How My Partners Access Unlimited Income

Welcome back. My name is Kris Krohn and
today, this video is actually part of a partner series where I’m communicating
with my potential partners and my current partners. How I can help you
access unlimited income. Many people that actually partner with, they’re there
because they want to know, “Kris, I want to work with you. I want to access your
best deals. I want to skip to the top of the learning curve. And in the shortest
period of time, I want to know how to make the most money. And I want to do it
as safe as possible.” Just for those of you that are brand-new watching, if you
haven’t watched the other videos, my partners usually come to the table
with 6 figures plus into the millions of dollars sitting in 401ks or IRAs or
home equity or savings. Basically saying, “I got the money. I don’t want to do this
on my own. Kris, you’ve done over 4,000 projects. Can I work with you?” And the
answer is yes. Because in my whole system, a cherry picked the very best deals and
I love that. That’s the benefit that I get of having done this so many times
and having a team of experts in the very best markets. So today, what I want to do
is I want to share with you a blueprint. I want to share with you how I helped
you as my prospective partner or partner actually go into making as much money as
you want. Because let’s face the facts of it. You only have so much money, just like
me. I only have so much money. What do you do when you run out? So, here’s a typical
scenario on the low side. Let’s just say that someone comes to the table and has
enough money where we’re going to transition this into five properties. Now,
I might take this person into my growth markets where we’re doing high
appreciation. We’re buying in the best economies that are out there in the
nation. We could be in Florida one of my hot markets where we’re seeing 25 to 30
percent annual growth. We could be doing some of these homes in one of my cash
flow markets. In my cash flow markets, we’re seeing 20 to 30 percent cash on
cash return. Guys, these numbers are crazy. But you need to first understand
if you’re sitting there’s like, “Kris, how the heck are you doing that?” You don’t
understand that my team evaluates thousands of these deals. And I need you
to also understand that there are 320 for submarkets in the United States. And
I’m only ever investing in 4 of them. The very best for markets. So, I’m not
looking for typical or average. I’m looking for the best of the best. Now, you
can watch other videos about how I select those markets. But here’s the
point. You use your money, you buy these 5 homes. And let’s just say that these
five homes are producing a couple thousand dollars a month. Well, what’s
this game plan going to look like? If you don’t put any new money in, then over the
next 4 or 5 years, 5 homes becomes 10 homes. Over the next 5
years, 10 homes becomes 20 homes. And all of a sudden, we’re looking here at a
10-year plan on how 5 homes can become 20 homes. We’ve quadrupled the
value of everything. And maybe at this point, there’s a good 6-figure residual
income. Most people would say, “Kris, those ROI, sustained over time, that’s amazing.”
But some of my partners, after they’ve deployed money into these 5 homes,
they’re sitting there and saying, “Okay Kris, I understand how 5 becomes 10,
10 becomes 20, 20 becomes 40, 40 becomes 80. And I have a legacy
to give my children when I die. But how do I become financially free now.
Here’s what the next step looks like for my partners. When this has taken place
and my partner’s say, “Kris, now I want to go faster. How do I actually do that? How
do I make that happen?” Well, once you actually have these 5
homes, they translate over here into something new. It’s called a track record.
Let’s see if I can spell that the right way. The track record on these 5 very
high ROI successful homes is far more important than the money that they will
ever make. If you actually go out to some of the people you know that actually
have been putting money just like you in 401ks, IRAs or received an inheritance or
trying to look for their next move, once I’ve done this with you, I actually show
my partners how you can work with other people and partner with them 50/50. Now,
on your assets, we’re 50/50 owners and partners. Over here, now you’re 50/50 with
them. Imagine for a moment what happens if you could get 5 partners coming to
the table each doing 5 deals. Well, then you would be a 50% owner on 25
homes that in five years becomes 50 homes,
then in 5 more years becomes 100 homes. And 5 more years
becomes 200 homes. That is how I help my partners have unlimited access to income.
Producing residual income. And if they say, “Kris, I want to retire sooner.” Then
what I do is I make sure you have access to my full team and my full resources to
go into the best markets. And repeat with others what I have done with you. So,
friends and potential partners and those of you that are watching this because
you are my partners. I just want you to understand that when we get to this
phase, this is what I call unlimited partnering. And you’re going to want to
remember that because you’ll want to actually text and call me and say, “Kris,
we’ve been doing this. This rocks. Now, I’m ready for my unlimited partnership
because I have a short list of people that are in the same situation as me. And
now that I have a track record, I can present it to them. And if they want to
get going, boom!” Now, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I will tell you that’s
what I did. Because when people like, “Kris, how’d you retire in 4 and a
half years?” If you want to do it now and half the time or you want to do it
faster than your own money can take you getting the best of the best, you now
have access to that. So, listen. Thanks so much for watching this video. I hope it
was useful. Super enlightening. This is probably the most exciting thing that I
actually do and offer individuals. So, if you want to learn more about it, all you
got to do is click the link below. You’re gonna find a page there detailing
everything about partnering with me. And what it looks like to actually partner
with me, going together on some of the hottest and best real estate in the
world right now. And there’s this potential to not just be my partner but
that’s happened to unlimited partnership. That’s what I do and that’s what’s going to
help you get financially wherever you want to go.

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