How Kenya-Somalia diplomatic spat started

the diplomatic spat between Kenya and Somalia bears the hallmarks of mistrust between two neighbors over control of lucrative oil and gas resources while Somali accuses Kenya boycotting meetings to resolve the maritime boundary dispute matter Kenya claims Somalia reneged on a Memorandum of Understanding or the two countries were to negotiate the maritime boundary dispute but samokhina reports Somalia accuses Kenya of encroaching into its maritime zone occasion in its case the International Court of Justice the Kenya Somalia case not the International Court of Justice since 2014 bust with the sending away of Somalia envoy to Kenya amid nor this marking the diplomatic breakdown over the Indian Ocean maritime border dispute where Kenya accuses Somalia of auctioning oil blocks located in a disputed area the two countries find themselves in conflict for failing to conform to the United Nations Convention on the laws of the Seas that dictates in the case of maritime boundaries determination will be done through agreement between the nations Kenya insists its maritime border runs straight into the Indian Ocean while Somali holds her maritime boundary runs diagonal into the ocean this area of forming a triangle rich in oil and gas blocks nine disputes but in a suit purpose at the ICJ Somali accused Kenya or vocational breakdown in the talks for no apparent reason that in fact the two countries held talks that resulted into a Memorandum of Understanding in April of 2009 according to the MOU the delimitation of maritime boundaries in areas and a dispute including the delimitation of the continental shelf beyond 200 a nautical miles was to be agreed between the two coastal states on the basis of international law but in August of 2009 the transitional federal parliament of Somalia rejected the MOU back to the drawing board the two states began fresh rounds of negotiations in 2014 while Somalia pushed for the diagonal drawing of the boundary can insisted on the straight line into the sea on account of equity and fairness Somalia claims a final meeting to be held in Mogadishu on the 25th and 26th of August 2014 collapsed with an adobe delegation giving it a no-show so my dad claims Kenia began offering its oil blocks in the 1970s without crossing the diagonal maritime boundary but that changed in the 2000s when Kenya apparently began encroaching into Somalis maritime territory Somali accuses Kenya of attempting to expand her maritime jurisdiction and encroaching into its maritime spaces on her part Kenya claimed the 2009 MOU was the first indication by Somalia that they existed the boundary dispute after a presidential declaration of 1979 where the then presidents then Illinois indicated the country's maritime border with Somalia ran straight into the same can you insist it was wrong for Somalia to Swit at the International Court of Justice that in fact in so doing Somalia went against the 2009 MOU that bound both parties to negotiate Asajj Kenya rejected the notion that Somalia's parliament rejected to ratify the MOU claiming the 2009 MOU came into force immediately Somalia's head of government signed it the matter remains active at an International Court of Justice but the political diplomatic and economical dynamics have put the two neighboring nations at odds samokhina citizen TV Nairobi

21 thoughts on “How Kenya-Somalia diplomatic spat started

  • I am not surprised to a laughing ape on a tree. we are real deal. ask that question to black howk down. uhuru Kenyata you have to know your father was under Siad barre rule and we play the name called death "we love death as you love to live" don't play with as be careful.

  • Kenya tugnimada ikadaya ani waxan ba modijiray cadawnena itobiyan lkn adinka kasi xagjiro 🤛 waxan huba Somalia oo dhisan inankenya lugutuman lehen waan difaci lahay ayagu ay idifacan iskadaye aygaba igu dhegan nacala dadkan madobo caqliga madow kuyale maxa ga dhaliyay african 😭😭😭😭👈😡😡😡😡

  • There is nothing called Somalia and Kenya sea disputed area. Fuck that shit. Forget about faked disputed area, we need NFD region back now. Fuck negotiations.

  • We all know Kenya is going to lose this case at the international courts. The Kenyan government acted on impulse by recalling they're representative nevermind the unprofessional Kenyan media broadcasting factless segments. Mess lol Somalis are too clever for you lot but time will tell.

  • Before you dream you must first fall asleep kenya…you are day dreaming we are wounded but we are not dead yet remember that you will never take our sea

  • somali inbreds don't bite the hand that feeds you, remember we were the first nation to welcome and host you. And for those who are abusing us, remember that we are responsible for flushing al shabaab an organization that controls 5 regions with the same GDP as the federal government. Are you forgetting that your country has been plagued with war for over 2 decades? instead of getting angry at kenya direct your energy towards them and fix your shithole state for once. dumb muslims

  • Btw one thing I know for sure since Somalia isn't stable many countries like Kenya is taking advantage of it.

    Kenya If you wanna share with them just beg them and put contracts with them and agreements…. Stop reaching at the neck of my motherland thou am Kenyan by birth.

  • If the oil is abundant let one day be excavated by one country and the next day by the other….

    Kwani iko nini

  • Fuck the Failed Nation of Somalia. Somalia Down Viva Kenya. From the great Nation Republic of Somaliland. Proud to be Somalilander.


  • Kenya all government police and civilian are mafia of the Africa everyday killer soomaali people and Robert their money misi misi misi misi misi misi

  • Kenya sign a deal corrupt Somali leaders only to find out the parliaments was the final say… Kenya was helped by Norway… the deal never went through and is even causing suspicions

  • kenya used to be peacfuly nation,and friendly.but these days kenya is provoking Somalia in foolish way.theres no disputed maritime ,it belongs Somalis,and if these issue escalates into further and worsenning situation,kenya will shoot its leg..

  • Over past days I can see Somali Kenyans supporting Somalia instead of Kenya there country and am a Somali Kenyan and this goes to my fellow Somali Kenyans if you feel that you don't want to be part of Kenya please leave the country and northeastern province belongs to Kenya and we will never be part of Somalia, this territory belongs to Kenya ❤️❤️❤️🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Riyadu waxey Ku fiicanthy sojedka Kenya wey riyonowsaa wlhi cidi fuded cidina xoog nogama qaadi karto wlhi ee aqliga ha shaqeyo dadyahow

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