How Much Space Do You Need for a Tower Garden? – Nutritionist Nikki Golly

today I want to talk about the space
needed to have a fantastic time garden like this hi this is Nikki Golly with Fuel Your
Body here to talk about how much space do you need to have this beautiful tower
garden so we measured it and it’s about 30 inches around or 3 feet and it’s
about five feet high so you need that much space plus a little bit because you
want to harvest all these amazing fruits and vegetables right and then you need
about six hours of sunlight morning Sun is preferred an afternoon kind of
filtered like this is right here this is the afternoon filtered shade so you need
five feet high and three feet around and about six hours of sunlight think you
can do that I think you probably can definitely message the person that sent
you this video and let’s get you a Tower Garden so you can start growing more
locally and having a hand in what you’re putting in your body all right
fuel your body and have a wonderful day you

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