposes are considered. So this is only US dogma.

  • There was nothing in this video regarding title. You doesn’t really explain how china used N.K to further its claims

  • Y does the US try to make as an insane way across the world..esp..north asia region..yankee go home.
    Look u ban other countries to entry the US .
    But u guys likely try to take control..the planet.????!!

  • China will not allow the two Koreas to unite. China needs a port from NK so it can access the Pacific in the north after losing Vladivostok to Russia.

  • Not funny! As the Artic melts China will find Shang Dynasty pottery which will become the basis for it to claim sovereignty over the North pole!!

  • South Korea and the Philippines have been new dogs of China already. North Korea will be used to test and confuse America as guinea pigs. and South Korea's Moon Jae-in and the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte seem to have received lots of money from China. They are advocating for China on themselves.

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  • first, the map on china's claim is inaccurate (exaggerated). second, your facts are not straight: the arbitration made by permanent court of arbitration was never respected by anyone, and maritime disputes are really solved by arbitration, in particular if such disputes involve strong countries like united states. third, island building and using naval vessels to drive other nations' vessels away is a common practice by all parties that can afford them (mostly china and vietnam). so yeah…your video is terribly biased and horribly researched

  • A RACE OR CULTURE cannot own a people along with their historical lands that they need in order to live on … and certainly not forever. There is no legal, moral, or reasonable excuse for China's undiplomatic bullying expansion claiming ancient ownership of Tibet and the entire open waters of the South China Sea etc. conflicting with and overriding claims by other nations. Also note that the South/East China Sea, Indian Ocean, Philippians Sea, Black Sea, Gulf of Mexico … these are names only, not proof of ownership. China does not own Tibet or the South China Sea any more than Mongolia owns China or that Eastern Africa owns China from tens of thousands of years ago … no matter China's claim of ancient ownership.

  • There is no such thing as South China Sea. It's called East Sea and belong to Vietnam for centuries. The border of China ends at Hainan

  • US is selling military toys to China's neighbors to balance the power due to NOKO aggression and China as well. China, being an EXPORTING COUNTRY has to be very careful not to get into a trade war with the US. China can not afford an all out war because they know that they have no chance of winning. China's ambition like the "String of Pearls" the "Silk Road" can only be achieve by using their soft power while President Trump soft power and the hard power is increasing day by day. S C S investment of island building is a lost cause because China has no Navy to dominate the sea and the strait. Per think tank forecast, Japan will be the strongest Navy in Asia with the help of the US.

  • Let's be honest here, the USA hasn't been exemplary in these types of incidents either, neither is the USA a signatory of the International criminal court and rules in The Hague (Den Haag) itself.

    The USA has no business being in the South-China Sea either,…..but, China is indeed being sneaky and bending the rules everybody els needs to abide by to fit its own agenda, sounds familiar 😉 ?

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    In summary, US itself is the largest threat for world peace. You thought you had strongest military power and overall control the media, so you can lie whatever you want, brainwash people with your junk theories and punish whoever don't agree with you. YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG. More and more people around the world started realize your true face. We need a balanced world, to replace an eval empire who claims itself the world leader. Now the age is coming.

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    so ,,,,what freedom of navigation are wwe talking about ?

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  • Do what the Indonesian country is doing after capturing PRC China’s boats loitering in disputed territories. Make a spectacle of blowing them up all at once with heavy explosives, it sends a message to China and after that, you don’t hear PRC China daring to clash with Indonesia.

  • it is another western (mainly USA) propaganda on the bias view of China. The author only talk about one sided story and didn't look at the complete history. Again, typical American behavior. Why don't you talk about all the islands which USA and UK took control?? How USA started the wars on Korea, Vietnam, Irag, Syria, Congo. Also how USA organized the coups against many countries such as Hawaii, Panama, Egypt, Phillippines, Ukraine, and many more countries.

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  • who is agression? china or US?
    which country is the most destroyer of the intenational norms?it is US not china.
    west propaganda is shit.we always support china even i belong to india.

  • Western Propaganda video LOL Every word spoken in this video can be used to described united states behavior towards other countries for example staging a military base and illegally occupying northern Syria with a small force then slowly and gradually expanding that to become permanent just like they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Cuba so this is nothing more than Western propaganda. I would like to see the makers of this video make one exactly like it but talking about the united satanic army or usa.

  • I really hope USA and China go to war and settle this once and for all. China is to chicken to fire at the USA because they will stave to death.

  • International community should just take over those man made chinese islands….. they built those islands on International Waters, thereby it is own by International Community without their permission.

  • China and North Korea are the same thing. China is protecting North Korea, and aiding them in efforts to not denuclearize the Korean peninsula and violate the sanctions to keep North Korea strong enough to survive.. The US removed nuclear weapons from South Korea years ago to prevent a resumption of the Korean war, while China refuses to do the same with North Korea. This means a nuclear attack by North Korea on ANYONE is a nuclear attack by China.. Not the best of situations, especially since North Korea is developing nuclear missiles and is willing to use them. A war proxy can not have nuclear weapons with impunity. China probably will claim North Korea will act on its own, and that they are not responsible for their actions. They are responsible, simply because they are a sponsor of the regime in North Korea. Russia isn't. China does not want to assume its responsibility, and my guess is they will pay the price, either financially or militarily with massive death, destruction, and poisoning of their country or both. Oh, and don't forget, the present actions by the Chinese government will result in China finally having a democracy, that is, if they want it.

  • Use the fitting name, the southeast asian sea! The name are the whole reason the CCP think they can claim it for them self! The CCP China are the Cartman of nations! Just even more stupid!

  • China and North Korea are the same. China has said so. The old Chinese communist party in the background is wanting to reclaim its overall control of all the Asian countries at the expense of its people and neighbors. Not a good idea for the growth and prosperity of the Chinese people that have worked so long and hard to build a better future for their children. At least the Chinese people will have the opportunity to continue to prosper through activism. Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 were just a start of the people having a say in how their country would be governed. I hope they succeed. Based on what I know of the Chinese people, they will.

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    Finally it's too clear that China is a threat to USA.
    China has Economically overcome And over powered USA or if I say almost whole West will not be exaggeration at all

  • That's why China said if trump hits North Korea that they would help them if trump doesn't get North Korea to give its weapons of mass destruction to America and there allies but he is not going to get rid of any of his weapons of mass destruction he will you s them than giving them up

  • False narrative propaganda using subliminal wording. Everyone is for freedom of navigation including China and is use to subliminally say China wants to keep others from using the SCS. The USA does not recognize the UN Law of the Sea refusing to sign it – but uses it to say the Chinese are unlawful. The UNCLOS ruling has no standing since it requires all parties of a dispute to agree to the arbitration = which China did not agree to. Rule of Law means white man's laws established by the western powers at the beginning of the 20th century. Look at how Trump is defining Rule of law and what it really means to the white masters.

  • The South China Sea is still not past the first island chain. It's hemmed in by the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

  • All warfare is based on deception.
    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
    Sun Tzu: The Art of War

    Chinese has mastered it and they do not act on impulses and profit like Neocons and unfortunately Trump who joined them…

    The US annexed kingdom of Hawaii for almost the same reasons (the US wanted sugar plantations) China is building those islands. They overthrew the king, invade the islands and annexed them…

  • The world heard that many many time of "freedom", how about "freedom of Irag" , freedom for Libia, freedom for Ukrain …..??
    now it come to "freedom of navigation", It's has been freedom of navigation in South China Sea for centuries without US come and point fingers, Everybody knows the US wants freedom for their 7th fleet that can travel near those countries and threatening them. How about US give "freedom" for prisoners in guantanamo islands ??

  • Oh, we can't have that, – China doing what USA has done nearly everywhere.
    But no doubt this is mainly to counter US aggression and interference, still playing world cops.

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  • Permanent Court of Arbitration:
    Australia doesn’t hold right at Timor Sea. Media: …….
    China doesn’t hold right at South China Sea. Media: FK China

  • I think N. Korea does those test- firings to see what people say and check reactions from other countries. This lets them know what we know about their middle sites. We need to keep quiet.

  • The communist strategy to disrupt USA which is the strongest in upholding democracy. China uses N. Korea crisis, Russia uses China claim in SCS to occupy Crimea. Iran on the other hand is making a lot of threath to US. US is alone harass by these warmongers.

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