How I Bought This House For $0

Nothing is more fulfilling to me in the
game of real estate than buying a house with no money and no credit. I just… I
love it and I love teaching and showing people how to do that.
In fact, I’ve got a lot of my partners that that’s the game I’m in. I help them
do it and then I show them how to do it and get on both sides of the fence. Today,
I’m gonna be breaking down for you how to buy real estate with no money, no
credit. And at the end of the video little bonus, I’m going to actually going to
share with you some of the hacks that I utilize that open up the doors for doing
unlimited real estate so you can do as much as you want. Now buying a house for $0 is super cool
and it’s a little tricky. Like, I want to share with you how to do it but once you
learn how to do it, my students once they catch on, they just keep on doing it. So,
it’s really really awesome. I personally buy a house just about
every single day and I’m not using any money any credit and it’s based on the
knowledge that I’m about to share with you right now that I think is going to
be hopefully life-changing for you. Check it out. In life,
a lot of people think real estate comes down to how many resources you have. And
it’s more a game of how resourceful are you. Because there are 4 dominant
resources that will help you crush it the game of real estate. Imagine for a
moment this pie chart and we’ve got someone that is saying, “Hey, I’ll put up
the money for deals.” And another person says, “I’ll put up credit.” And another
person says, “I’ll find the deal.” And the last person says, “I will manage the
property.” Okay? So, once a deal gets found, to buy it, there’s money and credit
involved. And then someone’s got to handle the long-term strategy of it. So,
if you think about it, these are 4 different pieces. You
really only need to possess the ability for one of them. How to put everything
all together. And so let me just kind of give you what I hope will be really
really helpful in understanding how to do real estate with no money.
Finding the deal. You want to learn how to be the deal maker. Now, you can pay
bird dogs to go out there and find deals for you or you can just use your
knowledge and know-how and go out and find these deals.
If you don’t possess that knowledge and know-how, I’ve got a training bootcamp
that teaches people how to basically find really amazing deals. It’s very
simple. And if you put in a little bit of legwork, the deal manifests. So, it’s super
awesome. So, the first thing you want to do is you want to learn how to find a
deal. Then what you’ve got to do is you have to find who has the money. Now, does
this person need to be you? NO. But it might be one of your hidden assets. If
you’ve been putting money in a 401k or IRA or or stock market or annuity then
you actually have money for real estate. It’s an asset transfer.
Moving from a low yield to a much more significant yield if you do this the
right way. Then you need someone to put up the
credit. If your credit is bad, guess what? You just rent somebody else’s credit. I
do it all the time and I got videos on how to do that.
Lastly, we need someone that’s going to actually manage the deal. If you had to
do the least of all four of these, you’d want to at least do this one that says, “I
know how to manage this thing and make money with it.” Because this is the person
that can often sell everyone on let’s play. This person also often knows how to
find the deals and once it’s just a matter of finding money in credit,
because you’ve got the deal and the person that understands the strategy, dude,
this… This is game over. This is easy. I always tell my investors that it comes
down to creativity, hustle, and courage. Notice that creativity, hustle, encourage
is not money nor is it credit. Creative and hustle and courage is really about
finding the house and selling people on an idea of what you can do with it. Now,
if you piggyback on my system, check it out. I’ve documented 4,000 deals that
I’ve done with my system. And we’re talking about a nearly billion dollar. So
when people get with me, they inherit that entire track record and that’s what
they’re piggybacking off of. I didn’t have that in the beginning so I love
giving that to my students so that they actually know how to do that. By the way,
that book is free. You click the link below you can get a copy of it. And so
understand that if you can just be the one that puts these four pieces together…
And this is what I see happen on a regular basis. Someone finds out that mom
and dad have the money sitting in a 401k or IRA and they’ll become a part of my
system where they find the deal. They are also the person that finds the deal is
often also the manager. And dad or mom have the money often also have a credit.
So, the way I usually see this cut up is this is one person and this is the other
person. This is how it works for me and my personal private partnerships is I’ve
got a track record now and people that have the money say, “Kris, if you find the
deal and do all the work and I get to be totally hands-off, here’s the money.” You
have a track record that I want to invest in. But that’s Kris Krohn. That can
be you too. You just got to start by doing your first five deals. Have a good
experience on the first one, let it go to the second. Let it get to
the fifth and dude, that’s how you crush this game of real estate. I feel like all
I had in the beginning was my creativity, my hustle and courage. That second house
that I bought was scary for me because my first house I was living in. So, I’m
like, if the investment doesn’t work out, I need to pay for a place to live anyway.
So, I’ll just pay the mortgage and it’ll be like everyone else that has a house. I
was trying to make that house an investment and I did so successfully. But
what about my second house, I’m like, “Wait a second. This house is 2 towns over.
2 cities over. It’s a much bigger house. It’s a much nicer house. And I’m not
going to live there?” No, it’s an investment. And I got this house for $150,000 that I later sold for $330,000. And had killer cash flow along the way like, “Oh, my gosh. Like Cash Cab
that house like nobody else business.” But I was scared because it wasn’t a house
for me and it wasn’t a house that I was going to live in. In the end, the hustle came
in the form of me calling up 10 realtors that looked like they from the
ads that look like they represented investment properties and I said, “I’m
ready to buy my property at 20 grand.” setting aside and I’m pre qualified and
the 20 grand was from my first house as an equity loan. And so, I said, “I got this
money so go find me a house that has good equity.” And 8 out of the 10
Realtors thought I was nuts even though they were dealing with investments.
Because I told my one at a 20% equity position. 2 of them said, “Okay.”
And one of them sent me deals that afternoon and the house had just hit the
market you could do that same strategy by the way. Because every day the deal of the
decade comes along so frequently. It’s just who’s looking at that moment.
So, this amazing deal came across the doorstep and I immediately
recognized that is a freaking low price per square foot. I knew there was equity
there. When over same afternoon, checked out the house put an offer in. Half hour
later and we were done. And they got three other offers but they took our
offer. It apparently was the best. 30 days later, when I bought that house that was
the moment of courage. The creativity was in using my first house to pay for it.
The hustle was calling the agents to locate it and the courage was to close
on it. And when I leased it out, I had never done a lease off
my life. I was following someone else’s example, I put the signs out just the way
they said, “And boom, it worked.” And I’m like this is incredible. These people
give me $3,000 up front. I got a 6 hundred dollar cash flow. This works. And
my wife and I got out of debt so fast. So what I’m sharing with you,
I hope the big thing that you’re getting from this is not what resources do you
have but rather can you be creative? Can you hustle? And can you act courageously?
If you knew all three of those, then you are built and bred to be a
multi-millionaire in the game of real estate. And I hope you do. If you want
some guidance and mentorship and knowledge on how to do that, I’ve got
some amazing and few little programs that give you all the tools and
resources you need. All you got to do is click below, get a copy of my book, talk
to men on my team and we’ll walk you through it.

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