How I got into NIDA Episode 1: How I developed an interest in my chosen craft

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – My interest in acting came from writing, actually. I’ve been writing since
I was very, very little. I always loved telling stories. Even, you know, from the age of four I would just make things up
and people would be like, “Wow, so imaginative”! So, I’ve been telling
stories my whole life and I only got into acting in year 10 on an off-chance because
there were no other electives. And I thought, “That seems kinda of like what I’d be into. I’ll give it a go”. And so, I tried it, found that
I loved it and I was okay. So, I don’t know. I think I got excited by that new way of telling stories and really connecting with people. – I think it was something
that was always there but I didn’t pay attention
to until maybe I was 17, 18. I watched a lot of
“The Wizard of Oz” growing up and thought it was the
best thing in the world and used to recreate scenes from it. And “Grease” and all that kind of stuff. But I think acting is something
that you know is there and there’s always something cliche, but in your
heart that you’re like, “I’m gonna do that thing”. – As a kid, my grandad ran a
cinema back home in Liberia. I’m from West Africa. And I’ve just- as a kid I
always went- I loved movies and went to the movies
with my grandparents. I think that’s where
my interest came from. And since then I just loved acting and basically trying to do
everything I could to act every little program or where I felt like you know they needed an actor,
I would try to sign up and try to act, so that’s
where my interest came from. – I’ve always loved movies and stage shows and stuff, looking at that. And just, sort of, seeing a
sculpture in the background while the actors are doing their thing. You’re sort of looking in the back going, “Someone had to make that.
How did that get there”? And I sort of wanted to
be a part of that as well. – I think I’ve always been interested in technical theatre and stage management. I remember being super young
and seeing “The Lion King” when I was three. And I think I can pinpoint
that moment as when I fell in love with lighting. – I’ve been performing in
throughout all of school and high school. And I’ve always liked being on stage but then when I kind of realised that, “Oh, there’s more to a
show than just performing”. That there are other people that make the show happen I was like, “Wow, they do so much for
the people and the actors and I kind of want to be a part of that”. So, it wasn’t until that year 10 when I kind of got
involved into backstage. And then I was applying
for senior high school I saw that they had the
VET entertainment course through school. – I’ve always been interested in theatre. And I didn’t realise
that I had an interest in technical theatre until I saw an STC show. (laughs) “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” where they did a lot of live video broadcasting onto a big LED screen and
they had people in blacks on stage running around. And it kind of got me thinking, “Surely these people must be qualified from somewhere to do this”. So I started researching, you know technical theatre, stuff like that. And I found NIDA course
and I was obsessed. – I’ve always sort of
liked building things. I started in high school
doing drama and acting. And then as I progressed
through high school, top of high school,
like year 11, 12 I guess. I started helping out with
behind the scenes stuff like a bump-ins. I would be there building the
set as it came in and stuff. – My grandma sewed and then
my mom had a quilting stage and I think I got the back
end of her quilting stage. So I helped her make a few quilts and then she kind of got over it. And then I didn’t do the
quilting but I was obsessed with fabrics and just the act of sewing. Just like putting two things together and it’s like a new thing
and you’re like, “Woah”! And my dad also, he used to
import textiles from Korea. So, I always had a surplus
of fabrics in the garage. I could just go down
and rummage through things. – I feel a lot of it started
from fashion I was always very much in
love with Alexander McQueen. I come from the very theatrical
fashion but then I loved watching theatre on stage and
having raw emotions out there. And then also weirdly
enough of horror houses, just like I just love the
sense of safely feeling emotion and so I wanted to
know how to design to have people feel these emotions. So that’s where I’ve come
to design to do that. Yeah. (laughs) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “How I got into NIDA Episode 1: How I developed an interest in my chosen craft

  • will Nida select all who have applied through the website , for the audition or only the selected profiles will be called for the audition ? This question is meant for bfa acting .

  • It is my dream (like many) to go to NIDA. It just gives me an amazing feeling just thinking about it, the same one I get when I think of performing. Whether that be through a camera lens or on stage. NIDA is what inspires me to do the best I can do because it is proof that those who work hard and are dedicated with passion for their art can achieve great things. Before discovering NIDA, I was working hard but never thought of the outcome of hard work, but I discovered this amazing place where amazing experiences and opportunities are held. This motivated me to work twice as hard at everything I do to prepare me and my work ethic not just for the opportunity of my (dream) future, but for the rest of life as well. I hope one day, I can repay the favour that NIDA has given me, in one way or another. I know this industry is extremely hard, straining physically and emotionally and cut throat, but I am prepared to work to the core. Thank you NIDA, its graduates and inspiring messages, for giving me a new reason to work hard and to be strong.

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