How one organization is helping veterans recover from PTSD

KIM WELCOME BACK. WHEN THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY COME HOME… THEY ARE 22-PERCENT MORE LIKELY TO STRUGGLE WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. DON AS PART OF OUR DAY-LONG FOCUS ON SUICIDE PREVENTION… NEWS 4 UTAH’S SARAH MARTIN SPEAKS WITH VETERANS ABOUT WHAT’S BEING DONE IN UTAH TO HELP THEM. :19-:29 :56-1:03 2:02-2:13 11283I.MXF 00:00:59;26 I lost 6 men during the war, now that I’m home i’ve lost 5 of my brothers to suicide. 1:06 SGT. JOSH HANSEN WAS AN I-E-D HUNTER. IT WASN’T A MATTER OF IF HE GOT HIT. BUT WHEN. HIS BRAIN INJURY AND POST- TRAUMATIC STRESS WAS SO BAD. HE COULDN’T LEAVE HIS HOME FOR YEARS. BUT EVENTUALLY HE FOUND SOMETHING THAT HELPED. 11283I.MXF 00:02:34;11 getting outside in nature and exercising did such a wonder for my mental health that thought if we can get other following suit on this and get together to do fun biking, hiking snowshoeing, skiing 2:55 CONTINUE MISSION SERVED 1900 VETERANS AND SUPPORT MEMBERS LAST YEAR. 11283I.MXF 00:05:49;21 you start talking and understanding

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