Me a few minutes of your Saturday
morning. I’ve got a special show for you guys today. You know, I know it’s kind of
short notice but I just can’t help but deliver this piece of content to
you because I think that this will help open up your eyes in 2019 so I’m excited
to share a piece of your morning with and I definitely plan to
deliver some massive value that’s gonna have you looking at your your current
regimen, your current day to day a list of activities and the things that you do
every single day and make it a little bit more efficient but my goal actually
within this livestream, is to help you make sure you’re in the right
place, make sure you’re in a position where you’re maximizing the
return of every single day that you put into this job because at the end of the
day, if we really think about it, one of the primary reasons that we become a
loan officer or more even join this industry or even be in sales period, is
because of the upside and the potential of the income that we can generate. And
so I think it’s important that we identify that importance because that’s
ultimately where our desires are rooted from. And if you’re finding
yourself in a spot right now where you’re not yet earning the income that
you need to make, I hope to deliver to you content within this live stream
that’s going to help you make the income that you desire to make. And the funny
thing is that when we originally started this you know, this type of work
or this line of work, when we got into sales and we’re going through the
process of getting our NMLS license and you know, choosing the employer
and where we’re gonna work where we’re gonna hang our license per se, you know
what we ideally wanted to do was obviously make as much as we can,
right? And so we have this kind of this conception of the opportunity and an
upside that we can make but in all reality, in most cases, we typically fall
short so I’ve got the live chat up and you know, for everyone that’s
tuning in, definitely jump on and put some notes or comment in the section, let
me know where you’re tuning in from. At the end of this livestream, I plan to do
some some QA session where I can answer questions that you have directly. And
this is gonna be a little bit different than you know, your Thursday’s
breakfast of champions because there’s not really any time constraint so I can
really spend some time with you, go through some questions that maybe I’m
not able to answer for you you know, through the videos that you watch on
YouTube, or even on Facebook, or some of the content and comments that you leave
maybe on Instagram or Twitter. And so I’m gonna spend some time with you this
morning, hopefully rev you up so that by Monday
morning you look at your game in a completely different light. And my
intention is to genuinely help you really experience kind of the fruits of
being in this industry and being in this line of work because remember what we do,
at the end of the day, what we do is we sell money. And if we have right now a
license and NMLS number that’s in good standing, what that is is we’re basically
licensed to sell money, right? We’re licensed to help people obtain financing
for real estate and real estate will never go away. Real estate is something
that, it’s a very hot commodity. And so my hope to use that you know, by
delivering this information, I’m gonna I’m gonna help you look at basically
your license in a completely different way. So let’s go and get onto the show,
I’m gonna bring on a slide deck that I made so you guys can see ultimately what
I’m getting at. And today’s show again is gonna be based on you know, at the MLO,
which is mortgage licensed loan officer, the pay structure that we have, right? And
I think that when we identify kind of the ins and outs of of how we get paid,
we can create a system that will systematically help us generate the
results that we want. And so, today’s again live stream is gonna be primarily
focused on the mlo pay structure and how we make money as loan officers. Now my
goal for this meeting is to one, teach you how to make the income you want as
an mlo in today’s market. And then number two, I want to help you understand why
some MLO’s make significantly more than other loan officers. And again, at
the end of the the stream, I’m gonna do a live Q&A so stick around get your
questions ready, and then when you have your questions up inside the comment
section, I’ll answer them and spend some time with you. Now, what I want to do
is again, point out the the intention of our real, our primary
goal. And what it is, is that but we basically just want to close deals and
make money, right? At the end of the day that’s what we plan to do every single
day and really in all reality what it feels like is we continuously meet
resistance. We continuously get kind of rejected, right? And so we find ourselves
at times where we’re just kind of in this lost state, this frustrated
state. And my goal is to help you kind of remove that grind, remove that stress
and remove that discomfort, because when you understand how to really do this
game, you kind of you make it a game. But more importantly, you start seeing the
results that you want. So let’s talk about the MLO pay structure. You know,
everyone for those of you who are not too familiar with the pay structure,
maybe you’re new for those of you who are seasoned you kind of already
understand this. But I’m gonna go quick just do a quick run-through on how we
get paid. And typically we get paid in bits, right? So bits is is referred to as
you know, you might see it on your commission schedule or your
job offer as BPS. And basically what it means is basis points. So it’s one
hundredth of one percent. So if one percent was a dollar, think of a bit as
one penny in essence. And that’s typically how we get paid but when we
when we understand how we we get paid from the bits, which is basically a
percentage of the funded loan amount, the formula to create an idea of how
much you’re gonna make per deal is you you take the percentage or your bits
amount and you multiply it by the loan amount, right? And so that becomes
obviously your Commission amount. So, in this industry, you know, depending on who
you’re working with or the employer that you work with, whether you’re inside
you’re outside, typically the average payout for mortgage loan officers is
anywhere from 25 bits to 200 bits or 2%. And again, it really depends on whether
or not you’re inside or you’re outside. And typically, I’m gonna show you the
actual difference. But when you really break it down, whether you’re
making like a hundred basis points in this example, and let’s say you funded a
loan amount 250,000, right? So you basically take
$250,000 and you multiply it by one percent, which is 100 bits. And so for
that one deal, you would essentially get paid out two thousand five hundred
dollars. Seems pretty simple, right? Now, some of us in here or watching this live
stream, we probably don’t make a hundred bits. And that’s probably because we work
on an inside call center. .Some of us, probably do make that amount and so you
might be outside. Or you might have a specific lead campaign that allows you
to collect a hundred basis points. And so the reason why I’m going over this
is because when you understand how it breaks down, you can create a system that
generates the income that you desire. And so if you desired ten thousand dollars
per month, and you have an idea that you can basically close about four
loans at 250,000 and create your $10,000 per month income. Sounds pretty easy,
right? But let’s use an example of a 25 basis point payout. And so typically, this
basis point payout are paid out to loan officers who work on an inside call
center. And you might be like, “Well why is that, you know, why is there so much
of a big difference?” And the primary difference is because when an inside
loan officer, when you’re in that position you’re typically given given
leads all day. Whereas the hundred basis point example, you’re not necessarily given
leads or maybe you are getting leads but this 100 bits payout is more of a
harder lead to convert. And so maybe it’s just a name and phone number, and it’s
not necessarily they need details or past client or a portfolio type
retention deal, right? Where this hundred basis point pay out could very well be for
outside loan officers. You know, I’m curious. Comment here in the chat
box, let me know if you’re an inside, out or inside loan officer or an outside
loan officer. They all you got to do is just comment. Inside loan officer or
outside loan officer and I’d be interested to see how many of us are
actually being paid out over a hundred bits or you know, one percent of each
loan amount. But it’s important to identify the difference between the two
because on an inside loan officer, typically you’re given massive amount of
resources. So you’re given, you know leads per day and they’re being fed to
you, you don’t necessarily have to hunt for your lead base, you don’t need to you
know, be in charge of your marketing, your company typically provides that for you.
And so the exchanges is that, if we you know if the company gives you X amount
of leads per day and they give you all these resources, then the payout is
typically smaller, right? And that’s where you got this 25 basis point deal. But if
you are receiving a hundred basis points like in this example, you’re going to
probably be more on your own. So it’s your job to find you know, your own
marketing, it’s your job to find your own referral partners, it’s your job to go
out and find that business. And what’s interesting is that you know, when we get
into this industry, we are motivated or influenced to get into the highest
payout because why not, right? Like down if I can make a hundred basis point
here, then never mind the 25 basis points, I want more money. And my goal to
really open your eyes and understand that there is a side that fits you more.
And it’s going to be dependent on your style, your sales skills and
ultimately, what best suits you. Because the last thing you want to do is
is chase money, because in least in my experience I’ve noticed you know
salesmen typically jump from company to company, there’s never any solid
foundation for a loan officer who’s just chasing the payout. And I’ve seen
many successful loan officers who get this smaller amount of pay and
they’ve been with our companies for years. But the question is well, why
wouldn’t they go with this 100 basis point if I can make twenty five hundred
dollars versus six twenty-five? Well, it seems like a no-brainer, right? But it’s
because with this smaller payout, the system that they are being given is more
compatible to their skill set. And so maybe, they aren’t a
face-to-face person, maybe they don’t like the pressure of hunting for the
business, maybe they don’t you know, they don’t really like the net
working events. maybe their introverted, there’s multiple reasons why. And I need
you to understand that if that is your way, then maybe the hundred basis point
and being out there networking with Realtors probably isn’t your thing. But
the key is those that you’re still licensed, you still have an MLS
license. So don’t chase the money, chase where you’re most compatible with
because you might see the twenty five hundred dollar payout versus the six
twenty five and say, “You know what? I’m gonna just do a hundred basis payout.” And
I want you to understand that regardless of what you choose, whether
it’s the 25 basis points or the hundred basis points, these are also paid out
differently. So let me give you an example. So, if you were to fund, let’s
say ten loans a month at 25 basis points and we’re using the $250,000 loan amount
as an example, right? So if you’re paid, if you close ten loans you would make six
thousand two hundred fifty dollars. And it’s a little easier to close ten units
in an inbound call center because you’re given that you’re being fed leads every
single day. As long as you understand how to sell those leads, there shouldn’t be
any problem with you converting a lot of those deals into funded loans.
Whether purchase or refinance so this is gonna apply to both sides, right? As the
outside loan officer, even though you make a hundred basis points because
you’re only able to generate two deals, maybe that only netted you about, you
know, grossed you about five thousand dollar payout. So in this example, you
know, when you compare the two, it’s like who’s really making more money? Is it the
25 basis points or the hundred basis points? So, when you identify the
two, and you might be, I hope that you’re not blinded by you know thinking that, “Oh,
I get paid more here because I’m a hundred basis point unit or a 100 basis
point earner,” but at the same time, you have to go through the struggle of
finding your own business, and maybe you’re having a challenge with
getting Realtors to send you business, and so thus you’re only closing about
one or two deals per month. And the idea is that, “Well yeah, but I’m outside and I
get more freedom or you know I get to meet people,” and that’s fine. If that’s
where you’ve you feel most compatible and that’s what kind of livens
you up like that’s your flow, that’s your energy, that’s the way you
like to do business and so be it. But at the end of the day, if you’re trying to identify what Avenue to take to make the most income, maybe even
an inside loan officer isn’t a bad idea. If you think about where the industry is
headed, I think call centers are going to become
more and more popular and common especially as Amazon and Zillow get into
this market. They’re really gonna infiltrate it kind of, that call
center experience and automate it more so. You know, kind of like
Quicken Loans is doing right now. But with the 25 basis points pay structure,
usually they provide tier bonuses, right? And so, besides making the six
thousand two hundred and fifty dollars on 10 funded units, the inside loan
officers will have a tier bonus. So if you fund seven units for example, you’ll
get a bonus of $1,000 on top of your pay. If you fund 10 units, you may get a tier
bonus of 25,15,5 grand 20,10 thousand. As the hundred basis points
unit, there’s not really any bonus struck or tier bonus being given. Because again,
it’s their capability of making significantly more income is just by
closing more deals, right? So for example, if you were an MLO that or loan
officer that was an inside loan agent, and let’s just use the ten unit for
example. Even though you only made 625 dollars versus
the 2500 dollar payout but if you closed ten units, you
you would make about 6,250 but then you would also get to add in a
tier bonus. Which in our example, is two thousand five hundred. So obviously, that
would come out to about 8,750 combined, and
when you add your hourly wage because usually, inside loan officers are paid
hourly wage, the minimum wage, right? But when you add it together, you’ve now
cleared 10,000 dollars a month, which is pretty cool, right? I mean the
whole idea is to make a six-figure income because you have the ability to
do so. But sometimes, we’re blinded at the very beginning where we think that, oh
you know, you’re only getting paid 25 basis points, you’re probably not making
any money. I know inside agents that are dominating the game and making
much more money than outside loan officers even though
getting paid 200 basis points, and the inside loan officers getting paid 25
basis points. Now, this stream is not to influence you to become an inside loan
agent. I’m not trying to influence you to be an outside loan agent. What I’m trying
to do is help you open your eyes to figure out what is gonna give you the
most return because the last thing you want to do is be a hungry starving agent
that’s not making the money that you are capable of making by having your license.
So again, going back to the 625 vs. a $2,500 the choice is yours. If you really
thought about it, closing 10 units at 625, you still earn
more than the 2 unit funded payout from a mortgage licensed loan officer. So, keep
that in mind because I think that when we, you know, really break it down in that
level, and we actually compare the two, when you think about like the inside
loan agent where they just cleared 10, 350 dollars from doing ten units, whereas the outside loan agent may be on average, is
doing two units a month is only clearing five thousand. If that’s you right now, I
would strongly recommend that you really kind of assess your game plan. Now, you
could very well make you know, ten units as well as outside loan officer. Now,
you’re really killing the game. Right? So compared to the inside MLO, you know, like if you think about it like you know, ten units
at twenty-five hundred pay that’s twenty five thousand dollars a month, that’s
gonna put you well over a quarter million dollars per year. So yeah, it
makes sense. But the question is well, how do I multiply the results, right? Like how
can I go from the 2-unit right average per month at five g’s, and actually scale
it to ten thousand? And it’s very possible. You know, it does take time. And
it does definitely take the right coaching, it takes the right information
and environment to have around you. So the question is well how do I multiply
my results? How do I take my capability of going whether you’re an inside loan
agent and twenty five bits, or you’re an outside loan agent at a hundred bits,
right? And some of you guys get paid more. Some of you guys might even be paid less.
But how do I how do i results where I’m consistently closing ten units, whether
inside or outside? Because the upside is that the inside loan officer, if
they’re closing on average 10 units, they’re only get a
net under I’m sorry gross under 125 thousand. Whereas the outside loan
officer, if you’re very good at what you do, and you’re able to secure referral
partners and build up that book of business, you could
potentially be paid out significantly much more than inside loan officers. So
the key is that you just need to understand how to do it. Now I
want to share with you guys a little bit about my background. You know when I
first started, I actually started off in a call center and it looked like this.
And I had this real small cubicle, I actually started as a telemarketer. And
quickly grew into a loan officer but I was, I came up inside an inside call
center environment. And when I came into the inside call center environment, you
know, there wasn’t really too much of a difference, this is before like all the
rules change and the payouts changed. Like every you know, no matter if you’re
inside or outside, you’re usually getting about 80 basis points per deal.
And so you would, or 80% of the actual full Commission, right? So if you charge
1% you would get 80% of that amount. And so, nonetheless, it was coming from an
inside loan officer, loan agent. Now, times have changed. So it’s a little bit
different in today’s market, it’s a little bit different in today’s
technology. So you have an opportunity to you know, do an inside or outside and the
choice is yours. But whatever choice you decide to make, you need to learn how to
scale your business. You need to learn how to be efficient with your job. You
need to learn how to actually do sales. And one thing that hasn’t changed from
when I first started to today is that there’s still lack of resources, there’s
lack of actual sales training and coaching and mentoring. You see, I had to
learn it the hard way. And what I mean by the hard way is that, it was basically
the old formula, that old seasoned veterans used to use. Like my manager
used to use, or the VP used to use. And these companies are so, they’re
just so stuck in their ways that they they think it’s just basic numbers. Like
it’s a numbers game. And I want to open your eyes that make you understand that
it is not just a numbers game, there’s an actual science to it to become a little
bit more efficient. And so today, how we’re being given sales training, or
how we’re given instruction to go and make that
type of compensation, is typically the hard outdated ways. So we’re being told
to play the numbers game, right? Like the more calls you make, the more sales,
opportunities you’ll get. The more appointments you make, the more
opportunities you get. And what happens is again, we kind of go into this spiral,
right? Like whether you’re told to you know, make one appointment per day, go
spend some time with the Realtor, and then you find out that that realtor is
never gonna send you any business, that realtor never deserved your time, because
they’re not even making moves themselves. But you’re being told this direction,
right? Like why? What it primarily, what it’s doing is it’s just burning up
your time. And that’s why as an outside loan agent, you may not be generating the
results that you want but then again, you’re being told these instructions and
wondering well how come I’m not getting the results as others even though I feel
like I’m doing the exact same thing? And your ultimate cost is basically a ton of
your time, and your time is valuable, right? So you can’t necessarily get that
back. So I was there, right? Like I also was there but from the very, very
beginning, when I started you know, I used those old ways, those old suggestions,
and thought in a completely opposite way of the way that I produce now, and the
way I look at the business now. And so, my goal is to help you also look at your
business and look at your opportunity in the same exact way. Because at one point
if you can relate, I felt like I was an in a hamster wheel. Essentially, I was
making tons of moves, I was working tons of hours, I thought I
was doing everything right because I was taking the recommendations from my, you
know, the veterans around me and the management team around me. But no matter
what I did, I just simply wasn’t making the amount of sales or income that I
wanted. And I knew that I had the potential, I knew that I can make so much
more. And it really ate at me, it bothered me because I was seeing other loan
agents make two, three and sometimes even more, ten times the amount of income that
I was making and I felt like it was because of me. And you know, I just, I
guess so I went on this period where I just I couldn’t
make the the results that I wanted and then I found a mentor. By the way, my
mentor didn’t look like this but if he did he’d be cool. Cool, as hell, right? But
I found a mentor. And the mentor taught me certain things. Basically, what a
mentor does is they, they basically help you climb to the top and they show you,
you know, the things that actually make this game work. And if you
have a mentor around you, latch on to them. If you find it hard to find a
mentor, then you have all the content that is found at SalesRemastered to
help mentor you. You know, we don’t necessarily need to be in person, you
know technology and videos online nowadays can allow us to kind of
work together essentially almost every day, depending on how close you follow
the content, right? So, essentially what the mentor allowed me to do is just
basically learn the shortcuts so I wasn’t burning up my time you know, doing
actions that didn’t generate the results and I’m so, so grateful that I was able
to find this mentor. The mentor allowed me to change my game because I was again,
back in that hamster wheel, right? Like I was doing all the moves, I was spending
all the hours, sacrificing all the time, making all the appointments, staying an
hour later and I was just getting so burnt out but my mentor taught me an
efficient way to do this business. And it’s so odd because without
that information today, I’d still be burnt out. And if I didn’t get the
information or the coaching that I needed to surpass my expectations, I
wouldn’t have experienced actual real fruits of being a a licensed loan
officer, right? And so again, what I plan to do every day, when I first
started was close deals and just cash checks. I wanted to make money. And I
think at some point, we can all relate. We can we come into this game with the same
exact expectation we. We walk into our sales floor or into our
office every single day with the plan to close deals and count money. But really,
what it feels like, is we just get rejected all day, right? We get door
slammed in our faces, we get turned down by Realtors, we get turned down by
prospects, we get turned down by almost everyone. But ideally, our goal right there, it looks nothing like what we intended
it to do. And so this is where the frustration comes into place, and my goal
is not let and ever let you be like the person on the right. I don’t ever want
you to feel like you’re lost or you’re you know, like it’s you.
Because you have the resources available. And I’m so glad that I was able to find
the mentor because he opened my eyes to those resources. So much so that I’m a
mentor today. You know, I’m a mentor to thousands of loan officers all across
the country. As a matter of fact, some of my students have actually grown to be
within the top ten of their sales field. And so, I’m taking all the lessons that I
personally have learned. And as they’ve evolved with the market, now I’m
sharing it. Now I’m actually becoming a direct mentor and coach
to loan officers across the nation. You know, I want to share a story with
you of one loan officer that I was able to mentor, and this person’s inside the SalesRemastered University. And here’s a review that’s on SalesRemastered
Facebook page. But essentially, what he was telling me was that, or at least left
on the review, is that in a company of 200 agents. Now think about that, how many
sales representatives do you have inside your company?
Well his particular platform was 200, so obviously this is a pretty pretty big
company, right? Well, in April 2018 he invested into the course. And with the
goal in mind to become one of the top 5% within the company and make a company
trip. Typically with companies they’ll actually reward their top
producers with you know, exclusive trips just for the elite people, right? So like
my company, we have one that’s called President’s Council which I’m blessed
and fortunate enough to have made even though I’m a manager, I’m a producing
Sales Manager. So I’ve been, I was actually this year just announced the
top sales manager in my company. And so I earn my way into it because I’m one of
the top 10% of the company. But in Aaron’s case, he wanted to become one top
top 5%. And so, after he basically emerged himself into SalesRemastered University, took the the coaching and the resources in information and just
applied it, it’s as simple as that. It shot him up, to not only the top 5%,
but he earned that trip. Today, Aaron is the number one mortgage
loan officer in the company. Like imagine that, like how much pool do you have? How
much you know, I mean like how much red-carpet treatment do you get, right? So
and I know that’s ultimately where we want to go, and that’s where we want to
be. And all I did with Aaron was basically teach him the same exact
techniques that I’m using today, but I get I delivered it in a way as a
practitioner. Because I’m doing this too. You know today, right now, I’m still in
the sales, there’s a sales floor I produced with my team. As a matter of
fact, I shared this on one of my live seminars back in December. And it was
basically just we’re giving proof, right? I’m not trying to brag or anything, I
just want to share with you how having a mentor and understanding the right way
to do this game can really set you up for massive return. And for those
of you who know me, I work inside, right? I don’t get paid any more than the
average inside loan officer does. But I figured out a system where I can
automate and multiply my results, and it really has to do with the way the sale
is framed, delivered, and kind of sized up. And I’m doing it in a way where
I can multiply my results because I’m doing a lot of my existing book of
business. So every deal that you fund, like right now, you have to expect that
you’re gonna be funding them again, like in six months, 12 months, you know,
you’re gonna work with them again. And if you do the process right, you’ll
ensure that you’re gonna get the same results, you’ll ensure that you’ll get
repetitive business. How agents are smashing the game right now and making
more income, is because they’re actually working with their existing clients. And
their past clients, right? So not only they’re closing new business, but a lot of
is actually coming from their past business too. And so you guys might think
like, “What D, you know, your manager get override,” well I want to share with
you that the override from my team is completely separate, right? So that’s
on the right, that’s the monthly bonus. So that’s my override for the team. I
don’t rely on that, just like I don’t rely on the regular time base pay. I’m
not there for that. And so what I’m there for though, is to maximize on the
opportunity because I have something called an nmls license. And I think we
all want these same results, we all want to understand how to get there, but the
question is how do we get there? So whether you’re an inside loan officer,
whether you’re an outside loan officer, the techniques and the teachings
that I give inside my mentoring, it works for you.
Whether you’re retail call center retention beginning, like you’re
just beginning as in this game, or even if you’re a seasoned LO, you just want
to know what it takes to kind of evolve and adapt and remaster your way.
Basically, it works for all loan officers. Now why it’s so easy, is because inside
this course and I’ll bring it up and actually show you guys, is because
it’s delivered in a way where it’s already done. It’s already a tried and
proven way so you get purchased templates, you got sales script templates,
email templates that are already tried and true, they’re already pre-written,
it’s down to a point where all you got to do is copy and paste, that’s how
simple it is. But there’s also voice mail scripts, there’s social media blueprints
on how to brand yourself the correct way, and also there’s scripts on rebuttals.
Like every single sales objection that you’re getting right now that’s stopping
your sale, there’s a rebuttal to it. And I’m giving you the perfect
rebuttal that I know works because I’m a practitioner today. I’m actually using
these same rebuttals and it’s generating the same you know, the results that I’m
showing with you in improving, right? So what’s inside of what like one of these
seminars or one of the the actual courses, our modules and the modules are
broken down in a way where it separates everything. So you’ve got a module four
templates, there’s a module for systems, there’s even a module for the purchase
division, there’s a module for mindset, selling, closing, and then there’s even
like a bonus module. So let’s go and go through it, so I’m gonna bring up
what it looks like when you’re actually logged into the course. So this is it
online, and when you’re actually inside of the course, it’s broken down to module.
So module one, I have here it’s called System, right? System, and you get it’s basically teaching you how to learn the system of
your current employer’s platform, and then there’s another one about building the
system, and how to build your own system to be most compatible and
efficient with your employer’s system and how you play it. There’s other modules
like mindset, like the four pillars of a solid mindset, the four pillar or the the
time management structure, organization that you need to be successful and
generate the same exact results. There’s also some on lead management and data
farming. A lot of us are missing out on deals because we’re just simply not
managing our leads right and this teaches you how to do it. I also go over
the sales cycle and key players, who you need to have on your good side, inside
your industry, inside your employment and these key players are gonna be those
that actually work for you, so you get to delegate a lot of the tedious admin
tasks that you know, you do on a daily basis but I’ll show you how to
kind of become their favorite so much so that they’ll red carpet your file. If you
don’t know what that means, it’ll basically put your file to the front of
the line, you’ll get more compliance from people like loan processors, management,
underwriters, you know, credit managers and things like that. But besides that, we
go through like a module called the Chase, right? Like marketing versus sales,
you understand the difference between it, I teach you how to attract versus chase,
I teach you how to master your inbound origination and also outbound
origination, and then I teach you how to close. So it’s so jam-packed with so
much content information. And inside the Sales Boost Camp, there’s this thing
called Mentor’s Library where you actually get what’s called a mentoring
archive. And basically every single one of the mentoring sessions that I have at
least what was some of the most impactful ones are uploaded into here. So,
maybe you know, during our direct one-on-one coaching, there’s a couple of
things that you didn’t get to cover. Well now you get to go and kind of sit kind
of like a fly on the wall, and see it for your self, you kind of see or listen in
on the mentoring sessions that I’ve had with other students. And there’s so many
students now that are enrolled into the course and taking advantage of the
information so you have everything from you know, road to four million dollars
per month as a purchase loan agent, keeping revenue a priority as an outside
loan officer, from zero to a hundred thousand dollars real quick
as an inside loan officer, attracting realtors as an outside LO, you know, the
list goes on and on. Marketing for referral business, new to the purchase
team, climbing the ranks inside a call center, call center and inbounds.
Then we have Hustle Bits. So Hustle Bits well, are just these small jam-packed
pieces of content that just delivers massive, massive amount of value, and it’s
something that you know, it’s very helpful to have, because these golden
nuggets per se, is gonna be usually that unlock just kind of get you past
kind of that challenge that you may be running into. And so again, you know where
it comes back and to me the difference, is social proof. So if you go to to
Facebook SalesRemastered page, you can actually look at the reviews. Some of the
reviews are just followers, other reviews are from actual live students, and I
believe some of the live students are actually here today. But here’s one
recommendation that I have from an actual enrolled student, and she had basically mentioned how the content at SalesRemastered was different than the
content everywhere else. And she basically Illustrated how it helped her
rise to the top of her sales floor and so she rose up to the top, made President’s
Club within her first year strong, super strong, compared to the other LOs who may
not have the right mentor, may not have had the right mindset. You see, there’s so
much more than just being licensed to sell, you really need to understand how
to make moves efficiently, or you’re just gonna get burnt out. So it’s important
that you understand, just like what Vicki had Illustrated is that, you know,
she took the content, she used the information, executed it and grew to the
top 10% of her company. Another review from Robert stated that you know, within
three months, he was already seeing results. So he went like you know, he
started improving his mindset, self development techniques, and the month
before, he actually wrote the review, he funded 22 loans, finished second in the
company with over seven million dollars in volume. Now you do the math, right? So
even if use that 25 basis points on 7 million, that’s a lot of money. And it’s
all about just using the right information, the right content, but we
have other students that are enrolled to, you know, right before they found out the
information, it seems like that they were lost or they just didn’t have the right
guidance. And through the content and through the course, fortunately they’re
able to find the right content that they needed. But there’s more social proof you
know, you could find this again all on Facebook at SalesRemastered, even on
Instagram. I got a little highlight wheel on my profile page called Reviews, and
you get to see all and tons of reviews. But here’s another loan officer who actually
works on the inside. He shared with me that he was gonna fund 14 to 16 loans
for the month. 14 to 16 loans for the month, that’s way more than the ten, right?
But even though he may be an inside loan officer and getting paid smaller than an
outside loan officer, you compare the math, right? You get paid on
quantity of units. You get paid on volume, right? You don’t get paid on per
transaction per se, it’s not like if I close two loans at 100 basis points, I’m
gonna make more than Shane who closed 16 loans at 25 basis points. You
clearly understand who’s actually making more money in that way, right? But more
social proof, there’s a follower by the name of Tyler. Within the first
month of actually joining, right, like the world of SalesRemastered, he
went from the number 1 in Locks and now is his official first month as a loan
officer, he went to the number one in fundings as well. That’s how efficient
the information is, that’s how efficient the content is, just by getting
you know, the actual mentoring that you need. So today, I got something special
for you. I got an announcement. I want to help unlock the SalesRemastered
University. I want to help unlock the Sales Boost Camp for you. And how we’re
gonna do today is, I’m basically going to deliver lifetime access to
these certain fields. So, basically inside the Sales Boost Camp, what you get is the
Secret Formula, it’s valued at just the content within, it’s valued at over $9,000, just shy of 10,000 because that formula teaches you how to generate this amount
of income per month. Not just one time, per month. And then you also get lifetime
access to Closing Secrets so just a short, compact module that’s designed to
help you actually sell, convert your leads to sales and more efficiently, and
in a way that will gain commitment and instill urgency. So it’s all the
right word play, it’s all the right delivery,
methods, the tonalities and everything that you need to know. But you
also get customer services support and this is lifetime, so for as long as
you’re you know, you are a student within the SalesRemastered University,
I’m always just an email away. My help team is just a an email away, and you get
the response and the support that you need. But also, what it’s inside is
the private mentoring coaching calls. And these coaching calls, they’re direct,
they’re just private, it’s just one-on-one with me and you, and we’re
focusing on your challenges specifically. So we’re going over whatever platform you work in, whether you’re an inside loan
agent or you’re outside loan agent, I’m spending time with you
to master your process, to generate the results that you need. And then of course
you get access to that Mentor’s Library, which is just a collection of everyone
you know, other students who’ve already gone through the course, are in
the course, and you get to sit as a fly on the wall and listen in to their
mentoring session because what you’ll find, is that they’re
actually having the same challenges as you. They have the same exact struggles
as you. And when you hear the coaching, kind of as that third person
point of view, you pick up on things, right? And sometimes, those things are
topics that you may not have covered on your direct mentoring call so I think
that Mentor’s Library, is worth its weight in gold. But more importantly, get my own
personal templates and scripts. You get you get the tools, in the
scripting, in the word play, that I myself use. As well as the Branding
Blueprint, that’s gonna help you create your own social media brand but do it in
the right way. And when you do it in the right way, you’ll actually get more
attraction, and that’s how you actually foster the deals with referral partners.
But the total value of all this content in my opinion, is 22, 979. Because it generates the income that I just showed you on
with my own paychecks, and it shows you how to do it on a monthly basis. So in my
opinion, I believe it’s worth more than that. But today, you can actually enroll
into the Sales Boost Camp right now, for 1, 997. And if you think about the ROI, and you think about you know, as much time and money
and energy you’re actually putting into your
game every day, the last thing you want to do is be burnt out and feel like
there’s no hope, feel like you don’t have you know, the
right support that you need, right? And you might just very well be going
through that grind right now, and so money might be an issue. So I’m gonna
take care of you. And this is the announcement. I have payment plans that
are now available, and I’m actually gonna link them up here inside the chat box, so
that way you guys have direct access to it, and you guys use credit cards you
know, you can use PayPal, whatever you decide to use, just get the content
so that way you have access to the information that will help you unlock
that next level. So I’ve just posted up on the chat box, so you guys have direct
links to it, and now it’s made available to you so you can take advantage of it.
But how the the payment plan works is simple, it’s broken down so instead of an
installment of 1997, it’s broken down to six monthly payments at 349. Very, very
affordable, very easy to access, and now there’s just no excuse because if you
can get access to the information that helps you earn over five figures a month
in exchange for 349, you’re paying more than that on your car, and your car don’t
do nothing for you but take you from point A to point B. So this vehicle, the
Sales Boost Camp, will do the exact same thing but when you arrive to your
destination, you get much more in return. And so, six payments at 349 and it will
help unlock the course and again, it comes with a 30 day satisfaction
guarantee because I’m so confident that the results are attainable. You’re gonna
you’re gonna be able to experience what it’s like to actually be a top performer.
So one last question to you before I go into the Q&A, is if you can earn an extra
$5,000 a month, if you can earn an extra $10,000 a month or more, how much would
that help you? Like if you could just imagine, right? Think about it. Like
if you generate this much in extra income, how would that change the quality
of your lifestyle? I’m pretty sure it would change it all hot, right? It would
give you the confidence you need, it would give you the excitement
that you want for being in this industry, and it would treat you to the real
luxuries that top performers get to experience.
You know, when you see the top performer in your industry, typically what
they’re doing, they’re driving the finest cars, they’re wearing the
best suits, right? They have all the name brand, they have all the kind of that
security, that flexibility that we all want. And the good news is we can get
that, we can get that today. And you can enroll into the Sales Boost Camp right
now, payment plans are available and I just provided the links, again take
advantage of that 30 day risk-free money back guarantee,
because it’s you know, you get the sample, you get the experience it And
again, who this works for, refinance loan officers, purchase loan officers, retail,
call center, retention, beginners, and seasoned loan officers. It works for
every single type of loan officer because it’s giving you the mentoring
you need. So, let me go and transition back, I want to open up the Q&A because you
guys might have some questions that may you know, it’s probably building up and I
want to dedicate some time to you guys to answer some of the questions that you
guys have. Let me pull up the chat box real quick. So if you guys can’t go ahead
and not add in any questions that you guys have, and I’ll be more than happy to
share it with you, let me transition real quick. So I appreciate everybody joining
me today, and I hope that this information is helpful you know, if
anything, in the absolute very least is to really give you kind of the
insight that you need to work this game for what it’s worth. You know, I think
that if you stay ahead of the curve, and you just have the right environment or
at least the right resources around you, that is what’s gonna help you generate
the income you want, it’s not going to necessarily be the payout, it’s not
going to be, “Oh because this company pays me a hundred basis points but that
company pays me 25 basis points.” I think it really comes down to you know, what
actually fits for you. You know, what’s best for you and what’s
compatible to you. You know, I think that if you recognize where you would perform
optimally, like when you would perform the best, whether it’s outside or inside,
then that’s step number One, right? So, regardless if you could
just overlook how much you get paid, like how much you, you know, the payout is, like
of course that plays some importance, I’m not saying you know go work for a
company that pays you five basis points. But what I’m saying is don’t let it be
the the primary reason as to why it is. Does that make sense?
Aaron Springs, what’s up, man? Yeah, Aaron Springs’ actually inside the Sales Boost
Camp. Current boost camp student here, and it is the best I have ever seen, in just
two weeks I’ve originates seven deals, crazy. I’m telling you, right? Thank you
very much Aaron, I appreciate the feedback you know, and Aaron has
access to Sales Boost Camp right now. So imagine, how much is his return
on that seven deals? It’s nuts, right? And now that he understands these
techniques and he has these teachings at his disposal, like he gets to multiply
and improve it and make more and more and more. You know, if there are other
students inside this livestream, please comment below, let everyone
know your feedback you know, obviously this is live so I didn’t reach out to
you directly and say, “Hey, you see this cool stuff?” You know but you know, share
your feedback, share your comments. I think there’s a couple others that were
actually inside the course and they might still be here but if you’re
not no worries, if you have any questions though, feel free to comment below, if you
have any questions about the course, if you have any questions about you know,
the content, maybe some of the live streams, I’ll share about another ten
minutes with you guys and kind of go through whatever questions or comments
you guys have. Thanks Aaron, it’s all in your execution, brother! You know, it’s all
you really, because you you you invest it into yourself, right? So I couldn’t have
made you do that, you chose to invest, so you chose to hold yourself accountable,
you chose to you know, take the risk and just invest into something that you
needed, right, where you didn’t necessarily know what the results would
be, but you took that chance and because you took that chance, you are now
executing. It’s a little bit different than the free content that you
find for me. Because the free content is just free information. So you could take
it, but do you really actually implement it? Well what I found is that
you know, we have tons and tons of resources. But usually, we don’t actually
act on those resources. We don’t necessarily use it for what it’s
worth. But what I found is that when we invest into it, like resources
like gym clothes, simple as gym clothes, right? Like if I could have invested real
cheap on some gym clothes from Kohl’s or Walmart, but now I go a little bit all
out because I look at it as an investment when you invest into it, then
you put your money where your mouth is, it’s going to kind of motivate you to
deliver, right? Like, “Aw man, I’m vested, I got it fully you know I gotta fully
deliver.” And I think that that’s one one mindset hack that really enforces
execution, but I appreciate the comments brother, and I definitely appreciate the
insight. You know, I think that it is your execution though, that’s actually what’s
pushing you to the top. So everyone that’s currently here right now, Marco
thank you very much for joining, that’s right.
Selling stuff, it’s channel SalesRemastered, brother. Jermaine from
Richmond, Virginia was in the house, I appreciate you first dropping by, New
Jersey’s in the house, Kamiya thank you for sharing sometime, Jermaine
you’re very welcome brother. Viki, inside purchase agent, thanks for sharing your
time, Joseph Medina, thank you for dropping by, Texas is in the house, David
Thurber appreciate you stopping by, Yonel, what’s up? Inside loan officer Martin,
thank you for coming and for coming in to the live stream, Kevin Scott outside
loan agent, appreciate you sharing the time. You know, I know that a lot of this
information is you know, it’s gonna apply to not necessarily everyone because
maybe you’re an outside loan agent, you get paid 150 basis points or 200 basis
points. Or maybe you’re inside loan agent, you just started so maybe you’re only
getting like 20 basis points. At the end of the day, it’s you know, you’re gonna
have a plethora of options of where you could work. And the only thing that
allows you to actually work within these platforms in these industries, is
is basically your your license. So as long as your license right now, you have
the opportunity to sell money, you have an opportunity to create your own
business. And what I’ve found is that those who used their,
business ever use their license as a business, like even though you might work
for an employer, you kind of change your view on it and look at it as your
business. So whether you work in a cubicle or you work out in the field, the
bottom line is that’s your business. The people who go into this industry with
that type of mindset, that entrepreneurial type mindset, are the
ones who are dominating the game. Those are typically the ones who are
getting paid the most because they value their time, but they also hold
themselves accountable. They’re not there for the base pay, they’re not there for
the draw, for the guarantee, they’re you know, they’re people like Aaron who put
their money where their mouth is, and they invest into themselves. And now
they’re just like Aaron, that they’re now reaping the benefits they actually get
to see the return. And look, if you seven loans, I mean tell me that just didn’t
pay for itself within the first month. So now, everything is free, it just paid for
itself and then he has lifetime access to the content that’s gonna help him
generate more revenue, more deals and more income so I’m excited for him. Vicki,
thank you very much for commenting. Opening pipe for Febrary with 14 units
Vicki’s actually a student also within the course. And she was actually one of
the testimonials that I posted up on Facebook. Nice strong pipeline Vicki, it’s
just the beginning of February so I know still have a few more units to add this
month, that’s right. Get some, lady. You know, Vicki’s, she’s also an enrolled
student in the Sales Boot Camp and you know, I’ve had a few mentoring sessions
with her already. And one thing that I noticed from the
difference between you know, your average mediocre agent versus the agent that’s
destined to win, is the commitment, is the enthusiasm, it’s the energy it’s the you
know, it’s the willingness to take a step out of the comfort zone. So even if
you’ve never invested into a course or a training course, I want you to look at
this a little bit different. It is not of course being given by a sales trainer,
I’m not a sales trainer, I’m a sales hustler. I’m saying I’m a Salesman with
you. But I’m just very passionate because I use these techniques to help
bring my family to where we are today. You know, I don’t have a college degree, I
don’t have you know, accolades from school, like I barely
graduated high school. But what I do understand is the art of negotiation. I
do understand the art of influence. And I do understand the art of marketing. And
so, I’ve practiced this for over 20 years now because I’ve relied on it like I
wasn’t you know, when I was coming up as a youngster, I probably wasn’t your
ideal employee like my head was bald, I was big
you know I sagged my pants, I wear baggy clothes. I probably wasn’t the
necessarily your ideal employee so I had to usually work in areas that allowed me
to do you know, or kind of accepted me for what I would I was. And that typically
was the call center environment. And you know in sales, and so both inside and
outside you know, I’ve sold paving stones, I’ve sold bankruptcy services. And
one thing that I know is that the teachings that I share with you not only
in the course but on the channel, it applies to everything, not just loans. And
the best part about it is when you start to get really good at it, you get to use
it just for everyday communication, you get to use it for communicating with
your partner, your spouse, your manager, you know, your support staff. It really,
really helps you sell your way through life. And I think everything is a sale. I
think you know, to the comment that I saw like online selling on the live video, I
think we’re selling regardless so whether it’s a live video or it was a
posted video on the YouTube page. I’m selling to keep your attention. I think
we’re all selling something to keep our attention, we’re selling ourselves to
stay with our employer, we’re selling ourselves to push ourselves and then
take that extra step, you know what I mean? So I think that at the end of the
day, when you understand how to really effectively sell something, you will be
stronger and better off just by having that kind of advantage. So I hope
you guys really enjoyed this livestream today because the teachings are gonna
teach you how to create a system, regardless of what you get paid whether
it’s 25 basis points or 100 basis points or 200 basis points. Whatever you get
paid, identify what it’s actually gonna take to get to where you want to go. So
even if you’re at 25 basis points but your ideal amount of income is twenty
thousand dollars per month, then you you’ll now know
the formula, the science, right? So you know how many loans you need to close,
and now the question is well. how do I ensure that I have a strong chance to
close that many deals, that’s where the Sales Boost Camp comes in. So as long as
you have the right mentor, the right coaching, the right influence, you’re not
gonna burn up all your time. And you’re gonna put yourself closer to
understanding how to generate that amount of income, how to generate that
amount of results. And it just takes the time for you to invest into yourself
just like you’ve invested an hour into watching this. Norman, can you share an
example of how you turned a bad call interaction around and closed the deal?
What was the strategy and time frame? Okay yeah, actually I just had one this
past week and it was okay. So I had pretty much basically Mr. Patel on the
phone and you know, he was just ripping me for just the rate and fees, he didn’t
want to give me any information right, from the get. And so, the
trick is like, okay, well how do I extract information from them without, you
know, without being creative, right? And so I was using these certain phrases
that are found inside the course. Some of them was actually found in
Thursday’s live stream, that live stream in case you didn’t catch it with words
that make or break your sale. And I shared I was using these certain phrases
and techniques to kind of grab their attention, so as he was kind of getting
frustrated that I wasn’t giving him the interest rate, or telling him whether or
not he could get a free service, I was able to turn it around pretty quickly by
saying, “Oh yeah, no worries let me go ahead and get that for you,” right? So he
believed that I was gonna deliver it. You know what? Before I send it out, let me
just make sure it’s worth your time. So that allowed me to ask more questions.
And he got down to a point where I had to ask his social security number, right?
For the credit report. And he was all, “No no no no no, you’re not gonna pull my
credit, it’s gonna hurt my credit. You know, I don’t want to hurt my credit, I
got perfect credit. Just give me quote based on perfect credit.” I was like, “Yeah,
I can definitely do that but I need to know if it’s applicable to you.
You see, the information I’m gonna give you Mr. Patel, it has my license on it.
Now fortunately, I work for a company that can only give you information that
is applicable to you. And because my license is on it, I want to make sure
it’s with your time because we just spent a
good 10-15 minutes talking about what you want to do. So if you’d like to know
if I can deliver what it is you want, then I have to complete my job. If you
don’t allow me to complete my job, I’d be more than happy to give you generic
information. But the fact that we just spent close to a half hour together, I’m
sure you want more than generic information.” And so I was able to extract
that and then come tell him that you know, if he hasn’t had his credit
pulled yet in 2019, technically this would be as freebie, right? And upside
is that if he you know, did the credit report, because his whole
fallback was, I don’t want to hurt my credit, and I said, “Well you know, Mr.
Patel, the whole reason why you even have a credit square to begin with is, it’s is
it’s based on how you manage your credit. So I believe that what you’re trying to
do, is lower your payment and create savings so you can manage your credit
better. And if that’s the case, then this is actually why you would want the
inquiries to make sure that you’re managing your debts the very best you
can. Here, watch. I’ll show you. what’s your
social?” You know, so I kind of build up that curiosity. But I was able
to turn it on pretty quick. So you know, and then the outline of how to
frame the pitch, and actually convert it into a close, is actually
outlined inside the course in detail. And I think without those key
principles, that call could have very well ended up just being a waste, it wasted
amount my time, it wasted Mr. Patel’s time. But more importantly, what would have
defeated me going into the next call, but because I know these techniques that I
use I was able to convert Mr. Patel. I locked Mr. Patel. The best part about it, is
I did it with no lender credit. I did it at a much higher rate than what he has
right now it’s because I educated Mr. Patel and I showed him that making a
couple moves, was able to deliver the results that he really really wanted. And
so now I’m working with Mr. Patel and it’s a nice loan amount too you know, even
though I’m a call agent right, like I managed within a call
center, I’m still you know, flipping deals per month. I mean you guys saw it on my
own pay stub. So I’m generating income like that from an inside call center, and
also managing a team, and I think that if you can use some of the principles and
teachings within the Sales Boost Camp, not only can you produce the same
results, but you’re going to be able to kind of make it a game. And I think
that’s probably one of the key answer to your question Norman, is that
I’ve just simply made it a game. You know, I look at it as almost like a challenge.
And by looking at it that way, I don’t take things personally.
You know, if I kind of look at it almost like sparring, right? Like, “Okay, you
want to spar, you know check out this move, right like battling, you know. And I
think really also, what helped me to with kind of the wordplay is, I’m fast
I’m fast with, I’m quick with the words, I’m quick with the rebuttals. And the
reason why is because I’ve done it for so long. And when you do
something for so long and you’re repetitive at it, you just naturally
become great at it. And so, these rebuttals were refined over the course
of the last two decades and it’s been refined in a way where they become so
efficient, that it’s just, it’s straight to the point. Like the the reason why you
know, Aaron outlined that he was able to capture so much business, is because he
simply just, is using the exact formula. He’s using the teachings within the
course to deliver the results that he needs and he’s breaking past the
rejection. He’s breaking past the resistance. And that’s how you’re able to
close that many units in this type of market in this and type in this type of
environment. So Alfonso currently Jr LO-ing, I think that’s what it means, a
lot of deals closing about eight to fourteen a month, three being my own
generated, what’s your take on it, D? How long do you think I should JLO? I
think JLO, what you’re talking about is jr. loan officer, right? A lot of deals
closing about eight to fourteen a month. Oh I see what you’re saying. Okay, so you
I imagine you’re kind of the handoff, so you’re generating the deals and then you
hand it off to senior LO so I say, right away, bro. Especially since you found
SalesRemastered, I’d say right away. You know, don’t hold yourself back because
you need to go through the experience, you need to throw yourself into it. And
if you invest into the course or you invest in the Sales Boost Camp, I’m sure
that you dominate all those senior LOs that you’re currently handing your deals
off to, so hopefully that helps. But any more questions? On the live feed, looks
like we are okay. Yeah so, Alfonso did say that it is JLO-ing.
Alfons, oh man you gotta, in my opinion I think you should jump in and you
know, grow into the I don’t know if they call it senior loan officer role of
where you’re at, because we have so many different titles and names, right? I think
that if you have an NMLS number, you should be ramping up as much as you
can. You know, don’t let your perception of like, “Oh but I’ve only
been doing this for three months,” or, “I just got my license,” that won’t matter.
What matters is your execution, what matters is your awareness you
know, of your skill set. What matters is how you implement the use of your of
your licensing, right? So you could, you can sit there and take or take your time
because you believe that you’ve only been in the business for three months. Or
you know, you’ve just been licensed for a month, and that perception can
actually be an anchor to you when, I’ve known people who just got licensed like
myself. When I got licensed back into this game, it was at the end of 2014 or
2013. And you know, I didn’t wait, I didn’t hold myself back just as I got licensed.
You know, right when I got back in, because I you know, when the market
died I got out of the business and that’s when I was selling the paving
stones, bankruptcy services, loan mods and I was doing all different types of sales
and took a minute for me to get back into real estate. But I did towards the
end of 2013. And I jump right in. You know, I mean like hit the ground running, like
I advanced fast and I wasn’t holding myself back with the perception of, “Oh,
but I just got licensed let me take it slow.” Even though there’s a lot of new
rules in the game since I last was in it, you know a lot of new
regulations were entered in it because it was kind of like the wild, wild west
before trade. You know, for all these rules and so. But I didn’t allow that to
stop me. You know, I didn’t allow that to be my anchor. And I think that’s one
of the common challenges that a lot of loan officers have today, is they
are actually their own anchor. You know, you’ll be amazed how many people don’t
want to use the resources in front of them, kind of like how Aaron’s using the
resources to generate more results. You know, there were Vicki’s using the same
resources to generate the results that she wants, you’ll be amazed how many
people will actually overlook the free content. I know it all the time
man, I dish out nothing but gold at my company. And I see agents who need it the
most simply overlook it like right, they work next to me, right? And my team.
But none of them approach me or my team and say, “Hey man, how can I get over this?
How can I do this and how can I do that?” But you got direct access, Boo-boo. Like
why would you not want to learn that the efficiency of doing it right? Why
wouldn’t you want to learn the right way of doing your craft? And my only
answer, is that some people, some of us are just addicted to the struggle,
they’re addicted to the worry. They’re addicted to being comfortable and not
wanting to holding themselves accountable. But those who hold
themselves accountable and who step out of their comfort zone and put their
money where their mouth is and invest themselves, their time, their
money, their energy, then they have the point, they reach a point of no return.
Which is like, “Okay, I’m that’s it. I’m gonna make this happen, captain. Like I’m
gonna do this.” And they’ll look at everything around them, the resources
around them, the training around them, the books around them, they’ll feed their
mind and they’ll build themselves. And and I think that is really what
separates the money makers versus the people that blows my mind why they even
got licensed in this game, because I’m sure they could probably make more money
in a general operations role, and not have as much stress, not have as much
rejection. Like man, if you’re not clearing five figures a month right now,
if you’re not making money right now, if you don’t have, like money stacked in the
bank right now, and you’re licensed to sell money, man there’s got to be a
problem there. You know what I mean? Like we have to open our eyes and look at that.
And I’ve noticed that a lot of times, it’s just because of the guidance
that we have, there’s a lot of agents that just don’t have the right
leadership, they don’t have the right training, they don’t have the right
resources. But because of that, they see it in a different way. They believe, “Oh, I
don’t have the right leads,” or, “It’s my company’s fault.
I bet it’s greener over there.” And so they kind of get blinded and they go
through this dark rabbit hole that just leaves them bouncing from company to
company the company. And the problem with that, is it’s very hard to build a book
of business when you’re just from company to company a company. That makes
sense? So I hope that answers your question,
Alfonso, they have accounts and the agents are giving me leads but because
branch managers are counts I give 50 basis instead of the full 150. Yeah bro, you
need to jump out, you need to jump out and be a loan officer for sure. And
just stay tuned to SalesRemastered. So that’s pretty much it guys, I appreciate
you guys’s time, thank you very much for sharing some time with me again. Look
at the links that are gonna be in the notes section of this video, and I have also paste it to the comments box and look at it, go to, look at the vehicles that are there whether it’s Closing Secrets
101, the Secret Formula or the Sales Boost Camp. Give yourself an advantage,
give yourself the necessary tools that you need to maximize your potential,
because you’re licensed, because you’re gonna do it anyway, right?
Once Monday comes around, you’re gonna find yourself in one of two ways. You
know, you’re gonna find yourself prepared, you’re gonna find yourself kind of just
going with the flow. And I think that if you get if you develop that mindset of a
thermostat, which basically you control your environment versus a thermometer,
where you’re kind of reactive to your environment, I think you’ll have much
more enjoyment in this field. Because otherwise, it’s just gonna be a
constant grind. You’re gonna be like that one dude on that picture with his head
in his hands, and just just don’t understand why he’s running into so much
conflict. And you’d be amazed, it’s because the way that they were taught,
it’s because maybe the words that you were taught and in the words that you’re
using right now, there’s this magical thing that happens when you understand
what words to use, how to use it, and how to deliver your message in a way that melts
resistance and gains compliance and really suggests referral business.
Because I get referred a lot. And a lot of the business that I get right now, is
from past clients. You know, so I get a mixture in combination of both, but as a
practitioner I would love to work with you, I’d love to do some one-on-one
mentoring with you and deliver same results that I’m delivering to the
students already in SalesRemastered. So I appreciate everyone on this livestream,
wherever you’re catching it, and wishing you guys a solid powerful February as we
go into the next month, as well as the rest of 2019. I’ll see you guys on the
next stream. Bye.


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