How fainting couch feminism threatens freedom | FACTUAL FEMINIST

I have been lecturing on college campuses
for more than twenty years. I’ve seen lots of hijinks, but nothing like what is happening
today. Safe-space fainting couch feminists are taking over. And their own professors
find them scary. That’s coming up next on the factual feminist. Consider what happened
to feminist professor Laura Kipnis at Northwestern University. She wrote an essay making light
of trigger warnings and safe spacers. Two graduate students found her views “terrifying”
and filed Title IX harassment charges against her. Her university, apparently intimidated
by the grad students, took their charges seriously. The University carried out a formal investigation of the
professor and her “offending” essay. Title IX was once a common sense law about gender
fairness in education. Today it’s being weaponized for use by fainting couch feminists
who see the world as a battle between fragile maidens and evil predators. Vox recently published
an article by a professor entitled “I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students
terrify me.” They terrify him because as he explains, “Hurting a student’s feelings,
even in the course of instruction that is absolutely appropriate and respectful, can
now get a teacher into serious trouble.” I recently encountered these hyper-sensitive fainting couch feminists at
Oberlin College and Georgetown University. I visited both campuses to give talks on the
need to reform feminism and correct exaggerated victim statistics. In the past, activist students
who disagreed with me came to my lectures to spar and debate. Today, they issue trigger
warnings and accuse me of giving them PTSD. At both Oberlin and Georgetown, activists
organized safe spaces where students could flee if they were panicked by my arguments.
At Oberlin, 35 students and a therapy dog sought refuge in a safe room, and I feel badly about triggering a dog. But still, there were paranoid flyers festooned the walls. The first three
rows of the lecture hall were filled with students who put duct tape, red duct tape, on their mouths, and they sat there as I spoke. At Georgetown, the editorial board of the school newspaper, The Hoya, denounced my lecture as “harmful” and “not the conversation that students should be having.”
Well who are they to determine what dialogue what conversation students should have? They said that they thought students should focus on creating a safe space for survivors. Imagine being an untenured professor at Georgetown. By the way, officials at both Oberlin and Georgetown were so alarmed by the frantic facebook postings
before my visit to campus they assigned armed guards to protect me from the safe-spacers.
At this moment, the fainting couchers and safe spacers are everywhere on college campuses,
and they are getting their way. University and college officials, afraid of running afoul
of title IX, are quietly amending the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment is being
replaced by a woman’s right not to be made uncomfortable. Due process is being treated
as a barrier to justice rather than its essence. Armies of gender apparatchiks are monitoring
and policing speech, ideas, humor, and sexuality. Since the time of Socrates, education has
been synonymous with debate, inquiry, challenge. If universities replace the ideals
of free inquiry and critical thinking with “safety,” they will have lost their reason
for being. All of this psychodrama is massively embarrassing to women and to feminism. Some
say these new crusaders are a feisty generation that we should admire for refusing to put
up with gender injustice. Well, I don’t see the safe spacers as admirable. And I don’t
believe they are taking us into some bright new future where women are secure and respected.
This is a reactionary movement that is taking us back to when women were viewed as delicate
flowers. This is fainting couch feminism. Hysteria over sexual conduct will do little
to help genuine victims of sexual violence, And it’s just shutting down dialogue, that’s undermining essential principles of our civilization. Let me know in the comments what you think about the state
of freedom on campus. If you feel safe about doing it, please follow me on Twitter and
Facebook and subscribe to this series. I hope I have not triggered anyone out there—especially
one of your pets. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

100 thoughts on “How fainting couch feminism threatens freedom | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  • 1:05 "fragile Maidens and evil predators" lol, well, cant speak for all men, but i want a woman whos a so-called "evil predator" as I am.

  • Ughh.. Georgetown was one of the school I was looking at for my PhD… but if they can't handle you there, they def can't handle me.. I'm nowhere near as nice.


  • You know…. To say you have ptsd over something so little as this lovely woman speaking the truth… Is such a huge insult to those that truly have ptsd. People in horrible car accidents, losing your buddy in combat.. Getting your own limbs blown off or running in a burning house. That's down right disgusting, you dont know the plight of those people that have had to witness what most American citizens will never, ever have to see.

  • This video puts a piece of my mind at ease… to know that I wasn't alone in thinking practically everything that was talked about here. It's worse than going back in time- in addition, they want their piece of the cake, and they want to eat it too.

  • Blah blah…If you have any influence >work only to replace the radicals lady. Or feminism will remain widely irrelevant

  • This is where the Internet has failed us. It gives everyone a platform and a chance to speak freely. It allows anyone to become a snowflake. The problem is, if enough snowflakes get together they can burgeon into a massive avalanche.
    It also allows for any unscrupulous person to influence younger, more malleable minds with the promise of some great utopia at the end of the road. It allows someone to say that everyone is somehow a victim and blame anything else for your current status.
    Voices that otherwise would never have been given credence are becoming increasingly louder.
    The caveat with the Internet is obviously free speech and the ability to seek different news sources that diverge drastically (sometimes good and sometimes bad) from the mainstream media- which has become government sponsored propaganda.

  • Thank you for speaking out on this. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and you have put my thoughts into spoken word perfectly. I am raising four children. The first one already has started college and it scares me what is being "taught" and enabled there. I pray the solid foundation and common sense I have instilled in them holds to the barrage of ridiculousness that is now considered college education.

  • shouldn't third wave feminist focus more on actual issues like men throwing acid on women on the east or women still not being able to vote in some countries or the hiena 'culture' on some parts of africa instead of having their 'poor feelings 'hurt by this woman's speech?

  • 2:04 –> someone obviously didn't know how to spell "participant" correctly yet still managed to get into university. Yep, we're f*cked.

  • Are they really fucking that stupid that they need to go to a safe space because of opinions that they disagree with WOW, thank god I didn't go to university

  • How about the professors who support and push students to act this way and punissh students who aren't liberal nut jobs. How about the professor who called for people to beat up a student journalist who refused to stop reporting on the BLM protest on campus and who also triedd to stop police from making these BLMs get out of the street so that they didn't get run over.

  • The dog wasn't in the safe space because he got triggered. He was there because they needed someone smarter than the students to calm them down.

  • All these female "conservatives" just ooze sexuality (you'd think it be the other way around). Helen Smith is another one – she is also very attractive. I've seen it time and again. In contrast 3rd wave feminists give off this "Victorian Era" prude vibe -discount their words and scant dress and look at their actions. Yuck!

  • "Since the time of Socrates, education has been synonymous with debates, inquiries and challenges, but if universities are replacing inquiry and critical thinking with safety, they have lost the reason for existing."

  • Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of the delicate flower feminist and their new "Victorian morality = feminism" philosophy. What you and the other "2nd wave" feminist still refuse to admit to, however, is that you and your activism have led to 3rd wave feminist philosophy. A lot of men saw this coming decades ago and warned against it. We were belittled and called chauvinist, and still are. Instead of simply advocating for equality under the law and letting nature sort out the biology of it all, you advocated for legal advantage without regard for the inevitable abuse such broad legal concepts always bring. Title 9 was set in place because woman's sporting events weren't as profitable for universities as football and basketball. Instead of advocating that sports should be de-emphasized in the higher learning setting, feminist couldn't wait to milk that cash cow for themselves. Well you got it. How does that sour milk taste now?

  • Has the internet turned these new generation to soft? Maybe bc ppl are not interacting with each other as much anymore, so when they are in the real world they can't handle any large or small disagreements, so they cry about it until ppl give in…..Where the common sense ppl? Keep it simple stupid? huh? Ah Ya!;) I enjoy hearing you speak very interesting and keep up the awesome work!

  • I have a serious question, keep in mind I'm going to use words the way they are defined in the dictionary: If a student gets "triggered" by a professor who is educating them for a degree, then they can not get that degree because they don't have the knowledge. What about the hundred of thousands of dollars in student loans (which can't be forgiven with bankruptcy, if you don't pay the government will garnish all of your earnings until they are paid off). Or is it that the universities still give them the degree without learning? If this is the case then America is in a lot more trouble than I thought

  • idk i think increasing emotional sensitivity is important and a gift.. its actually very feminine to be soft, gentle and emotional so its rather ironic that as a woman feminist you dislike this attitude. Our world is becoming overly sociopathic, and its creepy! Im highly telepathic, emotionally intuitive and have severe PTSD, and though i would never request extra help becuase of it or demand anything from anyone.. I can understand the emotional pain that could lead people to protest receiving more emotional sensitivity. women and men are still different i thought the point of feminism was making feminine things.. like sensitivity, emotion, nurturance, motherhood, birth, decoration, nesting etc. more respected and approved of.

  • I… sighs Just… cringes Can't… begins hyperventilating w-wait… reconsiders life choices to… looks meaningfully at noose leave… tears form high… spasms a little school…

  • Condemning the thin skinned on the Internet is a bit like raging about the Amish while standing in the center of New York.

  • It is ok with me because as a non human athiest, I don't believe in them. If I don't believe in them, therefore; they don't exist.

  • The inmates are running the asylum because the administrations of these schools have abandoned their responsibilities to lead and educate the charges entrusted to their care.

  • I'm autistic, and college is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable to me. But I put up with it in order to learn, and I don't demand anyone change to accommodate me.

  • Nobody seems to have understood that all of this phenomenon is because of the advancement of of technology due to which the hardship jobs are disappearing and thus men are becoming obsolete….
    The advancement of technology has prioritised jobs like management of work in the human society….(in which women are clearly better at biologically than men)
    Thus women have been able to rise above men because of machines not due to some activist movement which many people have unfotunately come to believe…

  • Yes, facts and reason are terrifying! They need combatting with screaming and obscene name-calling and threats of violence (or acting on these threats) towards the perpetrators of these evils. And when all else fails and they won't be silenced, then safe harbours must be provided as a retreat from them. Where are we, and how did we get here? It's nice to see Christina's optimism for the human race, that "this too shall pass." I can't share it, however.

  • Do you think any of these kids have ever seen this:

    or this:

    This is what PTSD or Shellshock actually does to the body.

    It doesn't 'make you feel down for a little while…'[said and to be read mockingly]

    what is wrong with these people they have bastardised and manipulated a very real and potentially life destroying condition for what

  • You could have triggered my pet but i have a pet snail, well is more of a rock, his name is Rocky and HE GOT NERVES OF STEEL

  • I love your videos, tell those snowflakes like it is! (I'm old school socially liberal) and these new wave feminists and safe spacers are driving me crazy! Grow up kiddos!

  • It has only gotten worse. And, yes, I am afraid for myself and higher education. I am also a professor.

  • All this hypersensitivity, to opposing views on various issues and topics worthy of debate, is a direct product of ridiculous, pointless, anti-productive gender studies and ethic studies courses. From the start they were heavily laced with political correctness and radical feminism and have only, clearly, gotten worse. All such useless degrees and their pseudo-professors should be shut down.

  • Interesting you referenced Socrates there (3:15), is that related to his death sentence for "corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens"?

  • I am retired Army who was "diagnosed" with PTSD after spending time in Iraq… I went back to school at a state University and cannot understand this "trigger warning" nonsense…get shot at, go through a couple of IEDs, dodge mortars and rockets for a year and see if someone's opposing ideas actually "trigger" you… furthermore, not addressed in this video but coming from the same place are these allegations of fascism…in a real fascist state they'd be shot with lead for shooting off their mouths…besides I am certain that calling people racist, sexist, fascist, Nazi etc. is coming from a place of love, right?

  • I’m about to start high school and I hope that when I get in to a college this won’t happen, all I need my education and too expand my mind, not to be closed minded and full of my self, like safe space and, fainting chare like What may god assist them and open there mind that there is going to be racist stuff and discrimination but you can fight it just be open minded and have a strong emotion so nothing can hurt your feelings. College need to get there act together or I’m going to online college if there one I hope there one.
    Thank you so much for making this love your work.

  • It is emotional blackmail as a political strategy. It is a return to blasphemy laws and violent mobs coming to kill the infidel, you aren't allowed to utter facts contrary to dogma or criticize a believer, ever. The political ideology is invested with religious levels of commitment.

  • Convenient feminism is what I call it. They fuck like rabbits from 1 partner to another. Then claim they are oppressed and victimized because of sober guilt.
    Deal with the choices you make, not point fingers at someone else because your confused & feelings are hurt.

  • "If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things." -Adolf Hitler
    "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." -Joseph Stalin
    "Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole." -Mao Zedong
    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." -Winston Churchill
    "The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic." -John F. Kennedy

  • These people obviously prefer the comforting lie over the harsh truth. Odd thing is though, the truth isn't even harsh.

    "They remotely disagree with me, so it makes me scared" seems to be their mindset.

  • Since a video like this can get so many positive ratings, I really wonder how come such an apperant low amount of disgruntled fragile feminists can impose there will on so many college and university boards!

  • The safety is quite hypocritical. In my classes, if a student expresses any view or value that is unpopular, the class and even lecturer will happily gang up on them to "correct" them.

  • Wow – "Due process is being seen as a barrier to justice rather than its essence." Here we are, three years after this video was uploaded, dealing with the Kavanaugh confirmation and the absolute hysterics and insanity of the Left. You nailed it, Factual Feminist.

  • There is no such thing as rights,gender rights,human rights of any sort. History shows me this. A nice notion…noble even but non-sense. I do not believe in equality. Look around ….no one is equal to anyone else.!! Simple. The truth is….these flowers will lead people into true fascism and similar lines as Pol Pot etc. When one group demands and gets what they want through legal channels, then you have a problem on your hands. Take a look at all ghastly regimes over history….one group demanded their rights over another group. Simple…….USA …theres trouble acumin!!

  • We need more women that think like you. This is ridiculous. I want equality. Not special privilege. Which means men get treated equally too. This pushes men into a corner where no matter what men do… they can't win and will e called sexist, misogynist.

    You ladies want to show you really have courage… fight muslim misogyny.

  • 1:00 the content of the article disappeared! The title is still there, but the text is gone!

  • My chihuahua Otto agrees with you whole heatedly. He needs so safe spaces of any kind hes a strong doggo! Except my lap, thats his safe space.

  • What ever happened to the fact that college campuses were bastions of free thinking, whether anyone agrees or disagrees with the position presented?

  • One of many factors that piss me off about radical feminism in society is the fact you can Google "depression" or "bi-polar" and most articles will be geared towards women's issues only. WTF? More men commit suicide than women, so you know all this a legitimate conspiracy against males.

  • 64 dogs were harmed in the making of this video to date. Please think of your canines before adhering to this obvious patriarchal drivel. It is obvious that Hoffman is stating all of this under male oppressed distress.

  • What's hapening in the univs. in the U.S., is EXACTLY what happened in China in the Cultural Rev. THe students started protesting /marches against their professors /teachers, then surrounded them humiliating their profs, , finally beatings, some to death. The students got so out of hand that, finally, the military had to be sent to get the students back under control.

  • hey guess with what oberlin college is in the news now ? They did good cultivating this maniacal inferiority complex

  • 1000% agreement! I see a generation of delusional children brainwashed and lied to by professors and so-called institutions of higher learning. Making up issues to rally around, while people around the world are struggling to not only survive, but with some basic freedoms and human dignity. Their call to arms revolves around emasculating males, from birth through adulthood.

  • Let these weaklings have safe Space, let them grow weaker and weaker, when they get out if their Space, they will be so scared they will crawl into a hole and let the World to tough tolerant people like us.

  • Trigger happy snowflake fainting couch smelling salts feminist have taken over. This is embarrassing to any reasonable, rational enlightened human.

  • The US made huge strides I believe during the self help movement. As criticized as it was it helped individuals standup and move forward.
    I see the future being overtaken by people who will have excuses to be lazy and disable argument

  • Whether factual feminist you’re still a feminist and giving women rights is a big threat to human civilization soon we will learn this hard way when society steps down to barbarism. Women should only be used as childbearing vessels nothing else.

  • I have to admit this, but using the word feminist" is abit taunting, why not just stick to the word "feminim? I believe using the word feminist is another translation to gender speech hate?

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