How Good Will Spencer Knight Be?

hello everybody and welcome to goalie hub so I just wanted to talk about how good can Spencer Knight possibly be so he recently just got drafted 13th overall by the Florida Panthers at this year's draft just a few days ago and I've heard some people compare him to Carey Price because of his calm play in the net which tells me that this kid is very good as an eighteen year old so let's take a look at Spencer Knights 2018-2019 stats so we start off with him playing 16 games for the United States Development Program Junior team in the USHL where he posted a decent 2.21 goals against average and a 903 save percentage now I'm not exactly sure how high scoring that League is but a 903 C percentage is a little low for me but let's continue on so he ended up also playing 33 games for the u.s. national under-18 team in the United States Development Program League where he posted a lot better numbers for the 2.36 goals against average yes that's higher than the 2.21 goals against he posted before but he definitely improved to see a percentage from a 903 to a 913 C percentage in this league so I think he did a lot better in the USDP than the USHL and then he also played for Team USA at the world junior championship under-18s where he posted a 1 point 5 1 goals against average and a 936 8 percentage in 6 games played which is absolutely incredible he also was on the roster for Team USA at the regular World Junior Championships but he played zero games due to him being the third goalie on Team USA's depth chart so it sounds like he had a pretty good 2018-19 campaign which earned him the 13th overall selection and he's committed to Boston called for the 2019 20 season so I think he'll improve his game a lot they're playing college hockey so another thing I wanted to talk about as how Spencer night plays so I've done a bit of research and watched some clips of Spencer night and yeah this kid is for real he is really damn good I just find his positioning to be outstanding he's very agile in the net he's is very calm like Carrie price so I can understand those comparisons right now he just seems like a really good goaltender and somebody who can really improved and become a superstar in the NHL my final sort of main point I wanted to cover in today's video is the Florida Panthers crease situation so they do now have Spencer Knight as their top goalie prospects and he's looking to be pretty damn good at this point but I think would be interesting if Sergei Brodsky signs the contract with the Florida Panthers this summer because if he does then they're already set further now and Spencer Knight is for the future but borovsky is not really that old I think he's only like 30 or 31 years old give or take and he's still a very good goalie right now ironically enough that's one of the guys that Spencer Knight was also being compared to was sergei Brodsky I think if parofsky does sign a contract with the Panthers he'll definitely be the starter for a solid four or five years I think then you think about Spencer Knight – Spencer Knights gonna need time in the NHL and he's gonna come up probably at around age 21 22 maybe I'm thinking and he would be challenging for the starting role when borovsky is maybe around 34 so I'm wondering how that's gonna pan out I think burr Borowski might just be starting to sort of slow down because of age and declined when Spencer Knight is ready for a full-time job so I don't think this Panthers if they do sign borovsky I don't think they should sign them to anymore than say four or five years term because they know Spencer Knight will come into the system in a few years so that just about wraps it up for my video on Spencer night and just predicting how good he will be so I think he will eventually be an elite starting goalie in the NHL and definitely in contention for the Vesna trophy in the future I've heard some people call Spencer Knight a boomer boss to pick which I guess kind of makes sense because he's the first goalie to be drafted this high in the top 15 of the draft since Jack Campbell was 11th overall in 2010 and we all know how he's turned out I mean he's not that bad right now but he was supposed to be an elite starting goalie and he's only really a backup goalie right now on the LA Kings so I can understand their point of view but I think his overall skill set is just too good to be a bust and I really hope I'm not jinxing the kid with this video but I hope he can be very good for the Florida Panthers in the future I just wanted to say before the end of this video that all the stats used in this video or from elite prospects comm and I'll be sure to follow me on instagram at goalie underscore hub and I'll see everybody in the next video

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