How I Gained More Freedom and Increased My Revenue In Only Four Months Working With Coach Mary

– So my name’s Luke Wood. I have a company, YellowHammer Marketing. We’re a direct mail marketing company for functional medicine doctors
and financial professionals. We help fill seminars for them and other facets of their business. But I had been looking
for a business coach for a couple years, but
most of the ones I found, I was very skeptical of. They hadn’t accomplished
much in their life. It seemed they were
mostly business coaches. I was excited when I found
out Mary was starting to do this because I’d
known her for a few years through Freedom Practice Coaching which is an organization I have
a lot of respect for. I know people that work there and the type of people they are. So I was really excited
when she kind of jumped into the coaching, and I
still went in very skeptical ’cause I’m skeptical about
everything, but after really the first time talking with
her, I decided it was something I really wanted to invest my
time and energy and money in. And so, that was six
months ago, and since then, every two weeks, we have a
coaching call, it lasts an hour. I kinda talk about things
that I wanna improve on to implement to my business
to make it more profitable, to put systems in place
so I have more free time to work on my business
and not in my business. And that’s something I’ve had a lot of success with from working with Mary. You know, since she’s a
chief operating officer of a big company, she
really knows the things that can help your business grow. And not only your business. I mean, we talk about a lot
of personal things, too, whether it’s goals or standards
or, allowing other people to put up with you ’cause
sometimes your mind never stops running and annoys everyone around you personally. But you know, she’s a great listener. At the end of every call, we
talk about our action items. So something great about working with her is every two weeks, it’s like,
“Okay, I have to accomplish “these things because
I said I was going to,” so she really holds you
accountable for that. It’s not like she bites your head off, but she is really great
at listening to your ideas and to kind of poke holes in
’em, which is what I love, you know, things that could go wrong that you might not be thinking of. I know as a business
owner, it’s like every time you come up with an idea, you
have this confirmation bias in your head because you
want it to be successful, but sometimes it’s great to have
another perspective on things. So since working with
her the last six months, I’ve had a lot more free
time to work on my business, not in my business, and the
last two months have been the most profitable since I started the business five years ago. And I think I owe a lot of that to her. She’s great to work with, even
if you don’t own a business, if you’re just looking to get
the most out of your life, whether it’s for work or
whatever it is that you’re doing. You know, I couldn’t
recommend her highly enough. She’s a great person,
she’s a great listener. And never be afraid to pick
up the phone and talk to her just ’cause she’s great to talk to. And so yeah, I couldn’t
recommend her highly enough. If it’s something you’re thinking about, I would definitely jump in with both feet. It’s a great investment
for you and your life and your business, and whatever
you’re looking to grow in.

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