How Does Freedom Relief Work to Help its Clients? – CEO, Andrew Housser, Discusses

I’m Founder and CEO of Freedom Debt Relief,
a company that I founded almost ten years ago, after seeing there was just a tremendous
lack of financial alternatives for consumers struggling with debt problems. And since then we’ve actually grown to over
500 employees and have resolved more than A Billion dollars in debt for our clients,
more than any other company in the nation. Many people facing debt problems feel really
overwhelmed, so we have a team of client advocates whose goal is to stand up and fight for our
clients, to get them significant reductions in credit card debt, typically over 24-48
months, and getting them a monthly program payment that’s significantly less than typical
credit card monthly payments. We’re a proud member of The American Fair
Credit Council, which is an organization devoted to upholding a strict code of conduct for
its members including a commitment to comply with federal and state regulations. Our goal is to get people back on solid financial
footing and we have an Amazing team of people to do that. Our new website provides a lot of information
about, not only what our program is but what your alternatives are and our goal if you
call us is to get you into the right program, to analyze your financial situation. A lot of that information is on our website,
if you have any other questions, just give us a call and we will consult with you and
get you into the program that’s right for you. The best part are the thousands of stories
that we hear every day. The letters that we get from our clients,
telling us we’ve saved their marriages, we’ve saved their families. We have literally changed their lives’ for
the better and when those letters, which we post all over our walls, come in that’s
really what motivates me , that’s what motivates all of our employees to keep working hard
every day.

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