How I Achieved Financial Freedom at 28 With Online Passive Income

Some of you may know that at the age of 28,
I achieve financial freedom through my online businesses, but not many of you would know
exactly how I did that because I haven’t really talked about it. So in this episode I want
to talk about how I achieved financial freedom at the age of 28 through passive online businesses.
So I’m just going to kind of talk about my journey, how I got started in this sort of
stuff. What I think is required to create an online passive income business and how
you can go and start to learn about that in more detail. I can’t cram into one video exactly
how to do what I did because it happened over about a 10 year period and that’s not going
to fit into what a 20 minute video or however long this ends up being, but I can share my
story and hopefully this inspires you to go out and look for ways that you can generate
passive income either online or offline. I started getting into learning how to make
money online when I was 18, so 10 years before I achieve financial freedom through making
money online. That’s when I started learning about it, so it wasn’t something that happened
overnight. There wasn’t some get rich quick scheme or anything like that. I was 18. It
was my first year out of high school and I was reading a blog or had downloaded an ebook
where someone had talked about going from scratch, so absolutely nothing and how they
made $100 in 30 days and so they showed how they created a free blog and they started
selling tee shirts and they created this income doing that and then reinvested the money to
grow the business even further. And so as an 18 year old, this was extremely inspiring
to see that you can go from literally nothing. So they took none of their own money to invest
into this and then they started making money. So to think that at the time I didn’t have
much money. How can I go from earning nothing to making money online? And so I did basically
exactly what the book did, I tried to copy it, set up a free blog, tried to create some
t shirts that I could sell and sold absolutely nothing, got hardly any visitors to my blog,
if any at all. And then I started looking at, okay, well how can I get more visitors
to my blog? I started stealing content from other people’s websites and putting it out
on my blog because I wasn’t a very good writer at the time and I didn’t know what to write
about. I started about 10 to 20 blogs at that time, all of which failed. But I learned a
lot along the way and they didn’t cost me any money to set up. So once I started doing that, then I learned
that you kind of need to have your own website and your own domain. So I started investing
some money into that. It wasn’t a lot to get started for a domain, maybe $10 for a domain.
Talking about five to $10 per month for hosting. Started getting into started blogging. I started
blogging about all different sorts of things. Didn’t really have a clear focus on how I
was going to make money. I did that for a couple of years and didn’t make very much
at all, but I did make some money online and I knew that it was possible to do it. I found
some strategies that worked better than others, so I would double down on those strategies
and I would say growth, but it never really saw the income that I wanted to see come out
of it. I also did a bunch of freelance writing at
that time, so I was paid to write articles. I remember having to write 100 articles on
Bluetooth headphones or like Bluetooth. What do they call, you know there’s earpieces that
you’re talking to. So you’re on the phone and using a Bluetooth earpiece. This was about
eight years ago or 10 years ago now, so back in 2008, 2009. This sort of time. But I remember
having to write a 100 articles on Bluetooth headsets and that was just not a lot of fun
and the pay wasn’t very good. So at the time I wasn’t making much money online, the money
that I was making definitely wasn’t passive either. So I tried to do that full time while
my wife Kelly at the time went to work, she dropped down to part time, so I’m trying to
make money online while she’s only working part time so we don’t have much money coming
in for ourselves. I think I was working in about one weekend
a fortnight at a local pharmacy as well to get a bit of extra money coming in. But we
were so poor that we had two cars at this point, so we had a Toyota Echo that my wife
had gotten a 10 grand loan in order to purchase it for her job as a traveling merchandiser.
And then we had my car, which we called the hammer. It wasn’t actually a hammer. It was
this bomb of a car that I bought for $500 and then it cost $1,500 in repairs to get
it actually going on the road. And my dad paid the $1,500 in repairs. Not even myself.
And what happened, we had these two cars and reggio came up on the hammer which was about
a thousand dollars or $800 or something like that and there was no feasible way that we
could afford the Reggio on this car and our parents weren’t willing to pay for it. I don’t even think we asked them to pay for
it to be honest because we just could not afford it. Even though this is a car that
had somebody missing into it. It was a really good car. We just couldn’t afford the reggio
to even register it and then try and sell it and maybe make a thousand dollars selling
it. So we let the Reggio lapse. We then sold the car to the records for $100, but we’re
at the point where we had no spare cash. In order to do that, rather than having a weekly
budget, we had a measly measly daily budget of how much money we’re allowed to spend each
day. Because that was the only feasible way to kind of wrap our heads around how money
we had and how we could try and stretch that. But that didn’t really work. We often over
when we often went over budget and it was just a really hard time. So around that period I kind of eventually
got into work, so I was working more at the pharmacy. I then moved across into the compounding
lab that the pharmacy had. So it was working four days a week when we had our first child.
I then had a friend who worked for a pharmaceutical company and helped me get a job in there and
then got a promotion through there, ended up working on the road as a pharmaceutical
rep earning six figures when I was around 23, 24. So I remember being 23, 24 stressed
out of my mind because I had a two point $5,000,000 budget or something like that or pharmaceuticals
than I needed to sell. And I was working with business owners who had multimillion dollar
pharmacies and trying to get them to sell more of our product, training them. But I
really kind of learn a lot about business through that because I wasn’t one of those
pharmaceutical reps that went to doctors. I was one that went to pharmacies. We sold
generics and so we would help the pharmacies to sell more generics because they make more
profit on the generic. So I did a lot of business consulting in that role as well as actually
being a pharmaceutical rep. so that was really good experience for me to build up my confidence
because I. I did lack confidence in trying to sell myself in trying to put my ideas across
to the world. And when you’re in sales and you’re forced to be happy in front of clients
every single day, you build up this confidence and you build up this hardness to you that
you can go and you couldn’t do it. And when I’m talking with people who have multimillion
dollar businesses and I know what I’m talking about and there’s some aspects of things that
I knew more than they did and they’re taking advice from this 23 year old kid who looks
like a child wearing a suit. But I knew what I was talking about and I
could get that across to them that I was on this different level. So I’ve built a lot
of confidence in that while I was working as a pharmaceutical rep, I did start this
website which has now caught on property previously back then it was called cash flow investor,
so when I used to work in the call center and I would catch the train to and from work.
I had an original ipad at the time and as I would sit on the train I would write out
articles about investing in property, which I was really interested in as well as how
to find positive cashflow and things like that. So I started on property on the side
when I was working in the call center. Kind of continued working on that as as a pharmaceutical
Rep. the problem that I had with that was that
I was so drained from work. Work was so stressful and demanded so much of me. I had two small
children. I had a wife with postnatal depression at the time. Life was just draining that there
wasn’t much energy and there wasn’t much creativity left in me at the end of the day to write
blog posts and to try and grow my passive income, but every now and then I’d get spurts
of inspiration and I would create articles and try and grow my blog. I remember I created
123 articles for on property before I ended up quitting my job and going full time. I
remember that number because when I quit my job I wanted to double that as quickly as
possible, so that was a big focus for me, but I also at the same time, use that opportunity
to learn as much as I could about Internet marketing and making passive income online. So as a pharmaceutical rep, you’re driving
around between multiple different pharmacies. I used to work in Newcastle. I used to also
travel up to foster. I spent a lot of time in my car and so when I would spend that time
in my car, I would listen to podcasts and I would try and educate myself on making money
on the line. I learned about podcasting, how to start a podcast and I learned about how
different people make money through niche websites, which are websites on a particular
topic, so you would look for a topic in Google that there’s not a lot of websites really
talking about this particular subject and so there’s not a lot of competition and so
you would then create articles or you create content around this and you would then rank
in google and you could then make money through advertising, putting adsense on, and if people
click on your ads, you make money or you could make money through what’s called affiliate
sales, which is you market other people’s products and if they go ahead and purchase
them, then you make some money. So I thought, okay, I am going to give this
a go. But I knew that I lacked the energy left at the end of the day to write articles.
And so what I decided was that I found a way where I could get cheap transcriptions for
audio. So I would record a podcast into my phone. So I think I had an iphone four or
something. At the time, so I would just hold it up and I would record into my phone and
article, so it might be five minutes, it might be 10 minutes long. In order to record that
article. I would then pay to get that transcribed because at this point in time I was earning
not heaps of money, but a good a good way, just like I was earning six figures, but I
was paying off heaps of debt, but I had enough that I could spend a little bit on these transcriptions,
so I will write these articles or I would talk it out. These articles. I would get them transcribed
and then I would just go through as an editor and I would turn those transcriptions into
a blog post. So the topic that I was working on at the time was one that was on public
speaking, so I created a bunch of podcasts around public speaking, got them transcribed,
got them put on the website, did a couple of videos as well, but I was really nervous
to do videos at that point in time. So there’s not that many videos that I did. It was mainly
audio just in podcast format because I was just too scared to get on camera and so I
started that website. I built that up, that started to get some traffic and started to
make a little bit of money cash flow investor, which is now called on property as well. Started
getting some traffic as well and started making some money in advertising. I think before I quit my job in total online
with the public speaking side with cashflow investor. I think I had two other sites as
well, maybe three, so maybe five sites in total. We’re making around 500 to a thousand
dollars per month in passive income and so that was the time where I thought, you know
what? Two kids, a wife, we’re just paid off our debt. Hey, instead of saving for a house,
let’s do something crazy and quit my job and let’s move to the gold coast from Newcastle
and I’m going to work full time online and try and make this happen. And so we did just
that. It’s crazy to think back at it. We went on a holiday for Kelly’s birthday and I had
always wanted to live in Queensland. I love the lifestyle up here and so I’d always wanted
to move back. Carol had never wanted to move that far away
from family. We came up for her birthday, which is in winter and we’re on the Gold Coast
staying at Chevron Towers. I don’t know if any of you guys have been there. Cool place
to stay. I got great pools. The kids are swimming. We’re in our shorts and tee shirts in the
middle of winter and Carol says to me, she’s like, okay, I’m ready to move. Let’s do this,
but you’ve got to quit. You’ve got to find another job before we move up here. So I’m
like, okay, yeah, definitely. Um, let’s do this. And so when we went back, I started
looking for other jobs. There was another property business that was looking for someone
to do marketing. I was pretty much a shoe in for that job that was in Brisbane and I
was pretty sure that I was going to get that job, but I really had this in my heart that
I wanted to give online and my own business, another crack, and so I decided to pass on
that job in Brisbane and to go full time online. I remember calling up Kelly crying on the
phone saying, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t work as a rep anymore. I want to give this
online and try. And so we decided to. We didn’t have much in savings, but we had enough to
get us up to Queensland. I got on what’s called the Nice program, which is the new enterprise
incentive scheme, so it’s a scheme to get people off centrelink. So I quit my job. I
went into centrelink. I ended up getting on centerlink. I found someone who was really
nice and who was able to get me on center link straight away rather than. There was
this extremely long wait period that I may have had to wait for, which basically would
have eaten all our savings and I would have had to go back to work. So I found someone
who got me on Centerlink, walked out of the center link building and got on this nice
program straight away, had to do some study for it and then they provide you with mentorship
and a bit of support. So I started this program. It was a little
bit of support, a little bit of money coming in. I was making that like 500 to a thousand
dollars per month through my online business, but little did I realize I’m. It just wasn’t
smart enough as a business person at this time that there was actually a lot of online
expenses as well. So even though I was making 500 to a thousand dollars per month, I probably
had 500 to a thousand dollars per month in expenses at that point in time. So I was breaking
even or I was losing money and so I was basically making nothing except what nice was giving
me. So Kelly ended up going back to work and working at freedom, working in sales in a
job that she definitely didn’t like so that I could push you this online thing. We struggled
for probably another year before we started to make enough money that we could see the
light at the end of the tunnel, so about three years to get to the point where I was earning
the same amount, if not more than when I was a pharmaceutical rep. so three years of full time working online,
plus the seven or eight years doing it part time prior to get to the point where I was
earning a full time income. And while this doesn’t seem like a passive income journey,
it really was because there were so many points in time throughout this journey that there
was opportunities to make earned income. So people wanted me to work for their business
as marketers. People wanted me to do client work and build websites for them. People wanted
me to work as a freelancer or there was opportunities to do affiliate sort of stuff where I could
sell products for people or I could sell leads to people, but I could just see that this
was going to be something that I’d have to continually work to do and there were so many
really great income opportunities and we really needed the money back then that I said no
to because my goal was always to build up a passive income and I want to do another
video about this, about how you can earn passive income online and I’ll go into more detail
on that in that video, but basically I wanted to have a passive way of making money, so
passive products or recommending other people’s products because then you don’t have to do
any customer service or delivery or anything like that and then passive marketing. So all of my marketing wasn’t focused on how
can I get the most people now. It was focused on how can I do work now and that is then
going to work for me in the future and so that’s why I fought on property. I’m up to
episode 570 580 or something like that because I created a lot of videos, a lot of podcasts,
a lot of articles that I knew that if I would create content and put it up online, that
this content would help people for years to come. So if you search certain phrases or
have you asked good questions about investing in property, you’re finding positive cashflow
property. Depending on the question that you asked, you may find an article or a video
or a podcast that I made years ago that will still help you today. So I created a lot of
content knowing that this is going to be out for years, going to be working for me for
years, and so that takes time to build up. You can’t create 580 episodes in a day. It
takes years to build that up. So the entire time I was focusing on doing work that would
then continue to work for me. So it takes work to write an article, but once you publish
it and it’s out there, that article can live online for a year, two years, five years,
10 years, and if it’s written correctly, it can continue to help people that entire time
and when people visit your website, you can make money in advertising or you can make
money in affiliate sales by recommending other people’s products. So that three years where
it took me from basically earning nothing to replacing my salary, I was focusing on
that passive strategy of creating content that’s going to live online and help people
for years to come. There was lots of things that I did in that time that didn’t work. There was one thing I discovered my son had
night terrors, which if you don’t know what they are, you’re very lucky, but basically
night terrors is when your body wakes up but your mind doesn’t. And so my child would wake
up having tantrums in the night but not actually be conscious. And so we’re talking extreme,
extreme screaming and tantrums. But I found out that there was a product that would actually
stop the night terrors. It’s a that vibrates under the bed. So I spent about a month working
on a website where I did content around night terrors to recommend this product to other
parents who have children’s struggling with this and that went on to make nothing, zero
money. I remember if I on property, I created this product called Lisa Lea, s e r, so it
was a self leasing kit. So if you want to lease your property then I had all the details
of how to do that. I spend about one to two months on that product.
That product made maybe 50 to $100 and I spent two months on it. So there was a lot of things
that I did that made no money or made very little money. But then there was some things
that I did that made more money. So I’ve got certain articles that rank really well. I’ve
got certain websites on certain topics that rank really well and make good money in advertising
or good money in affiliate sales. I didn’t just focus on on property though. That was
one of my bigger websites. I focused on lots of different niche websites. Some would work,
some wouldn’t. The one that I had on public speaking still exists today and still makes
me a little bit of money. I’m extremely embarrassed by the content that’s on there, but it still
makes me a little bit of money and that’s one that I created when I was working in my
job, so basically over the years I continued working on multiple different websites, building
up these passive income streams where I create content that would rank in Google and people
would continually come to my site each and every month. Whether I created a new content or not. So
the age of 28, I realized I was at the point now where if I stopped working there will
be enough coming in to pay for our life and so what I did at 28 was I basically stopped
working. I didn’t throw in the towel, but I didn’t really do much work. We renovated
a van, converted that into a camper, did some traveling, and that moved up to Noosa. I focused
on gaming and trying to become really good at a game that I love. Um, I went running,
I did surfing, I spent more time with my family. Um, I explored all these different sorts of
things over the last couple of years without working very much. So passive income and financial
freedom really means that you don’t have to work at all. I can see that if you own enough
properties and you’ve got property managers that you hardly have to do anything. I was at the point where I would still have
to work a couple of hours per week in order to earn that money. So it wasn’t completely
passive. I still had to do a bit of work, but it was an extremely small amount of work
just to manage the business and to keep things running. So I did that for a couple of years
and then me and my wife recently split. And so our expenses have gone up. Income from
one of the businesses has dipped as well. So now I’m back in the game and now working
again to grow my passive income and again, instead of focusing on how can I quickly make
money, right now, I’m focusing on what sort of things can I do that are going to generate
me passive income for the longterm. So what sort of content can I create? What sort of
niches can I work in? What sort of stuff can I focus on where I’ll
do work now? So I’m working hard now, but this will continue to pay off for years to
come. So rather than just looking at, okay, how can I quickly make some money and thinking
about what work can I do that in six months, in a year, in two years, in three years, we’ll
then start making me passive income. And so that’s my focus. That’s always been my focus
is how can I work hard now and make passive income later? And so that’s kind of my journey,
how I got to where I am now. I’m excited to be where I am now. I’m excited to take my
business to the next level. I did all of this without really having employees. I had a virtual
assistant who was amazing and who would do a lot of the back end administration stuff
for me, but a lot of the work was done by myself without employees are now looking at
how to expand the business and grow it faster by hiring people to create content for me
to do editing for me and stuff like that. So I’m now looking at those growth opportunities
to really build out a bigger base so I can then go ahead and invest in something more
stable life property and so that I can have financial freedom through my business, but
then I can also have a secondary you financial freedom through my investments which will
actually be property shares and cryptocurrency and so I’m building out the business again,
but again still focusing on that passive income. I then want to expand that and extra money
from that will then go to invest into other aspects like property, like shares, like crypto
to them, build up that second source of passive income so then have multiple streams of passive
income. If the businesses die, I’ll still be okay and still be financially free. That’s
the goal, how it pans out. We’ll have to see, but I’m really excited for the future and
I hope that this has kind of explained to you guys how I achieved financial freedom
at 28 because I think if I went down the path of trying to achieve financial freedom through
property or the age of 28, I just lacked that energy and lacked that creative drive when
I was working full time to be able to focus fully on property and saving for the property
and then investing in property and trying to do that. I think it definitely would have been possible,
but it probably would have taken me more years than it did working online and creating my
own online business and my own online income. In no way was it easy. It was extremely difficult.
I had to say no to so many opportunities. I had to live without income and then people
are trying to give me money when I had no money and two children that I needed to pay
for and they’re offering me these amazing opportunities to make money. I had to be strong
enough to say no to that because I saw my future and I wanted it to be passive income
and so people say, Oh, you have it easy, you have a great business model, but those same
people took the easy money when it was there until the income right now and chose to focus
on that rather than focusing on how can I create a passive income and so it was very
difficult thing to do. Me and my wife fought a lot around money in
the early days. It was, it was a hard, hard journey and sure now I have the skills that
I need to grow and expand my passive income business, but that only came through the trials
and the tribulations and the hard times. So in no way do I think making money online is
easy. In no way do I think it’s a get rich quick scheme, but I do love the opportunities
that it’s afforded me. I do know a lot more now about how to generate income online quicker,
how to add more value to the world. I’m excited to do that and yeah, if you guys want to hear
more about this, let me know in the comments section down below if you have any questions
about making money online or generating passive income from scratch, all of that sort of stuff.
I want to hear your questions, so please leave them in the comment section down below. Don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel. Has got new videos coming out every single week, three
times a week at the moment and volley here. Go ahead and check out one of my other videos
on creating financial freedom for yourself. I really want you to go out and start creating
passive income streams in your life. Thanks so much for watching. Until next time, stay

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  • Oh mate.sorry to hear about ur split..Keep creating great content. U r someone who opened my mind about all these passive income and properties. Since then bought 2 investments and started online sales..Hope all works out well for ya

  • So good to see someone that has really made it with out the bull! The goal posts seem a little bit closer when you explain your hardships without the ego. Keep up the videos👍👍👍

  • So good to see someone that has really made it with out the bull! The goal posts seem a little bit closer when you explain your hardships without the ego. Keep up the videos👍👍👍

  • Great video Ryan – really enjoyed hearing about your journey and years of trial and error. You deserve to succeed for sticking to your plan for passive income, especially with children to support. Sorry to hear about the split with your wife.

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