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A shadowy Communist agency Is responsible for infiltrating free societies And Hong Kong is losing the fight Welcome to China Uncensored, I’m Chris Chapell. Joining me today is Dr Sonny Lo, an author, professor and political commentator. Thanks for joining me. Hi, my pleasure. So one of your areas of expertise is the United Front work in Hong Kong. What is the United Front? The United Front was originally the strategy of the Chinese Communist Party to cooperate with the Nationalist Party in China during the early 1920s and later during the
1930s to fight against the Japanese so that both sides can form a kind of alliance to deal with the Second World War. The United Front work later on has evolved
into an instrument used by the Chinese Communist
Party to win the hearts and minds of the people. And in the context of Hong Kong, United Front means that the Chinese government has to do everything in order to win the hearts and minds of the Hong Kong people. So what are some of the goals of the United
Front? Who are they targeting in Hong Kong? The goals of United Front is to number one, to win the political support of the ordinary
people and secondly to get the support of the Hong
Kong people who would support not only the local government
of Hong Kong, but also the central government in Beijing. And thirdly, United Front work aims to prevent the local Democrats from grabbing more seats
in the legislature and also the district councils because in
the minds of Beijing, if the political opposition in Hong Kong can get into political power, then the situation in Hong Kong would be tipped in favor of the opposition rather than Beijing. So basically the goal is to make Hong Kong
less autonomous and more in line with the Communist Party’s
goals. In the minds of Beijing, United Front work can coexist with the autonomy of Hong Kong. Because in the minds of Beijing, if United Front work is successful, then the pro-Beijing forces would garner sufficient
public support and capture most of the seats in the legislature. So how does the United Front infiltrate a
Hong Kong society? The United Front work infiltrates into Hong
Kong society by using many interest groups like women, like labor unions or like district [inaudible] or even like neighborhood associations. Many of these interest groups were formerly pro-British before 1997 but after 1997 most of these interest groups have turned to Beijing mainly because of political
loyalty and also because of financial incentives. Because Beijing has dished out a lot of financial and monetary incentives to all these leaders of the interest groups. And most importantly, the leaders of the interest groups have been appointed to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Chinese National People’s Congress. So in terms of status, inference and power, those co-opted Hong Kong elites, they feel that they are more politically powerful
than ever before. Is it just special interest groups or is the United Front involved in the education? Business sector? The United Front work also involves deeply
in the business sector because many business people are highly pragmatic. They want to do business with China, they don’t want to antagonize China. So the business sector is particularly vulnerable. The least vulnerable sector in Hong Kong or to put it in another way, the most resistant sector to United Front
work is the education. Because in the education sectors, many intellectuals, academics, students, they are highly post materialistic if you
like. In other words, they attach importance to values like human
rights, democracy, sustainable development, civil
liberties, and they are less interested in material incentives. So from this perspective, the education sector is the least vulnerable
to United Front work. I’m curious, you talked about the business
sector. How can you tell the difference between United
Front work and just organic natural exchanges between mainland China and Hong Kong? The organic exchanges between mainland China
and Hong Kong involves some more formalistic levels of exchange, like for example, you know, business associations interacting with the Chinese government departments. Before United Front work, it can proceed from formal to more informal
co-optation. That is to say they try to make friends with
you and in the process of making friends, they try to woo your side to support their
side politically. So gradually the co-opted targets become their
friends, and even solid supporters. So it is a kind of a longterm movement to
win friendship, to change friendship to political loyalty. And when we’re talking about the United Front, the United Front is actually a division of the Chinese Communist Party itself, correct? The United Front Department within the Chinese
Communist Party is mainly responsible for United Front work. However many other Chinese departments are also dealing with United Front work. For example, in the case of Hong Kong we have their liaison office, which is the representative office of the Central Government in Hong Kong and it is also responsible for United Front
work. And quite often when the mainland Chinese
government departments come to visit Hong Kong, they may interact with some of the business associations in Hong Kong. And quite often United Front work is defined
broadly. That is to say to win friendship, to interact with our potential friends and then to gain their political and economic support in the long run. So United Front work in China is not conducted solely by the United Front
department. It can be conducted by many other departments
as well. So sort of like a whole of society method of subverting and changing a society to be in line with the Communist Party of
China? Yeah, we can describe it as a kind of mechanism in which various Chinese departments are engaging with their opposite numbers, so as to win the hearts and minds of the targeted
people, targeted interest groups and targeted organizations. So how successful has United Front work been
in Hong Kong? Actually, United Front work has been quite successful in Hong Kong, particularly since the 2012 when the anti national education campaign was launched by many young parents and also students as well as intellectuals. However, the October the, the September to December Occupy Central movement
in 2014 constituted a strong resistance to United
Front work in China. Many young people in Hong Kong together with
intellectuals, they were determined to push for democratization by using the Occupy Central movement, in 2014. It failed, and so United Front work in China
has deepened further, until this year when the government of Hong
Kong led by Carrie Lam decided to introduce an extradition bill and that extradition bill alienated many young
Hong Kong people as well as ordinary people, because many people were frightened that such
extradition bill would probably lead to the possibility that many Hong Kong people would be transfer from Hong Kong to mainland China. So United Front work that has its limitations. The limitation is that with the education
sector being very resistant to United Front work, the extradition bill has failed to win the hearts and minds of the ordinary people. So what is it about the education sector that makes United Front work not work? The education sector is characterized by very independent minded intellectuals whose understanding of China is not really through ideological indoctrination or even socialization. Unlike the mainland Chinese intellectuals
and students who were educated in the mainland, who are socialized and indoctrinated to combine the cultural identity with the political identity of accepting the CCP rule in the mainland. In Hong Kong, traditionally the colonial rulers were very loose in educating Hong Kong people not to mention about Chinese nationalism. So in Hong Kong traditionally and historically the education system did not inculcate strong
patriotic sentiment in the psyche of many young people. And after 1997 this perhaps semi-colonial
education legacy persists. Not only that, with the era of globalization, many young Hong Kong people understand China not through the textbook but through the Internet. So in that sense the education sector in Hong
Kong is highly autonomous. So how does the United Front respond to things like the Umbrella Movement or the extradition
bill protests, much of which is student led, student and teacher led? The United Front, you know, machinery responds to the Umbrella Movement by resuscitating or reorganizing the youth
groups in Hong Kong. They try to organize many pro-Beijing youth
groups to support mainland’s policy towards Hong
Kong such as the recent Greater Bay Area plan in which young people of Hong Kong are encouraged to do business in China, to work in China and even to reside in China. However, the opposition to the extradition
bill has dealt a severe blow to China’s United
Front work in Hong Kong because many young people are proven to be
very resistant to the idea of political and economic integration between Hong Kong and mainland China. And I know the United Front is very active in countries around the world. How does the United Front work in Hong Kong tie into United Front work globally? United Front work in Hong Kong cannot be easily translated into foreign countries for several
reasons. Number one, in other foreign countries, there are many overseas Chinese who have long
been assimilated into the mainstream society of these countries. So they are not so vulnerable to United Front
work. Secondly, United Front work conducted by China tends to focus on the individuals, like the individuals, politicians or the individuals who tend to have a emotional attachment to
China. So in other words, United Front work in Hong Kong is one thing. United Front work, you know, conducted by China in foreign countries remains a relatively underdeveloped and under-researched topic, which is a fascinating one. So with elections coming, what chances do the pro democratic factions have against the United Front? Because of the protests of almost a million to 2 million people against the extradition
bill, we can safely anticipate that in the upcoming November district council elections, the localists and the Democrats will have a strong political comeback. However, whether the government of officials, including the electoral officials responsible
for elections, whether they allow some localists to run in
the elections remains to be seen and it will probably become a controversial
issue because some localists advocate the idea of quote self determination end of quote, which is legally and politically unacceptable to both Beijing and the Hong Kong authorities. So there’s going to be an effort to make sure pro-Beijing forces win? There will be such a thrust to ensure that
candidates who are, you know, relatively pro-Beijing who support
the basic law and also the SAR government will be allowed to run in the election. However, the localists who are now anti government, anti China, they may face the possibility of being disallowed to run in the election. So this will possibly be a bone of contention. So with United Front active around the world, why should other countries like the United
States care about what’s happening in Hong Kong? Countries like United States can care about
Hong Kong because Hong Kong can be regarded as a semi-democracy. Hong Kong doesn’t really look like a democracy
as with the West, but Hong Kong has a pluralistic society. We also have civil liberties combined with
the rule of law. Hong Kong is a good indicator of how China may democratize in the long run. So in that sense Hong Kong is extremely important
to the West because Hong Kong’s existing civil liberties and also pluralistic system belong to the universal values shared by many western democratic countries. In that sense, Hong Kong situation deserves to be observed. So Hong Kong can show an example of how China could become more democratic, but could it also show the world the ways in which the Chinese Communist Party undermines democratic institutions? In a sense, yes, because the extent to which
China penetrates and infiltrates into the semi-democracy
of Hong Kong can illustrate that kind of erosion of autonomy. Do you think the US should be concerned about the United Front work in general? Well, many foreign countries are actually
concerned about United Front work conducted by China in general because of the perception of the China threat, many countries like a United States, Australia,
New Zealand, they have been highly concerned about United
Front work conducted by China in their countries. To that extent, I think United Front work can be regarded
as a potential threat to the national security
of these countries. In particular, if United Front work involves say provision of a donation to, you know, politicians in America, Australia or New Zealand and that donation may be orchestrated by pro-Beijing groups and individuals. And in this scenario there may be a possibility of violating the domestic law of foreign countries, just like the case of Australia. So United Front work sometimes can trespass or step into the boundaries or direct bottom line of the foreign countries. So you United Front work can be potentially
problematic and controversial because of the campaigning and the electioneering activities conducted by the pro-Beijing groups and individuals in foreign countries. So what is the future of United Front work after these extradition protests? I think after the extradition protest, United Front work has to be resuscitated, reorganize, rearrange in such a way as to
win the hearts and minds of the people of Hong
Kong. In the short run, China’s United Front work in Hong Kong, will encounter tremendous obstacles. I don’t think that United Front work conducted
by China will really be easy in Hong Kong mainly because many Hong Kong people, they tend to treasure their civil liberties. They tend to have their post materialist values and they tend to be less materialistic. In mainland China, many citizens are encouraged to adopt a materialistic attitude towards
society and economy and exactly because of this focus and emphasis
on materialism, mainland China doesn’t have significant inroads towards political liberalization and political
democratization. Hong Kong is very different. Hong Kong traditionally has a very strong
liberal minded society. In that sense, I anticipate that United Front work conducted by China in Hong Kong will still encounter tremendous obstacles from now to the year 2047. When the One Country Two System policy ends. Yeah. And we can expect that with such strong opposition to China’s United
Front work, one country, two system, will likely continue. And mainly because a one country two system was originally designed by Deng Xiaoping to appeal to Taiwan for reunification. Given the fact that one country two system has become so turbulent and problematic and given the fact that Taiwan is unwilling to accept the one country two
system easily, we can boldly anticipate that Beijing may prolong the idea of one country, two system so as to appeal to Taiwan for reunification so as to buy time for Taiwan to consider or reconsider this one country, two systems. And I imagine the United Front is very active in Taiwan as well? Yeah. United Front work is also trying to penetrate into Taiwan, but Taiwan has very strong local Taiwan identity and that kind of resistance to United Front
work is even stronger than the case of Hong Kong. So we can see this interesting tug of war between Taipei and Beijing in the coming years. So somebody wanting to learn more about you
or the United Front, where should they go? What should they do? I think to learn more from a United Front
work, they can assess China’s policy not only towards
Hong Kong but also towards Taiwan. And secondly, outside observers have to understand and assess whether China’s policy in Hong
Kong and Taiwan are opposed by the local people. And that kind of opposition and resistance can be regarded as good indicators of the
extent to which United Front work can work or cannot
work. And you have an upcoming book, is that right? Yes. My book on China’s new United Front work in
Hong Kong will be published soon. That’s the name of the book? Yes. All right. We’ll keep an eye out for that. Thank you so much for joining me today, it was a pleasure to hear about the United
Front. Thank you. Thank you.

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