How China is Destroying Hong Kong’s Freedom – Real China Interviews

Matthew: In 1997, the British colony of Hong
Kong was handed back to China. However, the agreement was that, for the next 50 years,
Hong Kong would remain a free territory with its own economy, laws, freedoms, language,
and way of life in general. However, the Chinese government has made it quite clear these days
that a free Hong Kong is not something it’s going to tolerate and has slowly been dismantling
the democratic system of this microstate. Sure, there’s still a border and Chinese people
still need a visa to get into Hong Kong, but with loosening restrictions and government
planted disruptors and protests being quashed and the realization
that the outside world can’t really do anything to intervene, the general feeling and opinion
amongst normal Hong Kongers is that they’re going to be a de-facto part of Chinese Communist
Party rule much sooner than 2047. I asked former reporter and my cousin Wing to join
me in a hidden underground restaurant to chat about what’s actually going on.
Wing: Actually, things are getting…I can’t say it’s worse but it’s still the same because
price is always high, and then also for the real estate and the young people can never
get our house, like for me. Even how hard you work, you can never get enough money to
buy a house for your own life and you always have to stay with your parents. Like, for
my home, I only live in a little rank higher public estate, kind of public estate but has
a higher rank. It cost for a market price four to five million. It’s just normal for
a normal house…apartment but not so big. Bachelor degrees, 13K to 15K for
fresh graduate. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Even if they can have a house to move out, it is
because their parents help them a lot. It’s so where that they can afford their own apartment
by themselves. I think if the people…because the investment in real estate from overseas
or from mainland, it’s not going to stop, so the situation is still the same. Many of
the young people, they only focus on the public estate, public housing. We only depends on
this because even for the public housing, we still are really hard to avoid them. Now
people…some of the protests are made by arose by the young people,
but now seems like young people, part of them become more radical, part of them become more
cold to this political situation because they think that even…no matter what they do,
they can’t still…cannot change the situation. So, they just leave it and then keep going
on living again. Just seems like nothing happened. Not completely go away. I mean, some part
of them is to insist on this and some of them become radical, but some of them just…I
mean, the majority feel, like, hopeless and powerless, at least for me. For me, for my
own age, I know that we do have the freedom to have the party or
freedom of speech, that kind of thing, but I don’t know that government becomes so…they’re
really scared of some coward and then they try to do something but they cannot
do it really obvious at a past…in the past, but now seems like they can. I don’t know
where they got the courage and power to do this. Seems like they don’t care about what
Hong Kong people think. Of course, of course. We know that but we cannot do anything, and
now there’s a news come up that the vaccine in mainland, although, for me, it’s not a
news. It’s…because it happened before already, about the fake vaccine, or the poison vaccine,
that make the children in mainland suffer. They got a huge serious health problem.
I really sad to hear about that. I actually am pathetic [sympathetic] to them because
they live in a country that they cannot have some safe vaccine for their children. It’s
for young kids but not for the adult, and at once I really don’t like that that’s so
much people rush into Hong Kong but, on the other hand, I also very pathetic to them because
they can only protect their own basic health for their family. So, I think it’s really
sad and pathetic to them. I don’t know. Seems like Hong Kong people have become…in the
past, they are always so cool and cold to what others do. For me, even for a Hong Kong
people, I think that some of the Hong Kong people are really cold to others, but I still
think they are part of the Hong Kong people. They really hope something can improved or
it get better, but we really lack of some power or, I don’t know, maybe knowledge or
support to make things change. Yeah. So, it’s really struggle. Yeah, a big struggle.
Matthew: In my interview with Wing, I noticed a palpable change of what she was comfortable
talking about compared with previous chats. We’re going to get on, like, a more sensitive
topic, like about crime. Have you seen a difference in, like, crime rates or even stuff that you’ve
heard about? Like, what’s the rumors that go around Hong Kong about mainland China?
Wing: There are crimes everywhere. Every time you come back, you’ve got to…you must
be get robbed or cheated, and so that’s why my friend is so afraid that when I say, I’m
going to go back to mainland, she’s like, what, what are you doing?
Matthew: Right. But you don’t…you’ve kind of gotten used to…you’re not really
afraid of being here anymore. Wing: Yeah, because every time I come back,
I just become…I don’t know, I would become so, like, fighting mode.
Matthew: I was saying, like, what if I got you a job opportunity and you made okay money
and living cost is cheaper here, right, would you be able to put up with mainland Chain
and live here? Wing: No.
Matthew: No. Wing: Still no.
Matthew: Still no. Wing: I mean, I feel like no hope here. Sorry
to say that. Matthew: No. It’s fine, it’s fine. Even
when talking to my friends in Hong Kong, they were much more careful about what they were
saying compared to just one year ago. The tension is real and fewer and fewer people
seem to be confident that the freedoms that they were once used to are going to continue
into the future. There seems to be a massive disconnect with the mentalities of Hong Kongers
and mainland Chinese people. Mainland Chinese citizens seem to not only be used to but almost
accepting of one-party rule due to its history with a top-down government simply changing
its name over time whereas, in Hong Kong, the dissolution of democracy has been an abrupt
change and one not welcome to a territory that has typically enjoyed some of the highest
levels of freedom in the world. Wing: Yeah.
Matthew: Vivi, get out of her country. Wing, why are we in a dungeon right now? Underground.
Wing: My brother recommend that. Matthew: It was very good actually. It was
quite good. Wouldn’t you agree? It was really nice, and maybe you could explain what it
was. What did we just eat? Vivi: We just ate some slop.
Matthew: But it was good slop. Vivi: Slop looking with a tomato, and then
some beef and some noodle. It was really simple but actually taste…it’s
like a comfort food. Matthew: Cool. If you enjoyed this video and
you want to see more, please subscribe. Big thank you to all my patrons out there,, who support the channel and get all the content that I can’t talk about on this channel. I
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  • So sad that HK has never been democratic and free even before returned to China and its eye-watering house price has nothing to do with CCP or mainland,LOL. Things have always been like this and the only difference is that HK is not as important as it once was to China and the world.

  • That's all well and good for C-milk move to USA but what about Wing? (sorry if I spell her name wrong) She live in HK? And what about Vivi family still in China. Are they safe?

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    This young generation have to travel more and see the world.

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    Freedom? Fuck that. That's a white man trick. Democracy is hypocrisy. Trump? Hillary won the popular vote in 2016. But not Senates. Lol Trump wins regardless of what Americans have voted for.


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    I’m very sad to see her pain, and I noticed the same expression in Vivi’s face. How can I not be moved by this sadness and fear? I hope that the People of Hong Kong will succeed in becoming a part of China with the same freedoms enjoyed in Taiwan. I have been there many times and I have strong affinity for the Province and it’s People. I want to see Wing and her vibrant Spirit once again.

    I hope that my comments are not provocative, but I suspect that for many people that are Mainland China will not like my genuine concern. I express it because none of you can. May Hong Kong retain their freedoms and unique ways forever.

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  • Man, you got it totally wrong. There was basically NO freedom during the British rule. How can something non-existent be destroyed?

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    HK should serve as a good example to Taiwan to never reunite with the mainland until the ccp no longer exist.

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  • It’s disgusting (but hardly surprising) that China isn’t sticking with the terms made in the deal when England handed Hong Kong back to China.
    I don’t know why Britain doesn’t intervene and tell China to wind its neck in. I remember the HK handover and used to think to myself that as a country in itself for 50 years, someone will invade and take , over who wouldn’t have done previously. I also was concerned for HK, should they manage to remain independent for 50 years, what would happen then…either way, I thought, the Hong Kongers would have their English freedom and way of life destroyed.

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    For high house Price, it's a problem of the colonial system of Hongkong. It allows big company and colonist to……. , it still works after the handover of 1997.

    So the young people there should stop complaining "freedom of speech" and the Chinese government. Just wake up, try to blend in and catch up the fast growling of the mainland.

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