How Far has Democracy Moved?

it's another democracy day in Nigeria and it's a day when Nigerian citizens celebrate their human rights and also when new government is sworn in power for the next four years so battles has brought together some knowledgeable Nigerians to discuss what democracy really is but have you seen my previous video on Independence Day you need to check it out so stay tuned General Abu Bakr will hand over a copy of the constitution of the Federal Republic as well as our insignia of office to president poroshenko passenger democracy means government of the people for the people by the people but at the end of the day here we are in Nigeria we've had three presidents in should I say we've had three presidents since the Third Republic right but some of them are former military dictators that's democracy in Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria yes there's no more advances he was offering yes Nigeria cannot enjoy democracy until they understand they are responsibilities in a democracy Nigerians have to realize that unlike you millet the military era when all decisions were taken by the military in a democratic era the people have the responsibility to be on the driver's seat but majority of Nigerians don't know the idea responsibility in a democracy the government of the people for the people and by the people no but is it really so here in Nigeria you know where you have war Baba sorry Godfather's know democracy has come to stay Nigeria what I have not gotten to the peak of its before may wander for that long we have gained independence the people too should realize that the military punctured our independence and the state longer than what we can explain democratic regime is open to scrutiny but you cannot query the military you cannot query the military and so in terms of even the fundamental human rights people often talk about freedom of the press you see it was was during the military regime downwards we now have we started more or less in 1999 how many years ago when we twelve years ago how many years ago now you know our train you know 20 years ago 20 years ago 20 years ago in the in the life of a nation that's a very short period we all we need to do is to continue to work at it so that we can read that level of perfection that world want well I'm not even sure I subscribed to the idea of a democracy day because we are not in a democracy people are not practicing democracy because they are not alive to their responsibilities in a democracy if at all we should celebrate democracy day we should be doing so educating ourselves about what exactly is the role of the citizen in a democratically government to provide a route good water money for poor man for Masse's good reason I dunno there's no water the no bad rule everywhere first of all we demand we should demand that the legislators should cut their salaries because what they are what the end this is something else they don't want minimum wage what what they are what they are paid what they are getting you know we pay for every door everybody message to engage with their with the constituency representatives and if that one fails then they can recall that person being easy NATO rep or an assemblyman so until we do that one day we know that they are not there on their own volition they are there to represent us the presidential system of government that we are adopted seems to be too costly to maintain if a cost of Governors a major hindrance to developments in this mission so what was a deal an analysis which I was reading as I was coming to the office that almost maybe 60% of past governess they collects the I determined benefits some of the minimum 30 million unknown they will have forecast in for foraging every for four years they will have the salaries of the a domestic stop it to the tune of something like a 1 million per month they will have security and all of data and yet despite all those fat fat fat allowances and family benefit they are still in the Senate we need to you know constantly remind people put it in the consciousness of the ordinary Nigeria that is the mission that is worth to stand by that is work to preserve and that these are the kind of thing that rule aspect so that to me is the meaning of the bridge is to create that kind of consciousness in people about what Angela means don't talk to really have democracy in Nigeria let me know what your team by share your thoughts in the comment section below I am Aldo IOT remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel bye for now

13 thoughts on “How Far has Democracy Moved?

  • Democracy vs Monarchy?
    Nigerians or Africans we're not destined for a democracy state. Why did we have to follow the westerners?

  • democracy sounds good but it can be bad. if the people are in charge but the majority of the people are ignorant or brainwashed then you have trouble. corruption will always exist.

  • Democracy is trash and garbage if it doesn't work. A good dictatorship is far better than a bad democracy. Stop this spread of democracy talk and put in a system that work closer to watch china is doing. Socialism is even far better.

  • A religion as new as Christianity brought to Africa have so much impact and is still a main religion when European themselves are abolishing it.

    A religion in which changed the sabbath day, doesn't care about kosher, worship white Jesus worship idol of jesus/Maria while praying to a symbol of cross (again idol). basically doing everything that the origin bible/torah teach us not to do.

    A religion that goes against G-d word (the word of G-d which should NEVER change).

    A religion that caused crisis upon crisis in European before European disdain themselves from it.

    Africa should abolish Christianity and disdain themselves far from it

  • This human shit has been over. The physical is an illusion none of this shit is real. Do what thou wilt. Life is death death is life. Anything that deteriorates isn’t real😹 democracy uno 😹just means a demonic rule people really think there’s boundaries to what they can do, whilst d elites do what dey want😹😹

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